Caption Contest for the New Year!

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What better way to start a new year than with a Caption Contest?

You know the rules:

  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner, to be announced on Saturday.
  • Captions submitted by FOTM writers will not be considered.
  • The winner gets a free one-year subscription to FOTM. LOL

3-time winner Ted Nougat and 2-time winner Terry may want to be charitable and give away some of their free subscriptions, seeing that it’s the new year. Just a humble suggestion! 😀
For the winner and runner-up of our last Caption Contest, click here.

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0 responses to “Caption Contest for the New Year!

  1. “Reggie does that for me too!”

  2. “Honey, I wonder how many tax dollars this kid can rake in for us?”

  3. Parson Cross

    I wonder if we could train Biden to do this ?

  4. Won’t be long and I’ll have most of America in this position, THEN, I will really pull the rug out from under them! Semper Fi.

  5. I love ecstasy.

  6. Coward.

  7. Thank you, Grouchy, for coming to my defense.
    Sagebrush is right: “Tom Franks” is a man who first came to our attention when he threatened to kill all “birthers”. He has used a succession of many different IP addresses and aliases (Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers are Traitors, Why Lie, Truth Hurts, Want Truth?, James Spader, Jasper, John Bingham, David Strange, Jason Jones, JasperX, John Jasper, Jack, middle upperclass guy, hater of trashjerks, Tom, Tom’sBro, tbm, Tman, The Humphrey. Boss Hogg, paid blogger, Devil’s Advocate, Tom Franks), which is why I call him “Legion”.
    His real name is likely Tom Manning.
    Unlike Legion, I really do have a Ph.D. from not just an accreditated university but a highly reputable one: the U. of California at Berkeley. I am also a Full Professor and well-published author. Legion can throw whatever insults he wants. I am secure in my accomplishments (and in my physical appearance too! – notwithstanding Legion’s denigrating comment) — all completely gratuitous gifts from the Creator. I am serenely at peace, no matter what evil stones Legion hurls at me. His latest comments (deleted) only confirm I’m doing exactly what the Holy Spirit wants me to do at this point in my life.
    God bless you, dear Grouchy!

    As you can see, even my family members remind me that the housing market is Upside Down. Again, I promise you I’ll change it if you re-elect me…

  9. Barry, thinking to himself: “Hmmm, interesting position there. I wonder if I can lure my bodyman Reggie back so we can try it out. Hmmm…..”

  10. Oh no, now you’ve given me ideas for the next contest! He he he he….

  11. Dennis H. Bennett

    ” O Barry….can you do that upside-down Schwinn thing for 30″?

  12. catscanner150

    Obama: Moochelle, if you could do that I wouldn’t need to make my weekly visit to Reggie.
    Moochelle: Another crack like that and you won’t have the equipment to see Reggie anymore.

  13. Michelle, why don’t you get a belt like that, you can use it even when your waist expands?

  14. Moochelle: Ooooo…. Bary can I take him with me on my next vacation?
    Oblamma: Hmmm…. Oh… What did you say? I was just thinking…Execute Biden and appoint this incredible kid vice president!

  15. Grouchy,
    I’m guessing frankfurter here is tubular, full of meat in the head, yet at the same time very small, and rather limp. 🙂

  16. Obama: “Moo, I think I just found Reggie’s replacement.”
    Moochelle: “Say what?”

  17. “Hmmm, yeah I think I can take him, just let him try to approach our girls!!!”