Casey Anthony’s Defense Lawyer Gives America the Finger

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After the jury acquitted America’s worst mother of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony may be released as early as tomorrow morning. Since she has been found not guilty, there is nothing to stop Anthony from selling her story to the highest bidder. Already “adult entertainment” company Vivid has offered her a career as a porn star.

After the verdict yesterday, Anthony’s defense team celebrated with champagne in Orlando’s trendy restaurant Terrace 390.

Defense lawyer Dorothy Clay Sims jigged up and down, performing a victory dance for her colleagues before turning her phone towards outraged onlookers to film their shocked reactions.

Her colleague, defense lawyer Cheney Mason made an obscene gesture to an angry crowd outside, an apparent gesture of contempt towards anyone who dares criticise the team.

Cheney Mason giving the one-finger salute

[Source: Daily Mail]

Since Mason made no effort to conceal his contempt for us, we need not be shy about how we feel about him. Here’s his contact info!

J. Cheney Mason, P.A.

390 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 2100

Orlando, FL 32801

Telephone:  (407) 843-5785

Fax:  (407) 422-6858


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27 responses to “Casey Anthony’s Defense Lawyer Gives America the Finger

  1. Absolutely,no-class.

  2. if the duct tape don’t fit you must acquit. i really didn’t think they had a very good case. at least in what was reported in the news and watching nancy grace just because someone talks loud doesn’t make their point of view more right.

  3. Casey Anthony should take Vivid’s offer… I’m surprised Larry Flynt hasn’t made one already. This might might be her best shot at non-criminal work (notice I didn’t say “decent”).

    • Yeppers, she’ll likely maintain her track record: move from one obscenity to another. She’s already in Hell, but won’t know it until she goes through the midnight of her soul, and repents for the rest of her earthly life. It’s her last chance to atone. Not very Friendly of me, but that’s my RC roots showing!

  4. she will be shot i just can see it . she should be dead she did it

  5. im sorry but it’s ture some times

  6. catscanner150

    I remember an old saying, “Behind every bird is a pile of shit!”
    Fits this no class ass perfectly.

  7. I’ll give my children an extra long hug today. Yesterday was a sad day for justice, jurisprudence, personal responsibility and children with Casey Anthony and Guy Turcotte both acquitted on the same day for murdering their children.

  8. Good grief, how do these attorneys sleep at night? Absolutely no morals whatsoever.

  9. How will the jurors be able to sleep at night? The defense dragged this out so as to deliberately make the jurors desperate to get out and go home. That’s just what they did, thinking only of themselves, and not of justice for poor little Caylee. What will the jurors think when this sociopath becomes pregnant again?

  10. The more I look at that picture of him, the more I’d like to snap that finger right off!

  11. Dennis Kolb Sr.

    I wonder how Mr. Mason would handle the same situation, if the roles were reversed, and He was the Grandfather that was acused of Molesting His Daughter, and Covering-up some un-proven Drowning of His Grand-Daughter?
    And those “COMPASSIONATE and CARING” Defense Lawyers were PARTYING and DRINKING in VICTORY, and giving the Middle Finger Salute for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE?

  12. Remember, not guilty is not the same as innocent. Lawyers that win, party. Lawyers who lose, like in the OJ case, often have only themselves to blame. And, with all the coverage calling this one of the cases of the century, or a total change in the law sort of case, proves only one thing. There wasn’t enough evidence to convict. This is not the same as showing the defendant was innocent. It only shows the prosecution didn’t do their own jobs well enough. It is a terrible truth, but that’s how the law works. You need enough evidence to convict, and they didn’t put on enough to persuade the entire jury of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That standard is high with good reason. Often, it means that a guilty person may go free, but better a guilty person go free than an innocent one be executed for a murder they did not commit. (I know, it makes me sick to state this truth, but the cases where a not guilty is the verdict is a sign the evidence was not there.) True, the jury should have seen the guilt, but the prosecutors didn’t teach the jury well enough that the evidence was there, and that they had no choice but to convict. Getting to guilty demands more than simply proving the elements. It requires proving the elements of guilt are so obvious that there is no choice but conviction, not the other way around.

  13. Mr. Mason proves that like attracts like….he and Casey Anthony are two like beings…classless, narcissistic, mentally unstable individuals. Check Mr. Mason’s record…he has shown who he really is in public many times.

  14. lowtechgrannie

    The Anthony family will have a million-dollar book contract and make the rounds on the talk show circuit. Lifetime or the Oprah channel will do a made for TV movie with Lindsay Lohan starring. Wanna bet?

    • Grannie,

      I will not spend even one penny on any merchandise by or about this grotesque family who gives new meaning to the word “dysfunctional”.

  15. Lawyer & client have the same mentality of the gutter.

  16. What kind of disusting display was this? And Spanish spoken after? What was the translation.

    That is all beside the point I want to make. The Cindy Anthony look-alike for the defense was open-mouthed like a clam giving casey advice on the day defense thought casey was walking out.
    casey shut red-blondie old lay out, intertwining her fingers in revelry and fantasy about how she was going to dance and then get laid big-time later by one of the nut-job men who has been sending her money and promising her a place to sleep.

    She will be out on the street after a few days with her new ex-con lover…that she accepted as her best friend while in jail…….nah, casey will go down FAST after being released.

    Her family were the only ones keeping her in check, and what did she do, killed the only family member that kept them together.

  17. To Anonymous: Larry Flynt may well have footed a good portion of the cost of the Casey Anthony Defense. He has been very quite, for as scumbag. He came out in support of her early on in his public staements then he became STONE QUITE. No doubt in my Military mind he supplied a good chunk of money to “BUY HER FREEDOM”. Now he owns her.

  18. This entire defense team’s behavior was deplorable.
    Jose Baez’ shady use of theatrics and intentional and deliberate lies in the courtroom are contemptible. His unfounded and unproven accusations of everybody except the defendant, like his theories, were all over the place. His sinister deeds were shrouded in a smug attitude and cocky demeanor. The promotion and expansion of the fabrications of a pathological liar is not the role of a defense attorney, nor should it be allowed. Cheney Mason is an arrogant, rude, crude, hateful, mean spirited old man who himself is so void of professionalism and class he proudly resorts to name calling and rude gestures in public, and on national television to express his opinion.
    Please help us bring about an investigation of this unethical Defense Team


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