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Obama awards himself a DOD Distinguished Public Service Medal

Imagine if you’re a military general.

You tell your underling to pin an award medal on you.

I think y’all will agree that the general just gave an award to himself, which is vain and plain ridiculous.

That’s exactly what Obama, Commander in Chief of the U.S. military, did two days ago on January 4, 2017.


Josh Lederman and Vivian Salama report for the Associated Press (via The Herald Dispatch), Jan 4, 2017, that Obama met Wednesday with military leaders for the last time at a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, a short drive from the White House:

“Prior to his remarks, Defense Secretary Ash Carter presented Obama with the Medal of Distinguished Public Service as a token of appreciation for his service as commander in chief. […]

Addressing a room of men and women from the various branches of the military, Obama praised their service and sacrifice. He said there is ‘no greater privilege and no greater honor’ than serving as commander in chief.

‘As I reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you,’ Obama said. ‘We must never hesitate to act when necessary to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war because sending you into harm’s way should be a last and not first resort.’ […]

President Barack Obama called for a smooth handover of control of the U.S. military to incoming commander in chief Donald Trump, as the outgoing president met Wednesday with military leaders for the last time.

‘We’ve got to make sure that during this transition period that there is a seamless passing of the baton, that there’s continuity,’ Obama said. He said it was critical to ensure that ‘we are doing everything we can to make sure that the next president will benefit from the same kinds of outstanding advice and service that these people around the table have provided me.'”

Blah, blah, blah, blah . . . .

Medal of Distinguished Public Service as Commander in Chief?

Ash Carter, the ass-kisser, must mean these distinguished accomplishments of CIC Barack Obama:

H/t Breitbart



Wayne Madsen: is a CIA operation

This morning, our DCG published this post, “Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact-checkers to combat and bury ‘fake news’“.

Using Snopes as an authority is laughable. According to independent investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, “The so-called ‘fact-checking’ authentication website is the go-to website for CIA propaganda.”

From Madsen’s for-subscribers-only report of Oct. 7, 2016, “ the latest CIA addition to Internet disinformation“:

“On April 19, 2016, WMR reported: […] ‘ is run by a California couple named Barbara and David Mikkelson, who founded the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society . . . The Mikkelsons chose the name Snopes because it is the name of a fictional family featured in William Faulkner’s novels that includes a pedophile, a murderer, a bigamist, a corrupt racist politician, and a thief who live in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County in Mississippi. The idea is to label all those targeted by the Mikkelsons as candidates for membership in the Snopes family. […]’ is on record calling WMR a ‘disreputable web site.’ Nothing says ‘CIA’ more than’s description of legitimate news reports of CIA director John Brennan being a Wahhabist and Saudi sympathizer as ‘bogus.’

Snopes’s most recent dissembling of the truth was to discount reports from Greece that Turkey has been shipping weapons disguised as furniture shipments to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and affiliated terrorist groups in North Africa and Europe.

Snopes claims that because the story of a Greek Coast Guard interception of a weapons shipment south of the island of Crete dates from 2015, there is no validity to the Turkish connection to weapons shipments to ISIL terrorists. The ship transporting the weapons was the Bolivian-flagged Haddad 1, operated by Delta Sea Maritime of Turkey. The vessel had loaded twelve containers at the Egyptian port of Alexandria, a favorite weapons shipment location for the CIA. The ship, before stopping in Famagusta in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, loaded another three containers at the Turkish port of Iskenderun, the transit port for the shipment of captured weapons from Muammar Qaddafi’s arms warehouses to Syrian jihadist rebels. It was the Iskenderun transport operation that involved the late U.S. envoy to Libya Christopher Stevens; Turkish Consul General in Benghazi Ali Sait Akin; CIA director David Petraeus; and, reportedly, senior advisers to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The CIA had to commission its favorite Internet disinformation site to throw cold water on the Turkish weapons links to ISIL because it threatens to expose the CIA’s massive weapons smuggling operations to ISIL terrorists that involved Turi Defense Group of Arizona — a case just buried by the Department of Justice on orders of the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign — and other covert weapons transfers being carried out on the orders of ‘Al Hadj’ John Brennan, veteran of the Islamic ritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.

One of the CIA’s smuggling operations entailed the Belgian-based arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN), which has a CIA-connected subsidiary called FNH-USA. One particular FN rifle, the Fusil Automatique Léger (FAL), was the standard weapon used by the Libyan rebels in 2011 and 2012, including the jihadist group that attacked the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The FAL, called the ‘Right Arm of the Free World’ during the Cold War, uses only NATO standard rounds. The weapon was never used by the Libyan Army, which relied on Soviet weaponry. Claims by NATO that the rebels were using Libyan weapons captured from Libyan army arsenals and caches were patently false.

