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Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court Justice!

UPDATE (Oct. 9):

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already at work! He hired his clerks — all women — and will participate in oral arguments before the Supreme Court today.

This afternoon, Brett Kavanaugh, 53, was sworn in as 114th Supreme Court justice, hours after the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath and retired Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial one.

The quick swearing-in enables Kavanaugh to begin work immediately in advance of arguments at the court Tuesday.

Kavanaugh’s wife, children and parents were in attendance. (New York Post)

The Senate voted today to confirm U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, replacing pro-abortion Justice Anthony Kennedy following his retirement.

Kavanaugh was confirmed on a 50-48 vote:

  • All Democrat senators, except Joe Manchin (WV), voted “no” against Kavanaugh’s nomination.
  • All Republican senators voted “yes,” except pro-abort Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), who voted “present”, and pro-life Steve Daines (Montana), who supported Kavanaugh but was absent due to his daughter’s wedding.

Dianne Feinstein badgering Lisa Murkowski

Kavanaugh secured enough votes yesterday when Senators Susan Collins (R) and Joe Manchin (D) agreed to support him.

Last night, Sen. Collins delivered an extended defense of Kavanaugh’s record and announced her intention to vote in favor of his confirmation. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) took to Twitter to praise Collins’ “strongly held principles” and to denounce the Left’s threats against Collins:

“Most will never know the full extent of the efforts to intimidate & threaten @SenatorCollins on the #Kavanaugh vote. I am not talking about political pressure or people screaming at her in an elevator. I am talking about vicious, vile & dangerous actions.”

On Twitter, deranged Leftists call Collins a “traitor to women”, a “rape apologist”, and demand she be forever harassed in public as a punishment for her vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Yesterday, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed for cloture on Kavanaugh’s nomination, he said:

“This evening, the Senate will receive the results of the FBI’s supplemental background investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This is now the seventh time the FBI has looked into Judge Kavanaugh’s background. And this information comes on top of what has already been one of the most thorough, most exhaustive Senate reviews of any Supreme Court nominee in our nation’s history.

Five days of public hearings. Sixty-five private meetings with Senators. More than 1,200 responses to written questions from members. More than 500,000 pages of documents for review — the most produced for any Supreme Court nomination in history. And the 300-plus opinions Judge Kavanaugh has issued during his 12 years on the D.C. Circuit. And now, Senators will have the evidence collected by this additional [FBI] background investigation for their consideration as well.”

Source:; Breitbart

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MAGA: Unemployment rates falls to 3.7%, a 49-year low

From NY Post: The unemployment rate sank to 3.7 percent in September — a 49-year low — despite job growth that slowed sharply last month as Hurricane Florence depressed restaurant and retail payrolls, the feds said Friday.

The Labor Department’s closely watched monthly employment report also showed a steady rise in wages, suggesting moderate inflation pressures, which could ease concerns about the economy overheating and keep the Federal Reserve on a path of gradual interest rate increases.

President Trump hailed the low unemployment rate in a Twitter post. “Just out: 3.7% Unemployment is the lowest number since 1969!” he wrote.

Economists also welcomed the news. “The acceleration in job gains this year is extraordinary in an environment where firms are having great difficulty finding qualified candidates,” said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities.

Nonfarm payrolls increased by 134,000 jobs last month, the fewest in a year, as the retail and leisure and hospitality sectors shed employment. But data for July and August were revised to show 87,000 more jobs added than previously reported.

The economy needs to create roughly 120,000 jobs per month to keep up with growth in the working-age population. “The weaker gain in payrolls in September may partly reflect some hit from Hurricane Florence,” said Michael Pearce, senior economist at Capital Economics in New York.

“There is little in this report to stop the Fed continuing to raise interest rates gradually.”

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast payrolls increasing by 185,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate falling one-tenth of a percentage point to 3.8 percent.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said on Tuesday that the economy’s outlook was “remarkably positive” and he believed it was on the cusp of a “historically rare” era of ultra-low unemployment and tame inflation.

