Canadian thinks you are "loathsome" to buy gun

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Smarter than you...

Smarter than you…

‘Kids in the Hall’ Star Calls New Firearm Owners ‘Loathsome’

Via Breitbart: It makes sense why someone might buy a gun after hearing about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre late last year.
Such tragedies are often used by anti-gun legislators to curtail Second Amendment rights, which is precisely what happened in the days and weeks that followed. Or, the massacre might simply remind people that they’d like to have a firearm in their home to protect their loved ones from those who think nothing of strolling into a school and firing at children.
To comedian and Kids in the Hall player Dave Foley, the people who bought firearms after the massacre are simply “loathsome.”
jerkOriginally from Canada, Dave should be more concerned about is own children. In 2011 he couldn’t fly back to Canada for fear of being arrested for owing child support payments.
Glad this Canadian can preach to us about our Second Amendment rights.  Call me loathsome for wanting to protect myself all you want. Won’t change my rights.

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0 responses to “Canadian thinks you are "loathsome" to buy gun

  1. Dave Foley is also a dead-beat dad who hasn’t paid any child support for his two kids from his first marriage.,10153889
    In his oh-so-funny (not) standup routine, he says he’s an atheist and calls religion “just a socially acceptable form of psychosis.”
    Dave Foley’s opinion matters not a whit to me. I will now do my utmost NOT to watch any TV show or movie with Dave Foley in it, not that I need to try hard ’cause he’s fallen off the radar and is looking more and more like an aging queen.

    • Ha ha! “…Looking more and more like an aging queen.” When I first looked at the picture of this clown, I thought he was a dyke!

  2. His opinions are as about as significant as a fly on an elephant’s ass . Don’t you just love it when clowns from other countries tell us what we should do to cure our problems ? As far as this clown goes , he ought to stick with what Canadians know best , Hockey and fishing ……..

  3. “Originally from Canada”
    Actually, you should just say that he is “From Canada,” as he is not from somewhere else now.

  4. Idjiot.

  5. Do we really care what he thinks? He can join Piers Morgan for all I care.

  6. Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    Answer to that problem…send the dissatisfied canooks home…

  7. Foley, Morgan, O’Bomba, Feinstein, Schumer, Cuomo, Bloomburg and the rest of them there morons they are all horse’s asses. I think we should arrange for them to go camping in the Idaho mountains. Idaho is having a big problem with Canadian Grey wolves. Perhaps O’Bomba can show the wolves his skeet-shooting picture and scare them away. BAA-WAAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA. Feed ’em to the wolves…baaaawaaaa-ha-ha-haaaaa.

  8. David Foley looks like he could be a date for Ellen DeGEnereseses(sp?)

  9. He is just upset he does not have the same second amendment rights in Canada. Now that I am on the subject, all of the countries under British control took away everyone’s guns. Looks like they intend to enslave their population soon with the microchip implant by force of law. They will wish they had guns then.

  10. I would prefer you not link to my blog (one girl’s giggle) on this page or in any of your posts. Using second-hand material doesn’t strengthen your argument, and seeing the blog linked under a comment saying exactly the opposite of what I wrote is just disheartening.

    • Who cares. Nobody reads your blog anyway.

    • Dr. Eowyn, I just have to ask: how is the fact that I asked nicely NOT to link to my review helpful to any conversation between right and left, liberal and conservative, you and me, us and them? Why am I not entitled to write about what matters to me, the same way all the bloggers on this site do, and not have it used to support a political agenda to which I may or may not subscribe? If you want to rant about Dave Foley and his comments about gun owners, which you find so offensive, great. Do so. See, I HONESTLY support your right to say what you want. I’m not interfering with you in any way. So why is it ok to interfere with me? I work with club managers, comics and marketing professionals. Using my blog this way may make comics think twice about talking to me; the club owner may decide not to let me have the access I currently do. Why do I become collateral damage in your war of words? PLEASE, Dr. Eowyn, take down the link. You can quote Dave Foley’s act any way you wants. You do not need to link to my blog to do so. Thank you for considering the welfare of another real human being.

      • Gosh, Carla. I was just being a responsible blogger providing my source when I embedded the link to your article — which was my source. If I didn’t do that, I’d be accused of plagiarism.
        In case you haven’t noticed, everyone is free to cite, quote, and link on the net. All kinds of blogs and sites — including leftwing sites — cite, quote, link to FOTM’s posts, and some of them make very very very nasty vicious comments. But I don’t get into a hissy fit, asking them to remove the links. Frankly, most of the time, I don’t even track what sites link to FOTM.
        The more you make an issue of this, the more attention you draw to your site. Your link stays.

        • So, because I don’t link to you, don’t make nasty comments, don’t challenge you in any way about what you’re writing, but simply ask that you not pull my blog into yours, I’m making a hissy fit? You say you’re a full time professor. Surely you know you can quote me without a link. You say you’re a professional author. Surely you understand that, as a writer, this might be important to me.
          Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you just like to be heard without bothering to listen. So, alright. Leave it up. Peace.

  11. Back to the real subject. I had never heard of this dave foley guy. Before even reading the comments here i thought to myself ‘this guy looks a little loose in his loafers’. Another reason what ever he says is nothing more than an extension of his primary pyschosis.
    Oh, and carla……get over it.

  12. Possibly because you are in no more danger now than you were minutes before the massacre happened? Why Foley finds that particularly loathsome, I can’t explain. Whatever the answer is though, I am sure it is absolutely hillarious. Bet you never thought to ask. Which is why I cannot agree with you and why Dave Foley is a swell guy.
    By the way, why do his children need $17,700.00 each month?

    • “why do his children need $17,700.00 each month?”
      Possibly because Foley makes much much more than $17,700 a month. Who are you to decide what anyone “needs” or not need? That’s what family courts are for.

  13. “Possibly because you are in no more danger now than you were minutes before the massacre happened?” How do you know that? What if the man that threatened my life on this blog has now found my address? How do you know a criminal won’t try and break into my home tonight? Do you have a magic crystal ball?


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