Can We Escape Social Conditioning?

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Social Conditioning

(Peter Offerman dropped out of school at age 14 and worked as a forest lookout.)

(Found this interesting article on

There is no collective salvation, Peter Offerman suggests.
Individuals can find liberation only by detaching from the herd.

“Building friendships takes time and effort and becoming your own friend is no exception. Most of us never get the
opportunity to do this.”

By Peter Offerman

At 68, I am getting on in years. I have lived a full life and have had the time to reflect. My life has been exceptional because social conditioning did not incapacitate me nearly as much as most people.

The most destructive conditioning takes place in our schools, during our formative years when we are most vulnerable.
I quit school in Grade Nine at age 14. I felt I was being made dumber instead of smarter. My parent’s response was, “if you don’t go to school we will not support you.” I left home then and took responsibility for my own life.

I first spent a few years hoboing around Canada taking whatever work I could find whenever I needed it. No job was too menial or too challenging to accept.

At 17, I took on a job that turned my life around and led to my shedding my conditioning.

This job was as a fire lookout man with the British Columbia Forest Service. I worked and lived on remote mountain tops by myself for four months each year. Spending that much time completely alone, especially during my youth had a profound effect on my perceptions about life as a human being and how I fit into society….

Substantial time on the lookout, without peer pressure, made me realize how confining trying to fit into the crowd is. Most people don’t even sense this pressure because it’s all they know. It’s like the air we breathe. It’s just there until it isn’t, then we die; unless we are prepared for an airless environment.

Most people also don’t realize how much of their time and energy it takes to be ‘social’. However being removed from ‘socializing’ is enormously stressful if it is all you know.

Many aspiring lookout men needed to come down off the mountains prematurely because they could not stand being alone. Those that adjusted to the isolation came to treasure the freedom of having just their own company. The amount of time that becomes available for other more worthwhile pursuits is substantial.

Building friendships takes time and effort and becoming your own friend is no exception. Most of us never get the opportunity to do this.

Our controllers understand that people who are not comfortable with themselves are much easier to control because they are lonely and seek comfort and friendship outside themselves.

Virtually every sales campaign is designed to sell you a bill of goods by convincing you that their product is going to become your best friend.

While we are thrust into the middle of intense relationships, the rest of the world passes us by unnoticed. We see the trees, but are oblivious of the forest.

On a lookout, becoming focused on each tree individually is not productive and makes it impossible to see the whole picture. A good lookout man scans vast vistas without focusing on anything in particular. Taking this approach to finding required data points, such as suspicious smoke, allows our intuition to come to our aid. It always amazes me how glaringly anomalies stand out when using this method.

It works just as well in any other environment, including researching on the internet. When surrounded by questionable ‘news/propaganda’ the fires stick out much more obviously when we also are aware of the apparently unrelated surrounding information that is part of webscape.

The ‘trees’ of propaganda do not distract us from seeing the whole situation. If there’s no smoke, there probably isn’t a fire. Our intuition can see the difference even though we logically can’t. Following our intuition instead of remaining focused on the propaganda leads us to the information that will then allow us to make sense of the situation.


I live in Ocean Falls, BC, a community of about 50 people on the ocean 500 kilometers north of Vancouver. I am currently attempting to create a lifestyle that my morality can justify, and disempower the Money Power that enslaves all of humanity, without resorting to violence. Psychological and financial wars are actually more critical components of the control structure.

My main priority was to stop contributing to the war machine. We all contribute to this cause by providing our labour; by purchasing goods from the Money Power, by paying income and consumption taxes to fund the control system.

I finally realized that every single thing in my life that I could make non-essential lightened my burden and also improved the quality of my life because I could less and have more time to enjoy my life. I currently own my home but it costs me virtually nothing. I have no mortgage, no insurance, and my property taxes average around $100 a year. I have beach front property on the ocean in a spectacular and comfortable setting.