Snopes is now questioning Turkey’s weapons links to jihadist terrorists in North Africa and Europe. However, photographs do not lie, as seen below. Ammunition and 5,000 shotguns from the Turkish-owned arms dealer Yavex USA were shipped from Istanbul in boxes denoted as plastic office furniture manufactured by the Turkish firm ‘Senyayla Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A/S’ of Istanbul. The Turkish government and the CIA had their ‘plausible deniability’ cover story on the intercepted weapons and ammunition ready to go just after the Greek Coast Guard interception: The 492,000 handgun bullets were destined for the Sudanese national police and were to be delivered through the port of Beirut, Lebanon and the 4900 shotguns were ‘hunting rifles’ destined for Lebanese customers. The Haddad 1 was stopping at the Libyan ports of Misrata and Tobruk, according to the Turkish government, to deliver bags of ‘cement mix.’ At the time of the interception, Libya was subject to a United Nations arms embargo.


Yavex’s U.S. subsidiary is located at 6361 Corporate Park Circle in Fort Myers, Florida. It is clear that both Yavex USA, Turi Defense Group, and FN-USA, now called FN-America, were involved in a covert CIA weapons smuggling operation in violation of the UN arms embargoes imposed on Libya, and later, on Syria, with the connivance of Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, FN-America operates from a post office box in McLean, Virginia, not far from CIA headquarters in Langley.

What may have possessed Hillary Clinton to destroy thousands of State Department emails transmitted, processed, and stored on her personal servers? Perhaps it was her involvement in a major CIA weapons smuggling operation that saw U.S. and NATO weapons being shipped to jihadist terrorists in Libya, Syria, and Europe. As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton had ultimate authority for approving U.S. weapons transfers abroad pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act.

As far as is concerned, nothing they report should be taken seriously. They are as reliable a news source as The Onion.”


According to Wikipedia, the Mikkelsons, a California couple, created the Snopes site in 1995. By mid-2014, the couple had divorced and Barbara Mikkelson had not written for the site “in several years”. So David Mikkelson “hired employees to assist him from’s message board.” Barbara no longer has an ownership stake in

In other words, we are to believe that one man, David Mikkelson, with “assistants” he’d hired from Snopes’ message board, manages to pump out a steady stream of researched articles every day. If you believe that, I have the proverbial swamp in Florida to sell you.

Dog eyeroll

H/t Will Shanley

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Liberal chick still crying over Hillary losing election, weeks later

I”Liberalism is a mental disorder” is a much-used aphorism, but it is daily confirmed by the Left’s meltdown over Hillary Clinton losing the election.


Below are excerpts from a first-person testimonial by Eirene Donohue — a Hollywood screenwriter who calls herself “fighter, mother, lover” and “collector of all things wicked awesome” (whatever that means).

She says she can’t stop crying over Hillary’s loss because, as she puts it, “I am her”. Calling liberalism a mental disorder is an understatement.


From Eirene Donohue, “No You Can’t: Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary’s Loss,” Medium, Nov. 27, 2016. Words in green between [brackets] are mine:

“I thought I had it together. I thought I was moving on, “getting over it” as the world kept telling me to. She lost, he won. The only thing we can do is keep fighting. We are seeds, we are safety pins, we are stronger together. So I picked myself up from the black hole of despair I had fallen into after Trump won and I got back to the business of life.

I worked on a new script. I took my three-year old daughter to preschool. I drove out to a kids’ consignment sale in the valley. Because the fact that a racist, misogynistic ignorant hatred-spewing demagogue has been elected president doesn’t change the fact that my kid needed a new booster seat and jammies that fit . . . .

I am her. The words flashed through my head. And suddenly, there on the 101 freeway, I was down the hole again. Tears streaming, sobs choking, heart breaking. The realization hitting me. I am Her. [Note the capital H]

And here was the root of my pain. This wasn’t just about the disappointment that my candidate lost. Or the fear of what Trump will do to this country. It felt like my very soul hurt and I realized that it was because of what this election said to me as a woman. It said no.

No, woman, stay in your place. No, woman, you are not good enough. No, woman, no matter what you do, you will not win, you will not be the boss of me.

It crushed a part of my female core to realize that yes, the world at large really does hate women that much. And while there are other reasons to dislike Hilary Clinton and disagree with her policies, misogyny and sexism are the gas that fuels the fire they burned her with.

We are supposed to stay quiet and not ask for much. Stay in our place and say please and thank you and don’t challenge anyone. We must be perfect, ten times more perfect than the man beside us. And then we must wait for them to give us permission to follow their orders.” [Hey, Eirene! Here’s a “quiet” woman who doesn’t “challenge anyone” and doesn’t “ask for much”!]
Hillary showing

“I have always been both a strong woman [No, you’re not, if you’re still crying over losing an election that happened weeks ago] and a good girl. I got straight A’s. I was class president. I went to an Ivy League school [where you were woefully mis-educated] and even gave the commencement address, just like Hillary. I sailed through a hurricane off the Cape of Good Hope as the only woman on a crew of eight men. I sold everything I owned and moved across the country [Is that supposed to be a mark of singular courage? LOL] in order to pursue my dream of being a screenwriter. I put my husband through nursing school while raising a daughter who doesn’t believe in sleeping through the night. I dream big dreams. I make hard choices. I don’t give up. Just like Hillary.

