Cancer with a smiley face

This is our Bizarre Pic of the Day.
The UK’s Daily Mail reports that scientists at the Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, created cancer protein in a lab to see  how it would develop into a tumor in the human body.
The team of scientists, led by Dr. Beric Henderson, began their project 12 years ago to unlock the behavior of the beta-catenin protein, which causes cancer by moving into the cell nucleus and activating genes. The chain reaction transforms normal cells into tumor cells.
Dr. Henderson explains the cell nucleus is “the place where the cancer protein does its things. If it doesn’t go into the nucleus it doesn’t cause cancer. So we’re studying how it gets in there to hopefully work out how to stop it doing so.”
Watching the cancer develop is a tedious process — until a member of Henderson’s team, Dr Manisha Sharma, spotted a smiley face developing on the cancer protein. This is NOT a photo-shop!

Hmmm…. I see something more than a smiley face. I see also a pointy horn and an ear!

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Looks evil to me…