‘Caravan’ invaders to remain in Mexico while U.S. considers their asylum applications

In the past, political asylum applicants are often detained in the U.S. while their petitions move through the system. Because of the large caseload, lengthy backlog, and a shortage of detention space, many are given a court date and released.

President Trump has repeatedly denounced this de facto policy of “catch and release” and is doing something about it.

“Migrants” who seek to enter the United States from Mexico and ask for asylum, whether or not they present themselves to U.S. authorities at a legal port of entry, will be returned to Mexico while their claims are being processed by the U.S. government.

Molly O’Toole reports for the Los Angeles Times that on Jan. 3, 2018, the Trump administration and Mexico’s government announced that thousands of “caravan migrants” seeking asylum in the U.S. will be forced to wait in Mexico while their cases are considered – a process that can often take well over a year.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement that “catch and release” will be replaced with “catch and return,” and hailed the policy change as a historic measure that would “bring the illegal immigration crisis under control.”

Mexico’s agreement to hold the migrants is a major change from its traditional refusal to accept the return of migrants who aren’t Mexican. Under the new policy, which the Trump administration imposed unilaterally, but which Mexico said it would cooperate with on a temporary basis, third-party nationals or non-Mexican migrants will be allowed to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims are being processed.

That being said, Mexico’s agreement is only temporary. The foreign ministry said “Mexico reaffirms its sovereign right to admit or reject the entry of foreigners into its territory, in the exercise of its migration policy,” and that the government had rejected a U.S. proposal known as “safe third country,” under which Central Americans seeking asylum would generally have to seek protection in Mexico, not in the U.S., similar to a U.S. understanding with Canada.

Predictably, the new policy is bitterly oppposed by Democrats and the Left.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), incoming chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, calls the new policy “the single biggest assault to date by this administration on the world’s most vulnerable populations coming to America – legally – and in search of a better life.”

Thank you, President Trump!


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12 responses to “‘Caravan’ invaders to remain in Mexico while U.S. considers their asylum applications

  1. One big problem is that the US has no safe third country agreement with Mexico — hence the ‘caravaners’ are not obligated to apply for asylum in Mexico, and Mexico is not obligated to stop them from traveling thru Mexico to apply asylum in the US — such an agreement must be concluded ASAP; all future aid to Mexico should be contingent on this — also, Trump must declare all countries in Central and South America as safe for asylum purposes, which they are; this step will enable applications from these countries to be rejected more quickly — an overabundance of poverty and normal criminality has never been, cannot be now, and must not be seen in the future as grounds for asylum — finally, all white, western countries must withdraw from the treaties requiring them to accept applications for asylum — this has been for decades, and is today, being massively abused — this will help to slow the demographic destruction of these countries.

  2. ecah . . . . I could not agree more with the idea that “Poverty and Crime” are not sufficient reasons to flee your home country and come to the USA. In all too many instances, these illegals bring that same mindset with them when they invade our country.

    The USA cannot and will never have the ability to take in all the world’s poor and those who “wish to find a better life via being enrolled in our Welfare programs.

  3. Deport them all! This will conserve our water resources, lower our globull Warming causing Green House Gases, lower pollution, and preserve our open spaces/wildlife habitat, and thus our wildlife! Building that Wall and deporting invaders ts the most environmental thing a President/Congress can do!

  4. Works for me.

  5. That consideration of applications should take several years or until they get tired and go back to the chithole country they came from, whichever comes first.

  6. Why does anybody think we have a “obligation” to adopt them? We have enough trouble trying to hold onto enough of our own money here against a plethora of robber barons.

    They can stay in Mexico, go home or move to Sri Lanka for all I care. They want them here because they want to destroy our country and get illegal votes to help them do it.

  7. Check out Castro’s unAmerian activities and communist connections at Keywiki, if you’ve got the stomach for it. His mother was a founder of La Raza Unida Party, and behind this little prick’s shit-eating grin lies hatred for our people and country. These apparatchiks don’t come from nowhere and go off to Stanford. They’re as much manufactured and groomed golems who’re set in motion by their creators as the fabled monsters in the Kabbalah. Sometimes we get a peek behind the screen as when an enemy of the American people with equally unAmerican communist creds like Tina Rutnik (listed ad nauseam at Keywiki) blurs her commie stripes as readily as changing her name to Kirsten Gillibrand to do whatever it takes to use “the people” to put real people in chains. The only thing more predictable than these 21st century Bolsheviks is the controlled opposition treating it all as politics as usual. If I were a leftist I’d be partying in the streets as they often do at the thought the opposition were such spineless excuses for manhood, who’d rather bow and scrape in fear of the msm than fight like men for their own families’ future.

