Canada's Socialized Health Care Stinks

If socialized heath care is so wonderful, why is the premier of Newfoundland, a province of Canada — a country with a socialized health care system –coming to the United States for heart surgery?
If the members of America’s MSM were not brain dead, they would ask why Premier Danny Williams, a stout defender of his country’s government-run health care system, is opting out of that same system.
Williams is not the first Canadian to notice that reliance on the Canadian health care system is hazardous to one’s health. Canada is said by people of a cynical bent to have a two-tier system — the Canadian Medicare system and the United States. Canadians of means, faced with life-threatening conditions that their health care system cannot address in a timely fashion, opt to travel to the United States and pay out-of-pocket for such things as heart operations and cancer treatments.
Even the bureaucrats who run the Canadian health care system recognize that American hospitals can conduct life savings procedures in a timely fashion. The Detroit Free Press ran a story several months ago how some Detroit hospitals are taking Canadian patients and are being reimbursed by the Canadian Medicare system.
To read more on this, CLICK HERE.
So does this mean when we get Obamacare here, we go to Canada? LOL 
~Eowyn & Steve

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