And yet every time I walk into a meeting, usually to try and sell a female driven story, I have to sell my “likability” because I know only 26% of creators, writers, directors and producers in TV are women. And every time I walk down the street alone at night I have to hold my phone in my hand, finger ready to dial 911 should that man walking towards me decide that he’d like to converse with me with some “locker room talk.”

Hillary Clinton did everything they told her to do. She smiled, she worked hard, she was polite and caring, she stayed calm. She was not a Bitch, even when she had every right to be. She wore just the right amount of make up, kept every hair in place. She did her best. She did the best. And still.” [Hey, Eirene! For all your Ivy League education, you somehow missed this!]

“. . . Hillary gave me hope. Things were going to be different. For me and my daughter. The broken shards of the glass ceiling would crumble to glitter dust beneath our empowered feet. [Earth to Eirene! Hillary doesn’t give a hoot about you.] We were going to dance together in the fresh air of that open sky, nothing to keep our hands from reaching for the sun. It was an exciting, inspiring time to be a woman. [Geesh, with purply-prose writing like this, no wonder you’re a failed screenwriter.]

But now that hope feels gone . . . . Hillary Clinton stood up for women [Yeah, like she “stood up” for all the women her husband Bill screwed, raped and molested.] and when the world slapped her back down, my cheek felt the sting. I know that there is work to be done, battles to fight, toddlers to raise into Nasty Women. [You mean like Hillary? See “Hillary Clinton is a monster, says Secret Service agents”.] And so I keep driving. But even now as I seek the horizon, the words keep going through my head. I am Her. I am Her. I am Her. And the tears keep falling.”

And the tears keep falling . . . .

Dog eyeroll

Eirene Donohue’s insanity is pervasive, judging by the readers’ comments to her essay. Here’s a sample:

Rebecca Rice: “Right on. I cried this morning as well while having breakfast out with my husband….”

Lorraine Devon Wilke: “I cry at least once a day thinking about our loss of advancement as women, the loss of our children’s safety….”

Sandie Chamberlain: “I am from the United Kingdom and I live in New Zealand….and I am still crying too….”

Erin Oliver: “That is exactly how it feels…how could they reject her..because I am her..” [Note: the two ellipses .. are Erin Oliver’s]

Rose Hook: “…when I read your article I started crying. We ALL were her!”

Tina Stanley: “…Yes, I am her, too.”

Lesley Kluchin: “I am only a year younger than Hillary, and I too have been crying and feeling lost…”

Patty Keller Jeddy: “…I cried at the thought that Americans could choose a complete and utter despicable human being over someone who did not have a penis so she must be evil….” [Psst, Jeddy. It’s not her lack of a penis that makes Hillary evil. It’s this ↓↓↓]

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

Author Ed Klein said that Hillary too cried so hard on the phone a day after the election that her words were indecipherable. (See “Hillary Clinton was in a drunken rage on Election night”)

But it’s also liberal women like Hillary and Eirene Donohue who insist there are no gender differences, that women are just as strong as men, blah, blah, blah. And yet, by their incessant weeping and whining over Hillary’s defeat, they are behaving just like the traditional stereotype of females being emotionally fragile who cry at the slightest provocation.

I don’t recall conservative women incessantly crying after Obama was twice elected, do you?


Hillary’s narcissism on display: She blames FBI Director James Comey for her loss


Last Saturday, on a call with top campaign donors, Clinton said her campaign was winning until FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on Oct. 28 announcing that the FBI had uncovered emails possibly related to its earlier probe into her use of a private server as secretary of state.

Watch your back Comey...

Watch your back Comey…

According to the Seattle Times, Clinton told the donors that her campaign was leading by large margins in nearly every battleground state and was tied in Arizona, a traditionally Republican stronghold, until Comey released his letter. (Never mind the fact that on October 18, 2016, the hacker(s) Anonymous claims that “a source inside the [Hillary] Clinton campaign has leaked an internal polling document that shows her support is gone”.)

Why do you suppose that the most qualified womyn for president, who has the most impressive record, can’t take responsibility for her own loss? I blame Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). From Wikipedia:

“NPD is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others. These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors.”

Here’s a look at how Hillary clearly exhibits NPD traits:

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

Hillary had no empathy for the the parents and families of those murdered in Benghazi. Her “what difference does it make” statement said it all.


