Candidate McDermott: Intent for "military assault weapons" is to murder

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You can tell from this guy’s language that he has probably never fired an “assault weapon.”

Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott is a current King County Council member and has decided to run to replace Democratic Senator “Baghdad” Jim McDermott (no relation). He’s also taking on one of the proggies’ favorite topics: gun control.
He told “I have 15 years of experience, both serving a decade in the Washington state Legislature — the House and the Senate — and the last five years on the King County Council achieving progressive results,” McDermott said. “That’s what I will take with me to Congress.”
In an interview with KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz Show, McDermott maintains he’ll go after gun manufacturers. McDermott spit out the standard gun control narrative: “The 30,000 (gun) deaths a year in our country happen because of the proliferation of weapons, and the type of weapons and the market and sales,” he told Rantz. “I believe this nation needs laws that allow for gun manufacturers to be held criminally and financially liable for their weapons in our streets.”
Jason Rantz did challenge McDermott’s perception of guns, telling him that 2/3 of gun violence is suicides and in Washington that number is closer to 80 percent. Rantz questioned how gun manufacturers should be responsible.
McDermott told him, “Gun manufacturers aren’t liable for every death, but things like assault weapons and large magazines are truly designed just for the ability to kill and harm a large number of people in a short period of time,” he said.  He went on: “I don’t know what other intent there is to have military assault weapons that can fire off that many rounds continuously,” McDermott said.
democrats guide to guns
And McDermott spouted off more of the proggie narrative: The county council member clarified that he is not talking about hunting rifles and handguns, rather military-style assault weapons that can carry large amounts of ammunition and fire rapidly for long periods of time.
Here’s McDermott’s take on those “assault weapons”: “It’s those large capacities that I believe we need to regulate, control and ban in our country, and hold people accountable for. “(Manufacturers) are not being made responsible. I don’t know what else those weapons are intended for, and they are resulting in mass shootings that harm and kill significant numbers of people in a short period of time,” McDermott said.
He said that no one single legislative action will solve gun violence woes in the country, and pro-gun advocates will pick apart every little action. But the law has to start somewhere.
McDermott said he hasn’t had conversations with gun owners about why they purchase and own military-style weapons, or large capacity magazines. He said he hasn’t found anyone willing to engage in conversation with him about it. Jason Rantz wants to change that. He is asking any such gun owners to write into his show with their reasons for gun ownership, and any rationale for owning such military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Go here to leave a comment for McDermott or Rantz.

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0 responses to “Candidate McDermott: Intent for "military assault weapons" is to murder

  1. It is “self defense” when you are being attacked. Remember the Bundy Ranch?
    Clinton-Sells Uranium From Ranches to Russians to Fund Presidential Campaign
    Read more at:

  2. quick someone give him a bojangles gift card, the cartels gave one to holder and viola guns legally flowed to illegal Mexican criminals.

  3. As usual ignorance of the problem is there lead we’ll just go blindly into the breach and hope we get it right. Seems hail marry’s is all they do and have no idea what the out come will be and only care about how much Money the can get appropriated to there little campaign the money.

  4. Well, if we want to go after things that kill . . . how about alcohol, cigarettes, cars, hospitals, hammers, knives, rat poison . . . you name it! This is all about disarming the American people. The folks who are responsible for the vast majority of the deaths from gun violence are not upstanding, law abiding citizens–they are the outlaws who do not follow the laws. How dumb can he possibly be???

  5. Good for Rantz for calling him out on his 30,000 number. The guy is just another liberal idiot.
    So he is going to go after they gun manufacturers also? Does this mean he will also attack drug companies, dirty hospitals, bat and knife manufacturers, auto manufacturers, and all the other the weapons that kill more people than guns?

  6. Joe McDermott is obviously just another sissified liberal twit with a (D) after his? name.

    • He is the first openly gay member of King County Council. His Twitter timeline is full of #LoveWins, #EqualityForward, and #StopGunViolence. And this is an odd tweet: “Proud to stand with @kcexec and @MayorEdMurray as a homelessness state of emergency is declared in Seattle and King County.” Why would you be “proud” to declare a homelessness state of emergency? That’s a liberal for ya…

  7. The main conclusion reached by the federal court’s panel was that the ban on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines should not stand because such weapons and magazines are not “unusual” at all, but instead “are in common use by law-abiding citizens.”
    Keep Reading:

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