Cat Alarm Clocks

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Wakey, wakey, sleeping heads!
It’s Monday!
Time to go to work!
Oops. I forgot.
37.20% of adult Americans no longer work for a living — nearly 4 of 10 Americans! — U.S. labor force participation rate having dropped to a historic low of 62.80%, thanks to that “Hope ‘n Change” POS.
US labor force participation rateSource
But for the rest of us, here’s The Best Alarm Clock In The World.

The cat at the 2:32 mark cracked me up: After gentling nibbling his person’s nose but failing to wake him up, the cat bit his forehead. LOL
The cat beginning at the 2:48 mark believes in the carrot “Lick Human Person to Death” approach. LOL
But by far, the most common Cat Alarm Clock method is the patient, polite, and gentle “Paw On Face” approach.
The most patient and polite of all is that of the last cat — the “Watch and Wait” darling yellow tiger-stripe.
H/t Care2 and FOTM’s josephbc69

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0 responses to “Cat Alarm Clocks

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  2. Dear Eowyn,
    My cat does like the waking technique “licking to death” but on those extra lazy mornings she also applies the technique “army march and jump”, in which she walks as heavily and hard over you and jumps from one side to the other in order to increase the degree of annoyance and therefore wake you up faster. 🙂

  3. 🙂

  4. Re:the 3:00 cat,later on,”Look,Dad-I made a hair-ball for you,and I made it all from YOUR HAIR!! You’re welcome.”

  5. VERY cute cats,by the way. I can handle just about any of the wake-up calls shown,but I had one cat that could wake me instantly,wide awake. She’d walk quietly up to my pillow and lick the inside of my ear. (I get a chill just remembering that sensation.)

  6. I have a a cat that used to wake me by climbing on the back of the couch and jump right in the middle of my chest if I did not wake up after she slapped me a few times.
    After the second or third time she does not do it any more.
    Now she jumps on my feet.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this cute post. Adorable! My kitty cats just walk on me to get me up.


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