Hillary wanted to take advantage of Eric Garner’s family to push an anti-Second Amendment agenda. In late October, WikiLeaks emails exposed that the Clinton campaign had conversations about using Garner’s death to protest gun violence. Garner’s daughter was not happy about the revelation. “I’m troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed ‘using’ Eric Garner … Why would you want to ‘use’ my dad,” tweeted Erica Garner, as reported by CNN.


Hillary has a disdain for those hired to protect and even take a bullet for her. Former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett describes Mrs. Clinton as treating the Secret Service like hired help, never saying “thank you” to agents, unlike her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Chelsea.


Hillary didn’t care about her devastated supporters. On the night of her election loss, Hillary didn’t even bother to address her supporters. She sent her lackey John Podesta out on stage to give a lame speech to them. They were in tears and she couldn’t even go out and thank them for their support.


Hillary’s sense of superiority lends her to believe she is above the law. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos showed. If any soldier had done what Hillary did, they’d be in Leavenworth.


In her quest for power, Hillary has no empathy for women who are victims of sexual harassment and assault and who could bring down her husband. She once tweeted that “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard”.  Unless of course, you are a woman who Bill Clinton loved to prey on. Then those women are just part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

These are just a few of the MANY examples of Hillary’s NPD traits. I could go an and on yet I’m not trying to write a novel here.

Thankfully we dodged a bullet on November 8, 2016. Hillary will not be our president. And for that, according to Hillary, we can thank Comey 🙂



Bill Clinton agrees with Trump: The political system is rigged

That’s what former President Bill Clinton said — he who is the husband of a woman who may be “elected” POTUS tomorrow by a rigged electoral system.


Bill made the remarks in a speech at a private HFA (Hillary for America) fundraiser at the home of Maryland State Senator Mike Miller in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland a year ago on October 19, 2015,

Peter Hasson reports for The Daily Caller, Nov. 5, 2016, that leaked transcripts of the speech reveal that, ironically, Bill Clinton actually agrees with one of Donald Trump’s major campaign themes — the political system is rigged against working class Americans.

The 8-page transcript of Bill Clinton’s speech was published by WikiLeaks and uploaded to Scribd. here. (You can also read it here, in FOTM‘s media library.)

This is what Bill Clinton said (p. 8 of transcript):

“And there are lots of people in the Democratic Party and lots of working people all over the world who are sick and tired of working their heart out and never getting a pay raise. And so they think the political system is rigged against them, which it is to some extent, and they think it doesn’t make any difference anyway, so they want to vote for whoever they think will raise the most hell.

By definition, the electoral system is a part of America’s political system, which means that when Bill Clinton said the U.S. “political system” is rigged, necessarily he included the electoral system.

Bill’s speech was also peppered with lies. Below are 5 examples:

Lie No. 1

Bill Clinton said:

“Something that’s really important to me – my foundation does a lot of work on AIDS, fighting AIDS, TB, malaria. And we lowered the price of AIDS medicine.” (p. 6 of transcript)

The truth:

The Clinton Foundation actually works hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical companies to keep the price of AIDs medicine high.

Ira Magaziner, CEO of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Access Initiative, said in an email published by WikiLeaks that the Foundation has “always” assured drug companies that the Foundation would not pressure them to lower drug prices because that would lead to a “slippery slope” of lower drug prices in the U.S. and Europe. (See “WikiLeaks Podesta emails: Clinton Foundation works with Big Pharma to keep AIDS drug prices high”)

Lie No 2

Bill Clinton said:

When Hillary was elected Senator from New York . . . there was no governor at the time. Andrew Cuomo has done a good job at this, but there – no governor in 30 years had tried to develop New York’s economy outside the city and the collar counties around it. She went to the farmers on Long Island, she went to small manufacturers in upstate New York. She started in effect becoming their de facto governor. She got people into ecommerce before it was fashionable in little towns. I’ll never forget, I met this guy who was making the best fishing rods I ever saw, with three people. All of a sudden he had 12 employees because he quadrupled his orders and 100 percent of his customers were from Norway. That was a big deal in 2002. She did that. You watch – before this is over, you’re going to see all the Republican farmers from Long Island going to Iowa, New Hampshire, campaigning for her because they will tell you, ‘Nobody ever helped us before she did.'” (pp. 4-5 of transcript)

The truth:

From Jeremy Zremski, “Clinton’s record upstate: Progress amid a promise that fell short,” The Buffalo News, April 8, 2016:

What, exactly, did Hillary Clinton do for Buffalo and upstate during her eight years in the U.S. Senate?

The answer, as it often is with the Clintons, is complicated.

Clinton promised during her 2000 campaign to bring 200,000 jobs to upstate New York. She didn’t come close….

‘Hillary has a serious plan to create 200,000 new jobs upstate,’ an announcer intoned in one of her 2000 campaign ads.

