Canada showing sex exhibition to minors

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Museum’s sex show gets dressing down from feds

Ottawa Sun: Curators hosting a raunchy sex exhibit for schools are getting a spanking from the heritage minister.
The Museum of Science and Technology is hosting Sex: A Tell All Exhibition, which includes a climax room with a round leather bed, a screen showing aroused genitals, a man’s voice describing his orgasm, naked statues with light-up erogenous zones, and video commentary from adults singing the praises of multiple partners and “friends with benefits.”
It was designed for children 12 and older and school field trips, complete with follow-up quiz games for teachers. The admission age has increased to 16, but younger students can still see it on field trips.
“The purpose of the National Museum of Science and Technology is to foster scientific and technological literacy throughout Canada,” said James Maunder, spokesman for federal Heritage Minister James Moore.
“It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate. This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers,” Maunder said. “We have expressed our strong concerns to the president of the Museum, and we encourage Canadians who are concerned to do the same.”
The display includes signs with printed questions and push button audio answers to questions like, “Sometimes when I look at a handsome singer, my panties become wet. Is this normal?”
An animated video showing naked young people how to masturbate was originally included but was removed after parents previewing the display were horrified.
The exhibit was crafted by the Montreal Science Centre with input from sexologists, and organizers hoped it would “fill in gaps” left by changes to the province’s sex ed programs in schools. It cost $800,000 to build. The Museum of Science and Technology gets about $30 million from federal taxpayers per year.
From the Museum’s website:

  • Why did the Canada Science and Technology Museum decide to show Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition? The human body and sexuality are subjects of broad appeal and fundamental concern, especially for young people, an important audience for the Canada Science and Technology Museum.
  • Won’t Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition encourage young people to have sex? No. The exhibition informs visitors and helps them understand the issues surrounding sexuality so they can make enlightened and responsible decisions.
  • My child will be visiting the exhibition on a school field trip. Will they automatically visit this exhibition? School group visits are planned by the teacher. …As such, if this exhibition is a part of the teacher’s plan, it can be enjoyed fully by the group.

Catholic Canada has more details on some of the “exhibits”:

  • “Watch a colourful multimedia presentation on the four phases of sex: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Once again, the brain sets the stage, but it sometimes gets overtaken by events…”
  • “Join an unusual social network where the more friends you have, the less protection you have and the higher your risk of contracting an STI. Take part in a funny but accurate presentation on how to use a condom, based on a real instruction manual. Find the right contraception method for you.
  • “What is that called? P*ssy, sn*tch, b*sh for girls. Pr*ck, c*ck, d*ck for boys. The language used to talk about sexuality – especially the words used to identify genitals – is astonishingly creative.”

See an interview with students and exhibits here. Kids in the video said they don’t talk to their parents about sexuality. Why aren’t these parents doing their job?
Only in a platform under the guise of “sexual education” could one get away with exposing minors to this. Anyone else off the street and they’d be arrested.
Wonder if the exhibit has a section on abstinence?

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0 responses to “Canada showing sex exhibition to minors

  1. What a disgusting display of perversion!

  2. I can now die and go to Heaven. I’ve heard it all!!!

  3. If you regularly read (he’s Canadian), you’ll see that Canada is further down the Road of Perversion and Depravity than USA — but we’re quickly catching up.
    I’ve resisted it for years, but I now agree with Makow: It’s Satanic — a systematic diabolical plan.

    • I agree Canada is depraved as Henry covers, though a lot of the articles deal with the USA; even Rense; on his website (I sent him the story you cover here, yesterday); however to say Canada leads the way in depravity is to forget that the USA has led the way with the likes of Hollywood (influencing the whole world), and a president that endorses a lot of evil things.

      • In total agreement with you, David. America’s entertainment industry has corrupted the whole world. But I do believe Canadians seem to capitulate to the onslaught, whereas the Christian Right in the U.S. are putting up a good fight.
        Thanks for sending Rense this post. But don’t bother. He’s decided FOTM is now verboten, even blocking my e-mail, because I’ve put Makow on our blogroll (because of his conservative cultural values and his respect for Christians and Christianity, which I can’t say about Rense). You do know that Jeff Rense and Henry Makow are now bitter foes?

        • There seems to be more publicity in the US; but we deal with the onslaught as well. Evil is increasing everywhere. I guess I didn’t make myself clear;I had tipped off Henry about the above story. I am aware of Rense’s issues. Keep up the good work.

