Canada May Allow Euthanizing Patients and Harvesting Their Organs

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International Wesley J. Smith Mar 19, 2015 | 12:25PM Ottawa, Canada LIFE NEWS
In my very first anti-euthanasia article, published by Newsweek in 1993, I warned that legalizing assisted suicide would lead to “organ harvesting as a plum to society.”

That dark prophesy has come true in Netherlands and Belgium, aimed specifically at people with “good organs,” such as MS patients and those with mental illnesses.

And now Canada? From the Ottawa Citizen story:

As the nation awaits legalized doctor-assisted death, the transplant community is grappling with a potential new source of life-saving organs — offered by patients who have chosen to die. Some surgeons say every effort should be made to respect the dying wishes of people seeking assisted death, once the Supreme Court of Canada ruling comes into effect next year, including the desire to donate their organs.

But the prospect of combining two separate requests — doctor-assisted suicide and organ donation — is creating profound unease for others. Some worry those contemplating assisted suicide might feel a societal pressure to carry through with the act so that others might live, or that it could undermine struggling efforts to increase Canada’s mediocre donor rate.

It should be more than unease. It should be implacable opposition!

I can think of nothing more dangerous than to allow a despairing disabled, mentally ill, or dying patient believe their deaths would have greater value than their lives.


Oh, maybe one: If society comes to accept that premise.

Anyone who asks for euthanasia or assisted suicide should be ineligible to be organ donors to prevent the siren song of utilitarianism from luring people onto the rocks of hastened death. Note: Wesley J. Smith, J.D., is a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture and a bioethics attorney who blogs at Human Exeptionalism.

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0 responses to “Canada May Allow Euthanizing Patients and Harvesting Their Organs

  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    EEEE–UUUU !!!!!

  2. too funny, would not be surprised if the carcasses end in the foodchain. is it not good to believe that life came from a slimeball and monkey? ever consider the monkey feeds and shelters itself? now you know were the welfare subsidy crowd sits in their evolutionary theory. too poor to pay attention the sheople fund their own demise.

  3. “Anyone who asks for euthanasia or assisted suicide should be ineligible to be organ donors to prevent the siren song of utilitarianism from luring people onto the rocks of hastened death.”
    That’s like the Insurance deal where a person can’t collect on a Life Insurance policy of a relative if found guilty of murdering the relative.

  4. With the government paid program, can you choose your own mortician?

    • yeah, really, but that is a haha statement…eeewww

    • HA HA! Pitiful, considering where your inspiration came from (With Obamacare, you can choose your own doctor?????) But, funny, nonetheless. The really AWFUL part of this is… could be right on target for a very near day for us all!

  5. Kelleigh . . . what an outstanding article you have presented. I am in 100% agreement–those who choose euthanasia should not be allowed to donate organs. At some point you know someone would offer monies to the “bereaved loved ones,” and therein lies the problem. Some greedy family members might just want to off their relatives for incentives.

    • Yes, that’s what I thought too. Years ago there was a show on TV about organ donation. I can’t remember if it was 60 minutes or something else, but there was this woman who’d been shot and could have possibly survived, but the hospital in question wanted her organs and so while she lived, they took them. It was the beginning of my looking into organ donation and deciding all of me will go to the grave with me. I know organ donation saves lives, I’ve seen it, but there is a dark side to this too. Scary stuff.

  6. Horrible.
    These are the fruits when western societies legalized abortion, the deliberate killing of unborn human beings, and so become cultures of death. No wonder skulls have become fashionable, adorning even children’s clothing.

    • plus all of the profits that are reaped from the abortions are disgusting and the future profits from euthanasia

  7. Statist “cutting edge” medicine for the “greater good”… it’s been done before:

  8. Not to downplay the seriousness of the euthanasia aspect of this story, but it was asserted in a radio interview I heard the other day that in the new Hippa laws if you are in the hospital, basically they can do what ever they want with your body – meaning organ harvesting. You do not need to give consent, which is why I was warned a while ago NOT to give consent for organ donation because if they see this on your hospital records and you go in with a 50/50 chance of surviving, if the Dr. is less than ethical he will not do everything in his power to save you should you have viable organs that can fetch a good sum. I have not looked into this further but it was rather alarming the way it was described. in other words it would not take euthanasia for them to get what they wanted.
    And in Israel the authorities are being accused of turning a blind eye while Palestinian youth are killed for their organs.