On the contrary, federal statistics show that overall employment fell slightly during her eight years in the Senate . . . .”

Lie No. 3

Bill Clinton said, referring to Hillary:

“when she left office [as Secretary of State], the approval of the United States around the world was more than 20 points higher than it was when she took office.” (p. 6 of transcript)

The truth:

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for about 4 years, from January 21, 2009, to February 1, 2013. (Hillary actually stopped doing her job as secretary of state in December 2012 when she fell and had a brain concussion that took her more than a month to recover._

According to Gallup Poll, worldwide approval of the U.S. actually fell by at least 3 points between the time Hillary became secretary of state and when she left the post, from 49% to 46%.

world approval of US 2007-2015

Lie No. 4

Bill Clinton said, referring to Hillary:

“Whether in office or out of office, she has consistently gotten the job done in an honorable way.” (p. 8 of transcript)

The truth:

Abandoning four Americans — including two members of her State Department staff, Ambassador Chris Stephens and Information Officer Sean Smith — to die in Benghazi is dishonorable. Lying that the jihadist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, was provoked by an obscure video on Muhammad is dishonorable. (Note that world approval of the U.S. plummeted to 41% in 2012.) When grilled about her lies by Congress, sloughing it off with “What does it matter now?” is dishonorable. Conducting government business, including classified national security information, with an illegal unsecured private email server is dishonorable.

Then there are remarks by Bill Clinton in his speech at the Chesapeake Fundraiser which (unintentionally) perfectly describes Hillary. Here’s an example: In his speech, Bill Clinton said this about the GOP primary debates:

“These people actually think they can insult their way to the White House . . . .”

The truth:

In a speech on September 10, 2016, Hillary Clinton insulted millions of Americans when she called half of Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable” racists, homophobes and xenophobes.

In fact, in an email on April 19, 2015, referring to Hillary Clinton, her campaign chairman John Podesta wrote:

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans

And yet, in his Chesapeake Beach speech, before admitting that “the political system is rigged,” Bill actually had the chutzpah to say that Hillary Clinton “deserves” the White House and that voters shouldn’t “disappoint her” by voting for somebody else:

“Whether in office or out of office, she has consistently gotten the job done in an honorable way. She deserves this (inaudible). And she will not disappoint you. But to get there, we have to not disappoint her.” (p. 8 of transcript)

No wonder self-coronated Queen Hillary went ballistic in a teleconference with the Laborers’ International Union of North America on Sept. 22, 2016, screaming into the camera: “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

To conclude, if we take Bill Clinton at his own words — that working class Americans think “the political system is rigged against them” and they “want to vote for whoever they think will raise the most hell” — Donald Trump is the man, not Hillary Clinton.

Owned by Wall Street and the darling of the entire corrupt, rotten establishment of the MSM, Hollywood, banks, unions, George Soros, and party (Democrat and Republican) élites, Hillary Clinton is the last person to raise hell, even less to “raise the most hell”.



Actor Jon Voight’s plea to save America


“My dear fellow Americans,

We are all feeling tremendous anxiety with only a few weeks left to the election. This will be the most important election in American history.

We were once a country a freedom, and now we’re becoming a country of tyranny. We are witness to our own people burning down and looting our cities: Ferguson, Missouri; Milwaukee; Atlanta; Florida; Baltimore. We are all witness to our own people killing our policemen. Islamic terrorists have killed thousands of people all over our country, and Hillary and Obama want to be politically correct and pretend all the killings are not happening.

How many Americans are aware of George Soros? — an evil man who turned hundreds of Jewish people over to the Nazis to be exterminated during World War Two. He was interviewed on ’60 Minutes’ and was asked if he feels guilty for what he’s done, and arrogantly he said, ‘Absolutely not. If I didn’t do it, someone else would have.’ Soros is a billionaire who makes most of his money manipulating currencies and almost bankrupting many countries. He supports hate groups responsible for taking down our cities. He’s a close friend of Hillary Clinton and a major supporter of her campaign.

Robert De Niro is a millionaire, as are so many of our Hollywood stars who are voting for Hillary, and who have absolutely no tolerance for anyone of a different opinion, forgetting that that is what our country is founded on — freedom of choice. But they will not be affected by Hillary’s open borders. Only the poor and middle class will suffer. Thousands of refugees will flood our nation, and no one will know the good guys from the bad guys. It will kill our economy, which is at an all time low now under years of Obama’s presidency, and Hillary boasts of how proud she will be to continue Obama’s legacy!

No one can afford health insurance now. Prices for health care have gone through the roof. Thanks to Obamacare, our once reasonable health care is gone. With Hillary as president, we will lose our Second Amendment with our right to bear arms. Freedom of religion will be attacked, and Hillary will try to stop all conservative voices on TV and radio. Our highest courts will become socialists, and she will restrict what America was founded on — our freedom to become a small business owner, and pursue our own personal dreams.