  4. Those that invisibly control our material world mainstream more and more of this perversion. Here it is poorly hidden under the cloak of “science and technology”. They send out these outlandish trial balloons. They want reaction and they get it. They are measuring the level of depravity that the public will accept. They are breaking down sensitivities. They get their initial reaction and then they back off and tone it down but just slightly. “There now, feel better?” They were prepared to back off from the start. It’s called “pushing the envelope”.
    In a world where seemingly everything goes, it will be near impossible to demand your freedom. For one, people wont know what freedom is. For instance, in the very near future you might have government mandated health care. (Well, at least a government mandated health care bill as in “you owe us”!) You’ll have the same health care as your neighbor. Yay!!! Your neighbor’s health care will amount to nothing but you’ll both have the same! Yay!!! All slaves…. er…….. citizens of the “new world” are equals! Yay!!! Well, a few more equal than the rest but let’s not quibble in this “best of all possible worlds”. Yay!!! You’re not free but you’re equal. Yay!!! Remember when we took away your ability to obtain actual health care while teaching you how to masturbate? What??? Oops!
    Yes, it’s scary and blurry the future that is being thrust upon us. These new depraved rights are replacing what few true freedoms are left. “Gay marriage”? Really? I for one don’t care, don’t hate and I am not threatened. The gays by and large have the same legal rights without the naming rights. I hope that once “married” some gays will realize that they too are unemployed.
    This example is from Canada but you’ve seen similar trial balloons here and world-wide. And you and I will be labeled and ostracized as cranks and flat earthers for not accepting these not so new, depraved concepts. Yes, I see all of this as connected. Just my opinion.

  5. This is the danger of the public education system, yes even in the US. The progressive agenda is the backbone of the system. It is designed to separate children from the parents and inject thoughts that in the past were not available to children. Over the decades, the parents have given up more and more control of the situation as they are spread thin by the wage-slave society. Mom used to be home when the kids arrived home. You know, in the “good old days”? Very unusual now for parents to be there when the kids come down from the progressive high of the school day. There’s precious little resistance against the onslaught and that’s what it is. School, television, movies, smart-phone and on and on.
    Some will see what I’ve written and think I’m over the top and paranoid. I tell you this is very similar to what Castro did in Cuba. He took the children at a very young age and separated them from the parents for months at a time. The children received nothing but Marxist indoctrination. Eventually they were returned home. Some went on to turn their parents in to the government for attitudes and actions that were anti-Marxist. For crimes the likes of growing their own food. That was the Cuban experiment. Despite its obvious failure, Castro has stated as much, progressives still think the next iteration will work. Creating the socialist utopia. Thus we still have the Michael Moores and Sean Penns singing the praises of the failed Marxist experiment.
    What is happening here is much subtler, it had to be. We are a much larger population and still potentially armed and dangerous. The powers that be would much prefer us to give up our arms and our children. You know, our present and future freedoms. There is much pressure on us to do that. It comes from both of the major political parties despite pretenses to the contrary. The Democrats are left, the Republicans are just a fraction less left and that’s why no matter who is in office, the country moves left. The talk of bi-partisanship and “compromise” is simply cover for moving left. When you compromise conservative values, it means moving left and losing your values. There is no compromising if they are truly your values. Thus our children, if left to the system, will be shifted left prior to fully developing their values.
    Sorry for the rant. I hope that made some sense.

    • Rants ok… Indoctrination sux 🙂

    • You’re not ranting, you are telling the truth. You are allowed to speak up, without being labelled.
      The government is always moving on it’s agenda, whoever is elected. Seems the conservative branch, here in Canada, is as much to blame in all this, as in the USA, as you say.
      Back in the 80’s it looked bad enough then, that I had to do my part, having my children homeschooled. I didn’t want them exposed to all the lies. I said then, that “public education is hazardous to your health/wealth (physical, mental, spiritual)”. Today they are are very successful in their own businesses without the “college” education. Why is it we are told, by the system, we need mankind’s knowledge, when pure unadulterated wisdom will do? Today, my grand children are being homeschooled; not being tainted by this evil.

  6. so it cost $800,000 to build this monument to idiocy, how much would it cost for a bulldozer to take it down flat?

  7. I am speechless, almost. I am unwelcoming of the Dark Side.
    When $800,000 could have fed & clothed countless disadvantaged children.
    I’ve read Makow’s site for years. I too resisted belief, thinking it couldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately, it is, and appears to be getting far worse day by day.
    You must go to Makow’s site and read the 5 part series on the Parkland shooting. It’s an eyeopener on the businesses behind that False Flag.


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