The US central bank raised rates last week for the third time this year and removed the reference in its post-meeting statement to monetary policy remaining “accommodative.”

The Labor Department said it was possible that Hurricane Florence, which lashed South and North Carolina in mid-September, could have affected employment in some industries. It said it was impossible to quantify the net effect on employment.


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Hypocrite Lady Gaga: Supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton is upset by Kavanaugh hearings

Lady Gaga and her Clinton buddies: #BelieveWomen, but only of a certain political persuasion.

Lady Gaga says she was raped at 19 and as a result, suffers from PTSD. In the past, she teamed up with Joe Biden to help sexual assault survivors.

Wonder if this starlet has ever reached out to the sexual assault survivor Juanita Broaddrick? I’m going with NO. What a Hollyweird hypocrite.

From Hollywood Reporter: Lady Gaga stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night to discuss all things A Star Is Born, as well as share her thoughts on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

When asked if she was willing to talk politics, Gaga said “bring it on.” Of Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by multiple women including Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Gaga, who has been open in the past about her own sexual assault, said the ongoing “debate of Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford is one of the most upsetting things I have ever witnessed.”

“But I will tell you something,” she continued. “Should we trust that [Dr. Ford] remembered the assault? Yes. And I’ll tell you exactly why. She’s a psychologist, she’s no dummy. And when someone experiences trauma, the brain changes. It takes the trauma and puts it in a box so that we can survive the pain.” A vote to confirm the highly controversial Trump pick to the Supreme Court is set to be held Saturday. Kavanaugh has denied all the claims against him.

Gaga added that she believes Ford was probably “triggered” when she realized Kavanaugh would be nominated and she decided to “protect this country.”

(At this point, the article doesn’t expand on any of her claims about Kavanaugh or Ford, it merely moves on to her latest movie. Because when you’ve got a movie to promote #believewomen can take a back seat.)

The pop star-turned-actress was also on hand to promote her new film A Star Is Born, which she stars in with director and writer Bradley Cooper. The film is the fourth iteration of the classic tale of a young up-and-coming star who falls in love with an older, established one whose career is fading as hers takes off. The project is Cooper’s directorial debut and Gaga’s big screen acting debut, although she previously won a Golden Globe for her role on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Of how she got the part, she said that she sang at a charity event the night before she met with Cooper. After he heard her sing “La Vie en Rose,” he wanted to meet with her, and they had an immediate connection. Of first meeting her future director and co-star, Gaga said, “There’s a lot of fake people in Hollywood but Bradley is not one of them.”

And although Gaga is a Grammy-winning artist, she’s not the only one who has a natural singing ability. She told Colbert that she was blown away by Cooper’s singing voice when she first heard it. “That man, he sings from his gut, from his soul and you can be technically perfect, but with no ability to tell a story, and he tells a story when he sings,” she said, adding, “I was drawn to his passion.”

Her character Ally may be a rising pop star, but Gaga said the similarities between her and her character end there. “My character Ally is very different than I was. I knew I had something to say and I wanted to say it… but she’s not that way,” she said, explaining that, “she’s in her 30s and she’s given up. She’s been told she’s not beautiful enough to make it and truthfully she’s insecure.”


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Boom! FBI has completed investigating Kavanaugh!

This afternoon, two senior Senate sources told Fox News the FBI has completed its investigation on sexual allegations against Supreme Court nominee U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI’s supplemental background report on Kavanaugh concluded, “There is no corroboration for the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez”. The report will be sent to the White House before it goes to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The report will be secured in a Capitol Hill basement room for all 100 senators and 9 staffers to come and read.

It is not clear whether any part of the FBI report will be made public, but Thune acknowledged “some of it will probably make its way out into the public and into the mainstream. But most importantly, at least right now, is that all senators who are going to have the responsibility to vote on this nomination have an opportunity to review it, assess it and come to their own conclusions about what’s in there.”

In a letter today to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team said she has not yet heard from the FBI about scheduling an interview with her.