  8. Leftists do nothing out of the kindness of their hearts or the betterment of anything but themselves. I’ll wager they feel no empathy for these criminal immigrants. There is a gain behind their compassion, probably more voters to secure their power and cheap labor to benefit their big donors. An immoral people do not suddenly acquite the warm emotions the Democrats profess. They are devoid of goodness and immune to the positive feelings connected to it. If Democrats love anything it is power and wealth. Every illegal coming across the border successfully is money in the bank. Why should I pay John $25 an hour, keep up payroll taxes, workmans comp, SS, keep lengthy records and offer benefits when Juan will do the same job for $10 under the table with no complicated requirements? Just straight cash? Give Juan the right to vote and he’ll elect me because I’m making it possible for him to make more than he ever has in his life. He’ll see me as his friend because he literally doesn’t know I’m taking advantage of him. Companies will love me because I’m increasing their profits by making it possible for them to hire nothing but Juans. Add in the other gov’t freebies and Juan is living large. Screw John, he costs too much.

    • Good points, but that non-English speaking Mexican, Juan, doing unskilled labor on a construction site in Florida makes $15 an hour. On Lennar’s massive residential projects down there the only white guys are sometimes the lead electricians or plumbers, otherwise it’s less productive Hispanics across the board. This sort of economic warfare is straightforward evidence that such displacement of white construction workers is official federal policy, backed by both parties, since this company was bankrolled after its bankruptcy with hundreds of millions in bailout funds ultimately paid for by the white taxpayers whose jobs are being given to foreigners.

      Shadowstats reports that the true unemployment rate based on the gov’s own early 90’s methodology is presently just below 22 percent. As PCR recently wrote, “illegal aliens no longer come for non-existent jobs; they come to collect welfare paid for by Americans who have lost their livlihoods.”

      In other words—and this will be hard for some here at fotm to accept—the booming economy the President is touting is the Big Lie aimed at middle class rubes, diverting our attention from our continued economic rape and cultural displacement by immigrants. Of possibly greater worry than the Mexicans is the shift to educated Asians, who’ll become the predominant tool of dispossession in the future, capping off displacement of educated white American males from managerial and professional positions just as their fellow American men have been thrown off the construction site and assembly line. A majority of college educated suburban white women can’t seem to get enough of this, however, if their votes are any guide, and so be it if that’s what these emasculo-feminists of their own kind want. We’re going down and out for the count, and as T S Eliot put it, not with a bang, but with a whimper. And the fact of the matter is that Ryan and McConnell were more instrumental in handing the House back to the Dems than the Dems themselves.

  9. But Democrats need the votes!

  10. It is over crowded as it is, we don’t need any more slums.

  11. Even Ronnie Ray-Gun signed bills into law to penalize businesses that hired illegals. Then they promptly refused to prosecute them. As long as they will hire them (especially off the books or at greatly reduced rates) they will.

    We don’t even need more laws. We already have them. They simply don’t enforce them. Just like the ICE thing. This isn’t, as “Dan” says, because they are such kindly humanitarians.

    When I was young and my kids were little I would take my annual leave and work at a lumber mill during shut down as a millwright. We needed the money. At the mill was a “planer mill” and it was entirely manned by Mexicans and/or Central Americans that were here illegally.

    They paid those guys half of what a citizen would get. Every so often a truck from “Le Migra” would drive up and the hills behind the mill would be swarming with them. They would check the mill’s records and to my knowledge they never received a citation or indictment.

    This behavior is an inducement to come here illegally and deprives citizens of meaningful work that otherwise would produce income for them instead of unemployment and welfare.

    When one starts digging into the mechanics of how they administer these laws it becomes quite apparent what they’re doing. They are hamstringing their own laws in order to provide cheap labor to business.

    We see these leftists wringing their hands and rending their garments over children being separated from parents who committed crimes with them in tow. So, if mommy or daddy commits murder should we let them out if their kids are around?

    Frankly, sending them back to Mexico while their asylum claims are processed makes good sense. If we had to (and I’m NOT advocating this) I’d rather pay Mexico something to keep them than have them here. Besides, that’s good incentive to Mexico to clean up their act.


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