Cass Sunstein – Euphoric Over North American Union

From Cass Sunstein’s WSJ op-ed piece  May 1, 2012 ~ (All red highlighting is mine) and I’ll bet you didn’t know the prez signed another executive order ! (also significant that this was signed on May 1 – Beltaine)

. . . today the president is issuing an executive order, “Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation,” with a simple goal: to promote exports, growth, and job creation by eliminating unnecessary regulatory differences across nations.
The order makes clear that we will not undermine American laws or compromise our national prerogatives. But it emphasizes that international cooperation and harmonization can increase trade and job creation, eliminating pointless burdens without creating a regulatory race to the bottom. From now on, an interagency working group chaired by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs [Note; Sunstein chairs this agency-RW]  will be a forum for reducing this red tape. . .
. . .More generally, President Obama has worked closely with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts to create High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Councils with both countries. . .
The U.S. and Canada have already agreed to harmonize their rules with respect to fuel economy, building on a long history of collaboration on national emission standards for new vehicles. . .
The U.S. is also working closely with the European Union to eliminate unnecessary differences in U.S.-European regulatory requirements.. .



No one seems to realize that this has already been accomplished.  It’s just a matter of closing off a few loose ends.  This is why no president – Republican or Democrat – will close our borders . . .  because there are no borders anymore!!!!!

This did not begin with Obama, and it will not end with him.


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Al Thompson

NATFA was put through by both democraps and republishits and they don’t give a rats ass that 42,000 factories have left the USA. Those factories provided a lot of good jobs; jobs where people developed skills. They worked in their communities and spend their money in them. Clinton’s big thing was going “global”. This is why the political system is completely dysfunctional unless one is a rabid communist.


LOL -That’s perfect. 🙂
It’s even better than repube and republiCON.

Mad Angel on FB
Mad Angel on FB

You mean the Cass Sunstein who said “the First Amendment protects many forms of speech that should never be protected”, and proposed what he calls a “New Deal” for speech, a reformulation which abandons the prevailing “marketplace of ideas” model of free expression, in favor of a Madisonian conception based on deliberative democracy, and seems to have a serious problem with our First Amendment rights??


I wish more people were awake to how creepy, Cass Sunstein really is and what he is doing to this country, by helping the President by-pass our sleeping Congress and Senate and making them irrelevant. He is the one making sure everything they want done, is in place, doing it in the name of regulations.


a highway corridor like this is soooo retarded…
now a double rail-line would at least make a LITTLE sense