The FBI has not interviewed either Kavanaugh or Ford. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said there is no need to interview either Kavanaugh or Ford, who have each given one media interview and faced questions from the Judiciary Committee, because the FBI “pretty well know what both of them are going to say.”

Sen. John Thune (R-SD), the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, told Fox News’ “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” that “obviously,” the FBI report “will enable the process to move forward and we hope that we’re going to have the votes to get [Kavanaugh] confirmed when it’s all said and done.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) set up a procedural vote for as early as Friday on the Kavanaugh nomination. McConnell has filed a petition for a  cloture vote, which if successful would limit debate on the nomination and start the clock ticking on a final 30-hour waiting period before the Senate votes to confirm the nominee. McConnell said, “It’s time to put this sickening display behind us. The Senate will vote on this nomination this week.

Assuming at least 50 senators agree to end debate, Kavanaugh’s final confirmation vote will come Saturday.

Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 advantage in the Senate and can only afford to lose one vote before Kavanaugh’s nomination would be scuppered. Vice President Mike Pence can cast a tiebreaking vote. Thune said, “It’s an audience of three that we have to win over, at least at the moment,” referring to the three RINO senators Jeff Flake (Arizona), Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). No Republicans, however, have said they will vote against Kavanaugh.

Sources: Fox News; Washington Examiner; Reuters

Dianne Feinstein badgering Lisa Murkowski


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House Judiciary Committee subpoenas AG Sessions for McCabe, FISA and Russian investigation documents

A week ago on September 27, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) subpoenaed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for three documents. The deadline for Sessions to produce those documents is tomorrow.

In his letter notifying Sessions of the subpoena, Goodlatte wrote:

Given the [Justice] Department’s ongoing delays and/or refusal to produce these documents, I am left with no choice but to issue the enclosed subpoena to compel their production.

The Subpoena states that on October 4, 2018, at 12:00 p.m., Sessions is “hereby commanded to be and appear before the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives” to produce three documents “in un-redacted form”:

(1) The McCabe Memos: “All documents and communications” written by former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe “to memorialize discussions, meetings, or correspondence he had with senior government officials, including the President of the United States.

The McCabe Memos include:

  • Real-time debriefs from former FBI Director James Comey after his meetings with Trump.
  • A memo on the May 16, 2017 meeting where Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein allegedly suggested he would wear a wire to secretly tape President Trump, which would then be used to enlist Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. McCabe and former FBI counsel Lisa Page were among several people in the room. (Fox News)

Note: Michael Bromwich, who is now an attorney representing Christine Blasey Ford, Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, was Andrew McCabe’s attorney.

(2) The Woods File: includes (a) the application for a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) order authorizing surveillance on Carter Page; and (b) “any document concerning or relating to any attempt to verify the accuracy of any alleged facts stated in the FISA applications for Mr. Page.”

Carter Page is a petroleum industry consultant and a former foreign-policy adviser to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. He has been a focus of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation into alleged links between Trump and Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.

(3) Russian interference: “All documents and communications shared with the Gang of Eight in May 2018 related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

On May 24, 2018, FBI and Justice Department officials briefed the bipartisan group of lawmakers known as the “Gang of 8” on classified documents related to Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation. The “Gang of 8” are:

  1. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
  2. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Majority Leader.
  3. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
  4. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader.
  5. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), House Speaker.
  6. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.
  7. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senate Minority Leader.
  8. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

H/t maziel

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Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell rips apart Christine Ford’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh

Rachel Mitchell, 50, is a public prosecutor in Arizona since 1993, currently serving as Deputy County Attorney and chief of the Special Victims Division in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

In 2003, Mitchell was recognized by Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard as the Outstanding Arizona Sexual Assault Prosecutor of the Year. In 2006, Mitchell was named Prosecutor of the Year by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments has recommended her to be one of several candidates for Maricopa County Superior Court judge.

Mitchell was retained by the Senate Judiciary Committee to serve as the Nominations Investigative Counsel questioning Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the Committee hearing on September 27, 2018.

Christine Blasey Ford

Mitchell submitted to Senate Republicans her legal analysis of Ford’s allegations in the form of a 10-page Memorandum, dated September 30, 2018, which contains a detailed Timeline.

