Canada to Create Digital "Currency"

Things are happening so fast now, that you can barely have time to take it all in.  While the sheeple are slathering over the salacious details of Secret Service sexual hijinks – our neighbors to the North are taking a very – big- plunge.

It’s called mint chip – and it’s not ice cream!!

Emily Jackson reports for the Star. . .

Still in the research and development phase, MintChip will ultimately let people pay each other directly using smartphones, USB sticks, computers, tablets and clouds. The digital currency will be anonymous and good for small transactions — just like cash, the Mint says.
Commerce is changing and the Mint has always been innovative, Brûlé said. (For instance, it did an initial public offering of exchange traded receipts of its gold holdings last year.)

“There’s been a very huge growing digital economy that is really going to be fueled by smartphones and mobile being the next big thing,” he said.
Despite the variety of payment options, he said there are “still no cost effective electronic solutions” for low value transactions that can be used regardless of a person’s age or credit standing.
MintChip, a secure microchip, will be able to do this by letting people transfer small amounts of money (for an iTunes song or a newspaper) with no personal information attached to it, he said.
Full article here.

In essence you will be able to touch your smart phone, to another smart phone and transfer “mintchips” to pay for things, or just send it on the cloud.



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Alice Wolf

Isn’t that just swell. Can people get paid “under the table” with a mintchip? I am smelling a rat somewhere up in here………………………………….


If the Mint Chip transfers money directly from one smart phone user to another without any personal information attached, it will not be long before the federal mafia [IRS] will demand a tracking method.

Homeschool Mama
Homeschool Mama

Sage, just wondering. . . evangelical Christians have been preaching end times stuff for years and our technology today makes the incomprehensible possible (i.e. implants to buy and sell). When does this become the “spiritual line” that we do not cross? Do you have any thoughts? Is the buying/selling mark something physical or symbolic? Do we need to just say no to certain buying/selling options or have we already given over our foreheads (thinking) and hands (work we do for the system)?


this is almost distressing….where will I spend my silver Mapleleafs ?


I’m confused, ;-(