She has blood on her hands from the Benghazi terrorist raid. Four of our American patriots died. And when the parents stood over their loved ones’ coffins, she lied to them about the cause of their sons’ deaths.

The pendulum of freedom is not balanced. Hillary and her followers are running a cruel campaign to stop and degrade all of Trump’s followers. Her words were echoed loud and clear for all Americans to hear. Hillary said, ‘Trump’s followers are a basket of deplorables. They are unredeemable.’

May God protect the real truth, and may Donald Trump win this presidency. He will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again.

Thank you.”

See “Actor Robert De Niro threatens violence against Trump”.


184 U.S. generals and admirals endorse Trump for Commander-In-Chief

Have you seen that pro-Hillary TV ad of disgraced Gen. John Allen?


You should know that in 2011, Allen, then a 4-star general in the U.S. Marine Corps, was nominated to be NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, pending confirmation by the Senate. On November 13, 2012, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta suspended Allen’s confirmation hearing, pending investigations into the general’s “inappropriate communication” with a woman named Jill Kelley.

Gen. John Allen (l); Jill Kelley (r)

Gen. John Allen (l); Jill Kelley (r)

As part of the fallout of the Gen. David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell affair, the FBI  uncovered 20,000 to 30,000 pages of correspondence — mostly email — between Allen and Kelley from 2010 to 2012. Reportedly, their correspondence was “flirtatious” and “inappropriate” as Allen and Kelley were both married at the time, but not to each other.

Seriously, how can a 4-star general even have so much free time as to write 20,000 to 30,000 emails in the space of two years to ANYONE? 20,000 emails mean an average of 28 emails a day exchanged between Allen and Kelley; 30,000 emails mean an average of 42 emails a day. There is no one with whom I’ve exchanged 28 emails a day, even less 42 emails.

The upshot: Not only did John Allen lose his confirmation as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, he also lost his job as Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan — a post to which he was promoted to replace the disgraced Gen. Petraeus. (See “Obama purges U.S. military command (Part 1)”)

Allen retired from the military in February 2013, but was appointed Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL (or ISIS) — a post and title created for Allen by Obama, which Allen held for about a year from September 2014 until October 23, 2015.

Allen was a featured speaker at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He criticized Donald Trump and endorsed Hillary Clinton — who abandoned four Americans to die in Benghazi — for President.

Like the New Yorker that he is, Trump fired back, calling Allen “a failed general.”

Trump does have the endorsement of 184 non-failed and non-disgraced U.S. generals and admirals, including at least four 4-star and fourteen 3-star flag officers, as well as the endorsement of 14 Medal of Honor recipients.

The endorsements began with an open letter on Sept. 6, 2016, from 88 retired U.S. general and admirals:

“The 2016 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to make a long-overdue course correction in our national security posture and policy. As retired senior leaders of America’s military, we believe that such a change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world. For this reason, we support Donald Trump’s candidacy to be our next Commander-in-Chief.
For the past eight years, America’s armed forces have been subjected to a series of ill-considered and debilitating budget cuts, policy choices and combat operations that have left the superb men and women in uniform less capable of performing their vital missions in the future than we require them to be.
Simultaneously, enemies of this country have been emboldened, sensing weakness and irresolution in Washington and opportunities for aggression at our expense and that of other freedom-loving nations.
In our professional judgment, the combined effect is potentially extremely perilous. That is especially the case if our government persists in the practices that have brought us to this present pass.
For this reason, we support Donald Trump and his commitment to rebuild our military, to secure our borders, to defeat our Islamic supremacist adversaries and restore law and order domestically. We urge our fellow Americans to do the same.”

Two days later on Sept. 8, another 21 retired U.S. generals and admirals joined the list, followed by 31 more the next day, on Sept. 9, and another 44 on Sept. 16, bringing the total number of flag officers who have endorsed Trump to 184.

Below is the list, as of Sept. 16, 2016, of the retired U.S. generals and admirals, who are endorsing Trump for President and Commander-In-Chief:

  1. General Burwell B. Bell III, US Army, Retired
  2. General Alfred G. Hansen, US Air Force, Retired
  3. Admiral Jerry Johnson, US Navy, Retired
  4. Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, US Army, Retired
  5. Lieutenant General Marvin Covault, US Army, Retired
  6. Lieutenant General Brett Dula, US Air Force, Retired
  7. Lieutenant General Dan Duren, US Air Force, Retired
  8. Lieutenant General Harold T. Fields, US Army, Retired
  9. Lieutenant General Bruce L. Fister, US Air Force, Retired
  10. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, US Army, Retired
  11. Lieutenant General Gordon E, Fornell, US Air Force, Retired
  12. Lieutenant Jay Garner, US Army, Retired
  13. Lieutenant General Ron Hite, US Army, Retired
  14. Lieutenant Generals John I. Hudson, USMC, Retired
  15. Lieutenant General Harley Hughes, US Air Force, Retired
  16. Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, US Army, Retired
  17. Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan, US Air Force, Retired
  18. Lieutenant General Joe Kinzer, US Army, US Army, Retired
  19. Lieutenant General Bennett L. Lewis, US Army, Retired
  20. Lieutenant General Frederick McCorkle, US MC, Retired
  21. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, US Air Force, Retired
  22. Lieutenant General Clifford H. Rees, Jr. US Air Force, Retired
  23. Lieutenant James C. Riley, US Army, Retired
  24. Lieutenant General Hugh G. Smith, US Army, Retired
  25. Lieutenant General John B. Sylvester, US Army, Retired
  26. Lieutenant General David J. Teal, US Air Force, Retired
  27. Lieutenant General William E. Thurman, US Air Force, Retired
  28. Lieutenant General Jack Woodward, US Air Force, Retired
  29. Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi, US Navy, Retired
  30. Vice Admiral Edward Clexton, Jr. US Navy, Retired
  31. Vice Admiral Bernard M. Kauderer, US Navy, Retired
  32. Vice Admiral J. Theodore Parker, US Navy, Retired
  33. Vice Admiral R.F.Schoultz, US Navy, Retired
  34. Vice Admiral Robert Spane, US Navy, Retired
  35. Vice Admiral Donald Thompson, US Coast Guard, Retired
  36. Vice Admiral Howard B. Thorsen, US Coast Guard, Retired
  37. Vice Admiral John Totushek, US Navy, Retired
  38. Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh, US Navy, Retired
  39. Major General Joe Arbuckle, US Army, Retired
  40. Major General John Bianchi, CSMR, Retired
  41. Major General Pat Brady, US Army, Retired
  42. Major General Bobby G. Butcher, US Marine Corps, Retired,
  43. Major General Henry D. Canterbury, US Air Force, Retired
  44. Major General Carroll D. Childers, US Army, Retired
  45. Major General Jeffrey Cliver, US Air Force, Retired
  46. Major General Tommy F. Crawford, US Air Force, Retired
  47. Major General Harley Davis, US Army, Retired
  48. Major General Felix Dupre, US Air Force, Retired
  49. Major General Neil Eddins, US Air Force, Retired
  50. Major General David W. Eidsaune, US Air Force, Retired
  51. Major General John R. Farrington, US Air Force, Retired
  52. Major General Dave Garza, US Marine Corps, Retired
  53. Major General William A. Gorton, US Air Force, Retired
  54. Major General Kenneth Hagemann, US Air Force, Retired
  55. Major General Gary L. Harrell, US Army, Retired
  56. Major General Geoffrey Higginbothan, US Marine Corps, Retired
  57. Major General Kent Hillhouse,US Army, Retired
  58. Major General Jerry D. Holmes, US Air Force, Retired
  59. Major General John A. Leide, US Army, Retired
  60. Major General James E. Livingston, USMC, Retired
  61. Major General John D. Logeman, Jr., US Air Force, Retired
  62. Major General Homer S. Long, US Army, Retired
  63. Major General Billy McCoy, US Air Force, Retired
  64. Major General Robert Messerli, US Air Force, Retired
  65. Major General John Miller, US Air Force, Retired
  66. Major General Ray O’Mara, US Air Force, Retired
  67. Major General George W.“Nordie” Norwood, US Air Force, Retired
  68. Major General Robert W. Paret, US Air Force MC, Retired
  69. Major General James W. Parker, US Army, Retired
  70. Major General Richard Perraut, US Air Force, Retired
  71. Major General R.V. Secord, US Air Force, Retired
  72. Major General Sidney Shachnow, US Army, Retired
  73. Major General Edison E. Scholes, US Army (Retired)
  74. Major General Richard A. Scholtes,US Army, Retired
  75. Major General Mark Solo, US Air Force, Retired
  76. Major General James N. Stewart, US Air Force, Retired
  77. Major General Michael Sullivan, US MC, Retired
  78. Major General Thomas R. Tempel, US Army, Retired
  79. Major General Richard L. Testa, US Air Force, Retired
  80. Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army, Retired
  81. Major General John Welde, US Air Force, Retired
  82. Major General Kenneth W. Weir, US Marine Corps, Retired