Mitchell begins her Memorandum by stating what she calls the “bottom line”:

A “he said, she said” case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that. Dr. Ford identified other witnesses to the event, and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. For the reasons discussed below, I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee. Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard.

Mitchell then provides the reasons why Ford’s allegations are not credible:

(1) Ford has given inconsistent accounts of when the alleged assault happened, including the mid-1980s, early 1980s, the 1980s, summer of 1982, when she was 15, and when she was in her “late teens” (age 15 is not “late teens”).

(2) Ford did not name her assailant in her marriage therapy in 2012, and in her individual therapy in 2013 — as shown in the therapists’ notes — but her husband, Russell Ford claims she identified Kavanaugh by name in the 2012 marriage therapy session.

(3) Ford was inconsistent in describing the alleged incident to her husband, from a “sexual assault” before the two were married, to “physical abuse” when they were first married.

(4) Although Ford remembers “small, distinct details” from the party unrelated to the alleged assault — that she had exactly beer and was taking no medication at the time — she cannot remember key details of the night in question which could help corroborate of her account:

  • Who invited her to the party or how she heard about the party.
  • How she got to the party.
  • What house in which the alleged assault took place.
  • Where specifically the house was located, other than that it was “near” the Columbia County Club.
  • How she got home from the party after the alleged assault, or who drove her home. No one has come forth identifying him/herself as the driver.

(5) Ford has no corroborating witnesses. In fact, all three of the individuals she had named as having attended the party — Mark Judge, Patrick “PJ” Smyth, and Ford’s lifelong friend Leland Keyser (née Ingham) — submitted statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any memory of the party whatsoever.

(6) Ford has given inconsistent accounts of the alleged assault:

  • About whether she heard Kavanaugh and Judge talking to other partygoers while she was hiding in a bathroom after the alleged assualt:
    • She said she’d heard the boys talking in her letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
    • She said just the opposite in her testimony before the Senate committee — that she could not hear the boys talking, but “assumed” they were.
  • About who was at the party:
    • Ford’s therapy notes said 4 boys were in the bedroom where she was assaulted.
    • Ford told the Washington Post there were 4 boys at the party, but only two (Kavanaugh and Judge) were in the bedroom.
    • Ford told the Senate committee there were 4 boys and a girl (Leland Keyser) at the party, but she can’t remember the name of the fourth boy, nor has any one come forward claiming to be the fourth boy.
    • Ford called Patrick Smyth a “bystander” in her polygraph statement and to the Washington Post, but denied Smyth was a “bystander” in her Senate testimony.

(7) Ford’s memory of more recent events is inconsistent and hazy, which “raises further questions about her memory”:

  • About whether she showed the Washington Post a full or partial set of her therapy notes, or whether she showed the reporter only her summary of those notes. But Ford has refused to provide any of the therapy notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • She could not remember whether she was audio- or video-recorded when she took the polygraph test. [Eowyn’s note: Ford is a professional psychologist, with three degrees in psychology, who has coached people in taking polygraph exams.]
  • She could not remember when she took the polygraph test — whether it was on the same day or a day after her grandmother’s funeral.

(8) Questions concerning Ford’s claims to suffer psychological effects (anxiety, claustrophia, PTSD) from the alleged assault:

  • She demanded delays in the date of the Senate hearing, claiming her symptoms prevented her from flying, but she said in her Senate testimony that she flies “frequently” for her hobbies and work — to the mid-Atlantic, Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Costa Rica. In fact, she flew to Washington, DC, for the hearing.
  • She said she struggled academically in college because of the alleged assault, but not in her last two years in high school.
  • In describing to the Washington Post the psychological effects of the alleged assault, Ford used the word “contributed” instead of “caused”, which suggests other factors might have accounted for her psychological symptoms. But in her Senate testimony, she called the impact of the alleged assault “striking”.

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Georgetown professor says white GOP senators “deserve miserable deaths” after Kavanaugh hearing

What a miserable creature.

