Can you imagine seeing Jesus?

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Image in the shroud of Turin (the birth of photography? )


St. Stephen sees JESUS standing on the right hand of the Father

What would you do?

I’ve often thought I’ll say this or that, but who knows? I might fall down completely undone by the wonder and glory of His presence.



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  1. I would hope I would fall to my knees and worship him. Knowing me, I would probably do what the Apostle Paul lamented about and I paraphrase: “I do those things I know I should not, and I don’t do those things I know I should!” Whatever may the Lord come quickly. I really do think we are living in the last days. Isaiah plainly says to NOT make agreements with your enemies. The agreement that Kerry is working on with Iran is the last straw. especially since Iran already has nukes. Can I prove that, nope, but I believe it.

  2. We shall all meet Jesus at our particular Judgment, unless He is so angry with any one of us He just sends us down into the flames.
    I am almost 60 years old, and I understand I have more years behind me than in front of me. I have actually said this to at least three people over the past year, and each one of them has asked, “What do you mean by that?” To which I wonder, “Man, if you gotta ask, you ain’t ever gonna know.”
    We must latch onto the Gospels with our intellect with all the fervor with which drowning men seize life preservers. Jesus specializes in raising ship-wrecked men!

  3. Thank you, this was really beautiful and inspirational. Hope it’s OK that I share another story of meeting Jesus. I know the man who had this experience- pretty amazing – a Buddhist monk who converted to Christianity. Hope you enjoy this too.
    “…………I was gazing into the person of Jesus Christ.
    He held my right hand as he gently spoke. Unbelievably, to all intents and purposes, I was in his home, deep in the heaven of heavens. One day, you will be here too. You will stand where I was then standing.
    “Jesus!” I finally exclaimed as my eyes and my heart became clearer and clearer. I could see him. I could feel him with my heart’s love. Perhaps this is how it was for the two brothers on the road to Emmaus on Easter Sunday, at first they didn’t recognize him, but then their eyes were opened to him. I wonder how will it be for you on that day, when your eyes too are opened to him in heaven.
    Straight away, as if by some kind of humility reflex, I dropped to the floor on my face and began kissing his feet. I have no idea why I did that; it was not planned. It is not……..”
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  4. An Orthodox friend told me most of the images of Jesus are based on the face in the shroud of Turin.


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