  83. Major General Michael Wiedemer, US Air Force, Retired
  84. Rear Admiral Phillip Anselmo, US Navy, Retired
  85. Rear Admiral Peter Booth, US Navy,Retired
  86. Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III, US Navy, Retired
  87. Rear Admiral James J. Carey,US Navy, Retired
  88. Rear Admiral, Larry Chambers, US Navy, Retired
  89. Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates, SC, US Navy, Retired
  90. Rear Admiral Mimi Drew, US Navy, Retired
  91. Rear Admiral Ernest Elliot, SC, US Navy, Retired
  92. Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, US Navy, Retired
  93. Rear Admiral Vance H. Fry, SC, US Navy, Retired
  94. Rear Admiral Byron Fuller, US Navy, Retired
  95. Rear Admiral George M. Furlong, US Navy, Retired
  96. Rear Admiral Albert Gallotta, Jr. US Navy, Retired
  97. Rear Admiral Michael R. Groothousen US Navy, Retired
  98. Rear Admiral William A. Guereck, US Navy, Retired
  99. Rear Admiral Dale Hagen, US Navy, Retired
  100. Rear Admiral John G. Hekman, US Navy, Retired
  101. Rear Admiral Charles F. Horne III US Navy, Retired
  102. Rear Admiral William P Houley, US Navy, Retired
  103. Rear Admiral Grady L. Jackson, US Navy, Retired
  104. Rear Admiral J. Adrian Jackson, US Navy, Retired
  105. Rear Admiral Frederick C. Johnson, US Navy, Retired
  106. Rear Admiral Pierce J. Johnson, US Navy, Retired
  107. Rear Admiral Jack Kavanaugh, SC, US Navy, Retired
  108. Rear Admiral Charles R.Kubic, US Navy, Retired
  109. Rear Admiral Rich Landolt, US Navy, Retired
  110. Rear Admiral Don Loren, US Navy, Retired
  111. Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, MD, US Navy, Retired
  112. Rear Admiral E.S. McGinley II, US Navy, Retired
  113. Rear Admiral Fred Metz, US Navy, Retired
  114. Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore Jr. SC US Navy. Retired
  115. Rear Admiral John A. Moriarty, US Navy, Retired
  116. Rear Admiral David R. Morris, US Navy, Retired
  117. Rear Admiral James A. Mozart, SC US Navy, Retired
  118. Rear Admiral Ed Nelson, US Coast Guard, Retired
  119. Rear Admiral Philip R. Olsen, US Navy, Retired
  120. Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens, US Navy, Retired
  121. Rear Admiral Robert Passmore,US Navy, Retired
  122. Rear Admiral W.W. Pickavance, Jr., US Navy, Retired
  123. Rear Admiral Leonard F. Picotte, US Navy, Retired
  124. Rear Admiral Brian C. Prindle, US Navy, Retired
  125. Rear Admiral Mike Roesner, SC USN, Retired
  126. Rear Admiral William J. Ryan, US Navy, Retired
  127. Rear Admiral William L. Schachte, Jr., US Navy JAGC, Retired
  128. Rear Admiral William R. Schmidt, US Navy, Retired
  129. Rear Admiral William H. Shawcross, US Navy, Retired
  130. Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott, US Navy, MC, Retired
  131. Rear Admiral Gregory Slavonic, US Navy, Retired
  132. Rear Admiral Paul Sutherland, US Navy, Retired
  133. Rear Admiral Charles Williams, US Navy, Retired
  134. Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely, US Navy, Retired
  135. Rear Admiral Theodore J. Wojnar, US Coast Guard, Retired
  136. Brigadier General Charles L. Bishop, US Army, Retired
  137. Brigadier General Remo Butler, US Army, Retired
  138. Brigadier General Jimmy L. Cash, US Air Force, Retired
  139. Brigadier General George P. Cole, Jr. US Air Force, Retired
  140. Brigadier General Philip M. Drew, US Air Force, Retired
  141. Brigadier General Jerome V. Foust, US Army, Retired
  142. Brigadier General Norman Ham, US Air Force, Retired
  143. Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill, US Air Force, Retired
  144. Brigadier General Charles Jones, US Air Force, Retired
  145. Brigadier General Gary M. Jones, US Army, Retired
  146. Brigadier General James M. Johnston III, US Air Force, Retired
  147. Brigadier General Thomas J. Lennon, US Air Force, Retired
  148. Brigadier General Bruce Miketinac, US Army, Retired
  149. Brigadier General Bert Mizusawa, US Army, Retired
  150. Brigadier General Harold C. Morgan, US Air Force, Retired
  151. Brigadier General Stephen Mundt, US Army, Retired
  152. Brigadier General Mike Neil, US Marines Corps, Retired
  153. Brigadier general Robert V. Paschon, US Air Force, Retired
  154. Brigadier General Mark D. Scraba, US Army, Retired
  155. Brigadier General George L. Schulstad, US Air Force, Retired
  156. Brigadier General Richard M. Tabor, US Army, retired
  157.  Brigadier General Hugh B. Tant III, US Army, Retired
  158. Brigadier General Troy Tolbert, US Air Force, Retired
  159. Brigadier General Robert F. Titus, US Air Force, Retired
  160. Brigadier General William O. Walsh, US Air Force, Retired
  161. Brigadier General Robert V. Woods, US Air Force Retired
  162. Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Retired

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