From Fox News: An anti-Trump professor at Georgetown University is taking heat for a tweet saying white Republican senators who were at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing Friday should be castrated and endure a miserable death.

Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown, said white Republican senators, specifically Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who defended Kavanaugh in a fiery speech, deserve miserable deaths.” Fair went on to say in her Saturday message that the living should “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

“Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” she wrote. “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

The week before, Fair went on a profanity-laced Twitter tirade against Kavanaugh, calling the embattled nominee a “rapist” and “perjurer.” She described the GOP as a “f—ing death cult” and “filthy swine.”

One Georgetown student pointed out the oldest Catholic university in America would not recruit students with this kind of behavior in their online portfolio, and it makes no sense coming from a distinguished professor, either.

“I don’t think people that Georgetown actually employs should be held to a significantly lower standard,” one student told Campus Reform, “And clearly, any of her students that see this rant are going to feel threatened if they have opinions that differ from hers.”

Fair told Fox News the tweets are part of her “private speech” and referred to a blog post she wrote on her personal site in which she wrote she chose her words specifically, and they were “intended to make you uncomfortable.”

A Georgetown University spokesperson told Fox News the views of faculty members expressed in their private capacities are their own and not the views of the university.

“Our policy does not prohibit speech based on the person presenting ideas or the content of those ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable,” the statement said. “While faculty members may exercise freedom of speech, we expect that their classrooms and interaction with students be free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue.”

Feel free to leave a message for Georgetown President John DeGioia here or here.


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144 House Democrats approve of illegal aliens voting in U.S. elections

Democrats are the Anti-America Party of Lawlessness.

Congressional resolutions are not laws. They are not legislative in character, but are statements of intent or declarations used primarily to express principles, facts, opinions, and purposes. When Congress seeks to pass a law, it uses either a bill or a joint resolution, which must be passed by both houses in identical form, and then presented to the president for approval or disapproval.

A resolution by the House of Representatives, therefore, is neither a bill nor a joint resolution, but instead is simply a declaration to express some principle, fact, opinion, or purpose.

Last Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018, only 49 House Democrats voted “Yes” on a resolution ( H. Res. 1071) expressing disapproval of non-citizen illegal aliens voting in U.S. elections, which is a criminal act. 71 Democrats outright voted “No”; 69 Democrats took the cowardly way out by answering “Present”; 4 Democrats refused to take a stance by not voting. In effect, 144 Democrats refused to agree with the resolution that it is wrong for illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.

House Resolution 1071, sponsored by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), states the following:

Recognizing that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.

Whereas voting is fundamental to a functioning democracy;

Whereas the Constitution prohibits discrimination in voting based on race, sex, poll taxes, and age;

Whereas it is of paramount importance that the United States maintains the legitimacy of its elections and protects them from interference, including interference from foreign threats and illegal voting;

Whereas the city of San Francisco, California, is allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in school board elections; and

Whereas Federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in elections for Federal office: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives recognizes that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.

H. Res. 1071, which is not a bill and has no legal power, was passed on Sept. 26, 2018. The roll call vote was 279 Yeas; 72 Nays, 69 Present:

  • Republicans: 230 Yeas, 1 Nay, 4 Not Voting
  • Democrats: 49 Yeas, 71 Nays, 69 Answered “Present”, 4 Not Voting

The Republican who voted “No” is Justin Amash (Michigan).

Democrats who voted “No”:

  1. Karen Bass (CA)
  2. Don Beyer (VA)
  3. Bob Brady (PA)
  4. Anthony G. Brown (MD)
  5. André Carson (IN)
  6. Joaquin Castro (TX)
  7. Yvette Clarke (NY)
  8. Lou Correa (CA)
  9. Joseph Crowley (NY)
  10. Elijah Cummings (MD)
  11. Susan Davis (CA)
  12. Danny Davis (IL)
  13. Diana DeGette (CO)
  14. Val Demings (FL)
  15. Mark DeSaulnier (CA)
  16. Lloyd Doggett (TX)
  17. Michael Doyle (PA)
  18. Adriano Espaillat (NY)
  19. Dwight Evans (PA)
  20. Bill Foster (IL)
  21. Gene Green (TX)
  22. Luis Gutiérrez (IL)
  23. Alcee Hastings (FL)
  24. Brian Higgins (NY)
  25. Steny Hoyer (MD)
  26. Jared Huffman (CA)
  27. Pramila Jayapal (WA)
  28. Hank Johnson (GA)
  29. Eddie Johnson (TX)
  30. Robin Kelly (IL)
  31. Ruben Kihuen (NV)
  32. Barbara Lee (CA)
  33. Nita Lowey (NY)
  34. Sean Maloney (NY)
  35. Donald McEachin (VA)
  36. Jim McGovern (MA)
  37. Gregory Meeks (NY)
  38. Grace Meng (NY)
  39. Gwen Moore (WI)
  40. Seth Moulton (MA)
  41. Jerrold Nadler (NY)
  42. Grace Napolitano (CA)
  43. Beto O’Rourke (TX)
  44. Frank Pallone (NJ)
  45. Jimmy Panetta (CA)
  46. Bill Pascrell (NJ)
  47. Donald Payne (NJ)
  48. Nancy Pelosi (CA)
  49. Mark Pocan (WI)
  50. David Price (NC)
  51. Mike Quigley (IL)
  52. Jamie Raskin (MA)
  53. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA)
  54. Bobby Rush (IL)
  55. John Sarbanesn (MD)
  56. Jan Schakowsky (IL)
  57. Brad Schneider (IL)
  58. Bobby Scott (VA)
  59. José Serrano (NY)
  60. Adam Smith (WA)
  61. Darren Soto (FL)
  62. Eric Swalwell (CA)
  63. Bennie Thompson (MS)
  64. Paul Tonko (NY)
  65. Norma Torres (CA)
  66. Niki Tsongas (MA)
  67. Juan Vargas (CA)
  68. Marc Veasey (TX)
  69. Nydia Velázquez (NY)
  70. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ)
  71. Peter Welch (VT)


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ThinkProgress justice editor: “Confront Republicans where they sleep”

Ian Millhiser: Tweeting a call for violence?

Ian Millhiser is a “Justice Editor” for ThinkProgress. He apparently is well familiar with laws, having graduated from Duke University School of Law and was Senior Note Editor of the Duke Law Journal ​.  Millhiser joined the Center for American Progress ​ in September 2009. He was previously a Staff Attorney for the Senior Citizens Law Center.

Yesterday he tweeted the following:

“Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy.”

I would think that one familiar with laws would understand that confronting a republican “where they sleep” could be a very, very dangerous and life-ending act (as well as illegal) as many, many republicans have firearms. If ANY intruder tries to confront me where I sleep, they’ll swiftly meet some lead.

I wonder how long Twitter will allow this progressive to leave his threatening tweet up? That’s rhetorical, of course. As we know, Twitter only silences conservatives.

These libtards are completely unhinged.


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Someone in Congress posted Republicans’ home addresses & phone numbers on Wikipedia

There is no limit to how low Democrats sink.

During yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, someone(s) using a House of Representatives computer edited Wikipedia‘s article on the U.S. House of Representatives by posting the home addresses and phone numbers of Republican committee members.

Politico‘s congressional reporter Burgess Everett tweeted:

Someone is doxxing GOP senators on a computer from the House of Representatives, began shortly after the Graham speech. I’m not going to retweet the account where this is posted.

Victor Morton reports for The Washington Times that committee members who were doxxed included Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah).

Independent Journal Review editor Caleb Hull said Mrs. Hatch has been receiving “nonstop” harassing calls nonstop on her birthday, and that their home address was made public.

The doxxing came from an IP address associated with the U.S. Congress. We know this from CongressEdits, an automated TwitterTwitter account (@congressedits) created in May 2014 which tweets changes to Wikipedia articles originating from IP addresses assigned to Congress.

White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah tweeted:“This is outrageous. Please stop.”


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