Carnegie Mellon U. mocks Catholic Church with naked woman dressed as pope

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It is now open season for attacks against the Catholic Church and her clergy.
The Catholic Church is the one institution that consistently, persistently and unwaveringly speaks out against abortion and for the unborn made in His image. That makes the Church the target of the death cultists and the Left.
Two weeks ago in Brussels, Belgium, an archbishop was attacked by four enraged bare-breasted pro-abort lesbians who doused the priest with water from bottles shaped in the image of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Eye Bleach Alert!

The latest is an annual art school parade of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburg, PA, in which a female student, Katherine B. O’Connor, naked from the waist down, mocked the Church by dressing up as the pope, tossing condoms to bystanders, with her public hair shaved in the shape of a cross.
Andy Sheehan reports for CBS Pittsburgh, April 29, 2013, that Carnegie Mellon students say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful and has asked the university to take action.
“I think we all know that when we’re growing up we do stupid things but to cross over the line in this instance shouldn’t happen with anybody,” Bishop David Zubik said.
CMU issued a limp statement, saying “We are continuing our review of the incident. If our community standards or laws were violated, we will take appropriate action.”
Pictures of the female student are hard to find, but I did manage to find these. The source of the full-figure photo is embtimes.
Carnegie Mellon U1Carnegie Mellon U3Carnegie Mellon U4Carnegie Mellon U5
You and I both know that no university and no one in America would ever, ever insult Islam or any other religion the way the Catholic Church is being mocked and attacked.

Update (May 10, 2013):

CBS Pittsburgh reports that in a letter to the university community released today, Carnegie Mellon University President Jared Cohon said campus police have now filed misdemeanor charges for indecent exposure against two students in the incident. The letter says:
“Final disposition of these charges will occur through the Allegheny County justice system, not through university channels. There will be no separate disciplinary action pursued through the university’s internal process.
The students took part in a campus art event and, in the case of the student who portrayed herself as the Pope, made an artistic statement which …  many found … deeply offensive, the university upholds their right to create works of art and express their ideas. But, public nudity is a violation of the law and subject to appropriate action.”
Update (May 12, 2013):
The Daily Mail reports that although Carnegie Mellon University did not identify the two students, but court records show students Katherine B. O’Connor, 19, of Pittsburgh, and Robb S. Godshaw, 22, of Wilmette, Illinois, were charged by campus police with indecent exposure.

Katherine O'Connor & Robb GodshawKatherine O’Connor (l); Robb Godshaw (r)


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0 responses to “Carnegie Mellon U. mocks Catholic Church with naked woman dressed as pope

  1. So there is not one law on the books about indecent exposure in that town? 🙁

  2. Ah… the aroma of lunacy in the air, repulsive women, arrogance, blasphemy…
    It’s like we’re back in the 1970s, and I’m back at art college, where everyone is smarter than everyone else, and all the women wear sensible shoes.

  3. Education? Is this an example of academic superiority?

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Although indecent exposure is being practiced here, it isn’t the point of this post. The Catholic Church, unlike other religions and Christian denominations, has publicly and thoroughly stood up for the most vulnerable people in the world, the infants in the womb of mothers, and has led the pro-life movement for many years. And as Dr. Eowyn said, no other university would condone insulting and mocking Islam or other religions. I am very proud and am very blessed to be a Catholic, especially in these times. We will continue to fight for the most vulnerable people!

  5. Their parents must be so proud…

  6. GIve Islam a couple hundred more years to catch up. I am sure they will face the same authority breakdown in time. 🙂

  7. I hope I never see that again

  8. May God have mercy on their souls. Their depravity is Satanic and pure evil. This behavior is so disgusting it is unfathomable that it is sanctioned by a university. Alumni should withdraw all support.

  9. A woman smoking looks to me ten times worse than a male, as I can dismiss the male as merely stupid or ignorant, but a woman threatens the life within her as well as her own. Sorry if my opinion offends someone, but your smoking offends me and others as well.

    • But not all women are pregnant! And while I agree smoking is so disgusting and trashy, I am aware that years ago women were arrested for smoking while men weren’t. This was just a way for men to have their cake and eat it too: have more authority but less responsibility, and treat weaker beings harsher than stronger beings. I’m grateful the people who wrote that law didn’t push for only women to be arrested for stealing, or only women to be executed for murder but not men.

  10. this is what happens when you have a president who approves of gay marriage,abortion,and tells planed parent hood he is so proud of them,and tells basket ball and pro football players he is so proud of them for saying they are gay. on and on,we need to pray more!

    • Hey, Mike, Michelle Obama’s tweet to the now openly gay NBA player Jason Collins was: “We’ve got your back.” Think about it.
      Also, Collins dated WNBA player Carolyn Moos for eight years and they were engaged to be married, and he never once told her he was gay. Hmmn…

  11. Thank you for not showing all of her “art work” as described in the news reports. If you had, we would have needed to deploy the Mind Bleach as well.

  12. Misdeameanor charges are filed against two students involved in this incident. Scroll up for my update.

  13. The half-naked student is Katherine O’Connor, 19, of Pittsburgh, PA. She and Robb S. Godshaw, 22, of Wilmette, Illinois, were charged by campus police with indecent exposure. Scroll up for their pics.

  14. Miss O’Connor looks much more sober and pleasant in her head shot than she did dressed as the pope. The scourge of the Internet is no one can act young and stupid anymore and get away with it. I hope this serves as a wake up call and they both return to God. If the whole thing was an art school parade, I’d like to see the adult art instructors held accountable.

  15. Ugh that girl looks so grimy and nasty! I can’t believe the fresh faced innocent pic at the bottom is the same person as at the top.

  16. Being the enemy of fools is a badge of honor. Keep the faith.


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