    • C’mon Lana, you pluck this garbage from an anti-Israel, anti-Semite website and expect us to believe it? The Arabs that live in Israel are far happier to be there and under Israeli rule than in the filthy group of terrorists called Palestinians…which by the way is theft of the name of the homeland of the Jews. You want a scapegoat, so you choose the Jews, just like satan has done throughout history. Millions upon millions of innocent people have been murdered throughout history by Islamists, but not only them, think of Pol Pot, Romania’s Nicolai C., Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, c’mon, the Jews are the world’s inventors for saving lives, not taking them.

      • Kelleigh,
        This is what Lana wrote: “And in Israel the authorities are being accused of turning a blind eye while Palestinian youth are killed for their organs.
        Instead of rebutting her with counter-facts, you resorted to name-calling — calling what Lana wrote “garbage,” that she’s an “anti-Semite,” that she’s “scapegoating” just like “Satan.”
        Nor did Lana ever claim that Jews alone murder innocent humans through history. You added that non sequitur, while ignoring the bulk and more serious part of Lana’s comment — about what she heard in a radio interview of the new HIPPA law.
        That is not how FOTM treats our faithful readers and regular commenters. You owe Lana an apology.

    • Lana, I’m amazed how you went from Canada may allow organ harvesting. To Jews are eating Palestinian children. Did you even read the link you provided?
      If I may pull a snippet
      Zionist Jewish soldiers snatch Palestinian children in the middle of the night, murder them, and sell their organs.
      And for the record the story is about a 19 yr old and it’s dated….are you ready? Israeli soldiers in 1992 in the West Bank village of Imatin.
      Please your bias is showing badly. Pls investigate before posting such a link.

    • Lana,
      How did we get from Kelleigh’s warning about Canada’s euthanasia to a rumor about Israel harvesting Palestinians’ organs? Please explain.

    • Lana,
      I just looked into the Israeli army harvesting Palestinian organs story.
      To begin, I can see why you believed the story because, among other media outlets, the story was published by none other than the prestigious UK Guardian, which later retracted & apologized. See “Guardian: Our Israeli organ harvesting headline was serious error“: British paper admits headline ‘Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs’ did not match the story. By Gili Izikovitch
      However, there are real cases of Israeli (not the government) organ trafficking. From Haaretz:
      1. Interpol hunts two Israelis for Kosovo organ trafficking:
      Moshe Harel among seven indicted for membership of a criminal group trafficking people into Kosovo to remove human organs for transplant; another Israeli citizen, Zaki Shapira, identified as co-conspirator. By The Associated Press
      2. Report: Israeli suspected of running Ukraine organ trafficking ring:
      According to Army Radio, the ring recruited potential kidney donors online, paying $10,000 per kidney, before sending the organs to Israel. By Haaretz Service
      3. Israeli suspected of luring women into organ traffic ring
      4. NYT finds ‘disproportionate role’ of Israelis in world organ trafficking
      5. Ukraine academic: Israel imported 25,000 kids for their organs:
      Jews and Israel have become a major motif of the presidential election campaign in the Ukraine. By Lily Galili

      • I wouldn’t trust anything from Ha’aretz or the Guardian without checking the facts. Neither are known for their fair and unbiased reporting.

        • @Cathy:
          Really? Haaretz (Hebrew for “The Land of Israel”) is Israel’s oldest newspaper, founded in 1918. “An independent newspaper of record, some commentators state that it plays the role in Israel that The New York Times plays in the United States.”
          Is The New York Times also suspect? From Kevin Sack, “Transplant Brokers in Israel Lure Desperate Kidney Patients to Costa Rica,” NYT, Aug. 17, 2014:
          “The supply of transplantable organs is estimated by the World Health Organization to meet no more than a tenth of the need. Although there is no reliable data, experts say thousands of patients most likely receive illicit transplants abroad each year. Almost always, the sellers are poor and ill-informed about the medical risks. The vast marketplace includes the United States, where federal prosecutors in New Jersey won the first conviction for illegal brokering in 2011. But a Times analysis of major trafficking cases since 2000 suggests that Israelis have played a disproportionate role.”
          So what impeccable source do you use for “the facts”?

          • Dr. Eowyn, I don’t trust NYT’s for much of anything because they’re so far left, they’re commies, so the same could easily go for Haaretz, and I read neither. Most free countries are riddled with these leftist rags, and that’s why we need the internet for blogs, and websites that can be checked for accuracy.
            We used to take the WSJ, and we don’t much trust them knowing they’re owned by CFR member Richard Murdoch and Alaweed bin Talal, Saudi prince….needless to say, every bloomin thing we read we have to research to know if it’s fact. We have no true free press today.

