Canadian NHL player sued by woman who aborted three of his babies, supposedly for ca$h

The player Evander Kane/Instagram photo

Apparently not all #BlackLivesMatter.

If this story is true, both of these people make me sick to my stomach.

From TMZ: NHL superstar Evander Kane is being sued by a woman who claims he promised to pay her $3 MILLION to abort their child … so she did … but he never ponied up the dough. 

It’s all in a lawsuit filed by a woman using the alias “Jane Doe” to protect her identity. In the suit, the woman claims she started dating Kane in 2015.

Doe claims Kane got her pregnant in 2016 — but they both agreed to get an abortion

They continued to have a sexual relationship and he knocked her up again in 2017. Doe claims Kane pressured her to abort again because a baby would damage his hockey career … and also ruin the relationship he had with his official “girlfriend.”

The woman ultimately agreed to a 2nd abortion

Then in May 2018, Doe claims Kane got her pregnant for a 3rd time — even though she had used Plan B as a last-ditch attempt at birth control.

But, this time, Doe claims she did not want to abort — which caused problems with Kane.

In her suit, Doe claims Kane told her proceeding with the pregnancy would be a “huge mistake” so he started “bullying” her into seeking a 3rd abortion.

When she refused, Doe claims Kane offered her $1 million to change her mind. She told him no. So, Kane came back with a $3 million offer … and it was an offer Doe admits she couldn’t refuse.

Doe claims she had the abortion in June 2018 — but Kane never made good on the $3 million payment. 

When she followed up with him, Doe claims Kane strung her along … until finally telling her he wasn’t going to make the payment.  She claims Kane tried to turn the tables and accused her of extortion — and ultimately instructed her to solely deal with his attorney. 

The woman is suing for more than $6 MILLION for the $3 million payment — AND other damages including intentional infliction of emotional distress.

We’ve reached out to Kane’s attorney for comment — so far, no word back.

27-year-old Kane is one of the best hockey players in the NHL — and recently signed a 7-year, $49 million contract extension.

Kane was the 4th overall pick in the 2009 NHL Draft and went on to score 190 goals in his career ever since.


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Dr. Eowyn

Why is this woman, who uses abortion as birth control and who’s suing a public figure, getting away with concealing her identity as a “Jane Doe”?

“[Jane] Doe claims Kane got her pregnant in 2016”

Jane Doe and repeat baby-killer may be white model Mara Teigen. In Sept. 2015, she took Evander Kane back after he put up a billboard on the Sunset Strip.


Good grief, they are now penetrating another sport. For decades hockey was held to a higher standard. Sounds like both of them need to grow up and take lessons on birth control. They are disgusting, it is clear she wanted a free meal ticket and he wanted a free hump. I say toss him out of the arena, talented or not, he has put a bruise on the sport.


They’re both a POS but ‘Doe’ deserves the greater blame. She’s willing to play second fiddle but it’s getting old now after so many years.


I hope she becomes sterile and he impotent.


Go figure… Just because somebody can play with a ball or a puck makes them “special”? Both share blame on this one and should be ashamed of themselves… As a person Evander Kane is as arrogant as it gets. He got into trouble in Buffalo grabbing women and partying… Nothing new there…

Mad Celt
Mad Celt

2 deranged and morally bankrupt people made for each other.


Murderer, and a contract murder to boot. May the Lord have Mercy on your soul.