Cast And Crew Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Unite As ‘Vaginas Against Trump’

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Vulgarity perfectly acceptable when perpetrated by the left.

The eloquent Lea DeLaria...

The eloquent Lea DeLaria…

From HuffPo:  Pictures may say a thousand words, but this group photo of the “Orange Is the New Black” women gets it done in three: “Vaginas Against Trump.” 
Lea DeLaria (also known as “Boo”) tweeted out a photo of the cast and crew and their awesome gear on Friday, ready to take on the Republican candidate.
The actress took it one step further than the shirts did in her tweet, writing in all caps, “CAST & CREW OF OITNB SAYS FUCK YOU TRUMP.” 
Remember this popular vulgarity that the proggies enjoyed? Hypocrites.

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18 responses to “Cast And Crew Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Unite As ‘Vaginas Against Trump’

  1. What a sorry collection of cunts! Sorry… vaginas! Idiocy at its best! Good Lord! Protect us and these US of A!

  2. This garbage has been Netflix’s most popular show? What a disappointment. I’m not surprised the “cast & crew” are typical leftist garbage though, the show sounds like total lesbian fantasy anyway.

  3. Vaginas against Trump? The scary-looking Lea DeLaria is a lesbian. Since when has she begun to be proud of her vagina?
    As for Laverne Cox, a cast member of “Orange is the New Black,” he doesn’t have a vagina. He’s a MtF “transgender,” i.e., a male transvestite.

  4. Perfectly stated — vulgarity is only acceptable when it comes from the left, liberal, elites! May the Lord have mercy!

  5. Lee looks like she has another piece of equipment, transplanted just like Chastity Bono.

  6. Lea looks like an Ugly Guy.

  7. I knew I shouldn’t read this post..thanks, Pat Riot, mykeyboo a rd is swimming in coffee.

  8. If only these sorry excuses for women (?) knew how objectionable they are and how much they are actually helping the Trump campaign.

    • Helene . . . you have hit on a truism. After looking at these weirdos, any normal person would tend to turn the opposite direction.

      • I must admit I have never watched the program “Orange is the New Black.” The idea that it follows women in prison (unless it is a documentary) just does not appeal. If the women look like the representatives as shown above–that would certainly not be a draw to watch it.

        • never watched the show either Auntie and they couldn’t pay me to watch that tripe. I bet their ratings are from the ’50shades’ crowd….people obsessed with sex and drama.

  9. “Vaginas Against Trump?”
    Isn’t that the undesired condition Mr. Trump is being falsely accused of?

  10. Pathetic imbeciles having to resort to trashy language to TRY to make a point instead of using proper English to do the same. That applies to the whole lot of them in both pictures! Bet none of them have ever set a foot inside of a Church!


  12. ew!!!!
    those females give vaginas a bad name….what’s up with dopey liberal commie females and the constant usage of the word “vagina”?
    These intellectual anarchists have about as much understanding of anatomy as they do about politics.
    they are part of the reason so many males today are mentally and emotionally castrated homosexuals or tranny effeminates.

  13. Someone should tell Lea Daria that there was only ONE Divine—and he’s gone!


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