            • Kelleigh,
              I repeat the question I posed to Cathy:
              So what impeccable news source do you trust for “the facts”?
              Until this morning, I wasn’t even aware that Israelis may be involved in organ trafficking, so if you have reliable, believable counter-facts to rebut the NYT, Haaretz, and The Guardian (the list grows long), I’m open to reviewing them. Or are you of the opinion that Jews and Israel can do no wrong and are above and should be immune to any criticism?

              • You know, Kelleigh, your dispute with commenter Lana has consumed all my time and energy since I awoke this morning — at a time when I especially have little time to spare, with IRS tax stuff to do and a sick and elderly husband to care for. I don’t even have time to post for FOTM.
                This issue — which is a distraction from what Fellowship of the Minds is about — has been like a vampire, sucking the life out of me. I will no longer respond to you or Cathy or Lana about the organ transplant & trafficking matter.

                • Dr. Eowyn,
                  Praying for you and your husband. I know caregivers need as much love and support as the ones they care for. 🙂

              • Of course I don’t think they’re perfect, one need only look at Feinstein and Schumer to realize that…ugh. The secular humanist commies in the Jewish realm are just as bad as the secular humanist commies in other realms and that includes Reid and Pelosi. I am sorry this has taken your time….we’re all busy and have multiple tasks and problems, so let’s just drop it and forget about it. Life is short, and good friends can agree to disagree. I just get bristled when people go after Jews, Catholics and Jesuits and true Constitutionalists. I have a very dear friend who is a priest who has been relegated to a convent because he’s so conservative and it breaks my heart because he’s so brilliant and such a devout Christian, and he’s a Jesuit! My family contains many different strains and because of that, I know there are good hearts in every realm, not just the ones that stick out like Soros and the phony right, and these preachers who think same sex marriage is okay, and sodomy is okay…there’s good and bad in every group, and I think that’s something we can all agree on

  9. Humanity has reached the deepest depths of depravity. Canada is copying China. The US, since 1973, has placed absolutely no value on human life. I am reminded of a TV commercial of several years ago, where a not so bright chicken restaurant employee stated “Parts is parts”. That’s all any of us are anymore…… spare parts, like rusting hulks in a junk yard.
    I’m also reminded of an exhibit in the Cincinnati Museum Center a couple of years ago. My daughter just HAD to see it, but she insisted that I accompany her. It was the display from China of human bodies, or more accurately, what was left of them. I don’t know how they did it, but they are the masters of dissection/dehydration/separation of human bodies into their separate parts. It was sad, because I was thinking, all the time we were there….. could these be the remains of political prisoners?
    What the Hell is happening in the world today?

    • Bobtoonist, several years back I wrote an article entitled CULTURE OF DEATH, and it was basically about abortion and what is done to the little bodies after abortion. It was so horrific that I could hardly get my head around the reality of it. Exposes had been done on 20/20 about some of the various horrors, and I wrote about them. I can’t recall if it’s on FOTM’s, but if not, perhaps I’ll post it. At any rate, I got a call from a gal who had read the article and she told me of the horrors of hospice and what was happening to the elderly and those close to death. I was absolutely appalled, but at the time, I couldn’t look at another horror, it was too much. So I waited a year and then tackled it. I believe it was a 7 part series entitled, KILLING US SOFTLY, and I believe FOTM’s posted the series. I was sickened beyond belief then, and every day it grows worse throughout the world. The absence of God brings darkness, and a lot of this is straight out of Agenda 21’s population reduction. Nevertheless, the hatred of life is so obvious anymore. And our God clearly said in Deuteronomy, CHOOSE LIFE!
      Our nation used to be a nation that honored life, but you’re right, since 73, it’s gone downhill and is the basic reason we’ve lost God’s Hand of Blessing.

  10. I guess Canada is serious when it comes to recycling ……

    • You know futuret, all the farms when I was a child were like this. All of this is Agenda 21 and we’re in so much danger of losing everything. The nation keeps sleeping, I wonder if her people will ever wake up. It really frightens me to see this kind of thing. Thanks for posting.

  11. I am truly sorry my comment started such a furor. Not my intention. As to someone’s question above- ” What does euthanasia have to do with organ harvesting”….Well all I can say is go back and look at the title and content of this article. My point in saying anything was strictly to point out that while euthanasia is a grave concern, organ harvesting seems to already be taking place without legalized euthanasia, which is a huge concern as well. These were two stories I heard on the radio within the last week- both the Hippa and the Israeli stories, so I had no way to substantiate either other than to try to find a link and post as a starting point. I found multiple stories on the Israeli story but posted what I hoped to be a neutral source. The hippa I could find nothing on but I also qualified that by saying that I did not know whether it was true. Hope this answers any questions.

  12. Well, if you live in Canada and start feeling sick, be sure to sleep with one eye open – just in case.


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