Cat watches video of owner who passed away

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The cat’s reaction at the 0:37 mark is heartbreaking . . . .

H/t Joseph BC69

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17 responses to “Cat watches video of owner who passed away

  1. Cultures like the Celts & AmerIndians knew that animals and plants had awareness & intelligence. This is just another beautiful reminder that they were right, and significant aspects of modern day junk science like “Global Warming” & “Human Biology” are frauds.

  2. That is so touching…and so sad…but it looks like this kitty has a loving home despite losing his original human…

    So important to make arrangements for our animal companions so that they don’t end up in shelters in the event we pass away before them.

  3. Wow, the tenderness of that cat’s love for his former family member just breaks my heart.

    • Amen!

      For me this was a particularly revelatory incident. I’d no idea that any animal was capable of this level of abstract thinking.

      Of course we believe that our animals care about us, although perhaps not as much or in the same ways that we care about them, but again, cui Bono? I think that the greatest benefits are for us, not for them. From our point of view all they seem to get is food and shelter, and in exchange the list of what they do for us is nigh unto endless: they guard our homes and ourselves, even to the point of self-sacrifice; they give the only unconditional love that we are likely to receive in our lives; they look after other animals in our care, such as sheep & cattle; and above all, they comfort us in good times and bad.

      I’ve Zero Tolerance for animal abusers: they knowingly do what they do, and deserve the most extreme Justice, just as they exhibit the most extreme injustice.

  4. I have no doubt but what the depth of love that cats feel for their human family members is truly great. My Baby likes to lay on the bottom of my bed, when I walk by her–she starts this loud purring. There is no doubt that she is affected by my closeness–and she will bat at me with her paws in order that I stop and pet her. She has now taught herself to walk across the bed and crouch down by my side while I am sleeping because she wants to be petted. It certainly makes me feel good, except when I am sound asleep.

  5. I am confused. The comments in the youtube video claim the video shows a turtle and a cat! I can’t see anything distinctly on what the cat is watching. Please help.

    • I watched the video full screen and didn’t see any turtle. So I’m going with the video’s description.

  6. Any time (3 or more at least) that I’ve had to euthanize an elderly cat, I’ve brought them home to bury in my rose garden. Each time, the surviving cohort cat has come into the family room upon our arrival home and set up a mourning wail…..I assume, b/c their companion did not come back with us into the house into the “normal” space. The cohort cat has smelled us all over and investigated the house, looking for their companion. It would take a day or two or more of this before they stopped crying. I don’t see why, if a cat would do this in search of it’s companion cat, it would not do so in attachment to a beloved owner. We’ve likewise had a younger dog search outside everyday in “all the usual places” for the smell of a lost elderly companion dog….this would go on even longer….maybe months……

  7. Sorry, I was going to comment, but after reading your comments, I’m tearing too much to see the keys. Maybe later.

  9. When I had to euthanize my cat on 11/9/16 (the day after the election), I could hear her in the house for months later. After I got back from the vet, I could hear her using the litter box. In the ensuing months, I could hear her walking around, because certain floorboards would make a particular sound when she stepped on them; I heard those sounds for months. She was over 20 years old, and she’d finally lost her battle with her failing kidneys.

    When I returned from South America 3 months ago, I brought back a street cat from down there. My ex fed him and nursed him back to life. During my visits, I’d feed him and pet him too. We became buddies, so I brought him back. He has since settled in and made my house his home… 🙂

    • @MarkyMark, I had a similar experience. Thanks for sharing.

    • That has been my experience too.

      After one cat died, at an advanced age, I heard his bell for at least a week. In the case of another cat, who was 17 years old, when I returned home after bringing him to be euthanized at the vet, I heard his very distinctive meow, just once — his last goodbye, telling me he’s okay.

      There are other similar accounts online, all of which indicate these “creatures without sin” have souls.

      I fully expect to be greeted by a mob of my departed fur- and feathered-children (cats, a rabbit, canaries, finches, lovebird, starling….) when it’s my time.

    • It’s been almost three weeks since my Lucky cat passed. The other morning I swear I felt three of his steps by my feet in bed where he’d usually be walking to settle down. I don’t know why specifically three steps yet that’s what I felt.

      Miss my buddy…sigh…

  10. Tears….Joseph, Trail, Marky, Hawk, Dr. E… and DCG.

    Dr. E… too. I WANT to be met and led into my eternal life by the pets with whom I shared unconditional love in my time on Earth. Humans are not so “unconditional.”

    And, I’ve never experienced that after-death thing with my cats that some of you have (tho’ have experienced some powerful other things with the intuition of my live cats), BUT….our beloved GSP/Black Lab mix (the smartest dog who ever owned us) had to be euthanized in the last throes of liver cancer. He was the “time-keeper” of our days….when to get up, when to get the paper, when to go to the swimming pool, when to feed the chickens, when to get the mail….when to put things away…when to go to bed…..I swear his “spirit” NEVER left the house, until… AM….I literally saw him in a “hollogram” type image (a “strobe-light” thingy going on….like he was crossing a time barrier or something…..) coming into my room, to snuggle up beside my bed as a morning “wake up” ritual, as was his custom for years and years in real life. This was in broad daylight and I was fully awake. Weird. After that experience, I never felt, or saw him again. I think it was his “good-bye” to me for several reasons known only between the two of us…..starting with, I had such guilt about having to put him down, even tho’ he was terminal…….etc etc.

  11. My “Buddy” did in his sleep at 9 years old of an apparent heart attack on the living room floor in front of us as my wife and I sat reading one Saturday afternoon. We were truly buddies. I had nightmares about losing this beautiful part Siamese cat. We tried everything to revive him but to no avail. We wrapped him in a towel and drove him the 2 miles to the vet for cremation and returned to find a gray and white year and a half old female stray waiting for us at our back door. She walked right in like she owned the place, ate like she hadn’t had a meal for days, and made herself at home. We kept her over night. She found the litter box, curled up on the couch and went to sleep. We let her out the next AM to go home if she had one, went to church and left early to come home and retrieve her if we could. She was not to be found. We decided to go Monday morning to fill our empty hearts with a new pet and as we walked out the door our visitor from the day before walked in. Strangely enough, she has many of Buddy’s quirks and habits.
    Who knows. What did Einstein say? “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. So we named her Gracie.


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