Overall my current cost of living is about $350 a month which includes property taxes, food, transportation and all other services allowing me to live very comfortably while remaining in touch somewhat with the rest of the world. I could easily cut this contribution to the WM in half while still maintaining my current lifestyle but my intent is to reduce my contribution to $0. It is not easy to achieve zero and my current state is a necessary stepping stone to getting there.

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0 responses to “Can We Escape Social Conditioning?

  1. Peter Offerman is the same Peter who conducted extensive computer forensics for FOTM on a predated document counseling children and teachers on how to deal with the alleged Sandy Hook massacre!

    But I must point out that, unlike many Americans (and many people, period), Peter can live the almost off-grid life he leads because (a) he chose not to have a family; and (b) he is in good health.

  2. I felt kinhood w/some Offerman statements…until I realized he measured his “freedoms’ & “worth” only compared to what tax/mortgage, etc, value he was “worth” or “free of…” These are artificially set benchmarks. They are elusive, and change from year to year, Congress to Congress, and social setting to social setting……Your freedoms/worth are not evaluated by some OTHER governmental/social authority in totality…there are other evaluators …and yet, these did not figure in (like, quality of life, individiual achievement goals, creative life, morality, & so on….). So, while I can somewhat get his drift….he’s only half home IMO. This soul has more educatioin and more evolving to achieve before seeing the “big picture.”

    • Hi CalGirl… and hello to those who remember me.

      I do not measure my freedoms by those measures. I introduced them in an article as the only pressure points we citizens have left to reign in our governments, and those who control them.

      I am a pacifist and do not believe in violence even in self defense. Pacifist and passive are not the same thing. I am far from passive! My chosen method of defense is to become aware enough of what is happening around me to fit into my environment without becoming caught in conflict situations. If I screw up I am willing to pay the price.

      I will not say much here about my motivation in writing publicly now because our society has devolved to the point that expressing objection to what our leaders are doing, is considered by them to be terrorism. I do not want to endanger anyone, or any site, unknowingly, by being associated with what I say even though my opinion is moral and would be tolerated in a society such as ours proclaims itself to be.

      Although the vast majority of us live innocent lives, we, by complying with the dictates of our governments, and enabling their actions with our labour, spending, and taxes, would be found to be accessories to murder, and worse, by any unbiased court of justice. I cannot live with that on my conscience. Once I came to understand what I was part of by being a cog in the machinery that keeps this abusive system functional, I had no choice but to say, “NO!!!” “I will not be part of this even if it means my death.”

      Although it is something I miss, I do not have children of my own. Instead I see all the children of the world as part of my family. The reason I am now taking a firm position against the actions of those who run the world is because I think I owe it to the children of the world to leave them a better legacy than the world as it currently is.

      I have a lot to say on this subject and after a lot of thought I have realized what I need to do.

      Zerohedge recently published one of my essays that starts on the subject I’m not sure how long it will remain available.

      I am shortly going to attempt putting up a website that will be a personal statement expressing what I think with no holds barred. Whether it will see the light of day, or be taken down shortly, will provide interesting insight into whether the security state is as effective as they are loudly proclaiming to the world.

      If you don’t hear from me again you will know what happened.

      I will provide a link once it is up. It will not be open to comments in an attempt to protect people from guilt by association. If you choose to visit there I suggest using a vpn or tor or other methods of remaining anonymous.

      What you will find there…. The article at zerohedge linked above, is the first in a series that will be about 6 articles long describing how we are conditioned to fit into the machine. What I am attempting to do is to make people realize how much of what they think and feel is not of their own doing and is instead created by outside conditioning to enable the desires of others. Overall it makes us feel inadequate and weak. We then feel we have no choice but to tolerate what our leaders are doing.

      From there I will detail what I have done with my own life for the last 8 years. It demonstrates clearly that it is possible to stop feeding the machine. It requires doing so quietly and anonymously. Many people doing so will bring the machine to it’s knees.

      By going public with what I have done I have likely ruined my opportunity to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I do this because I feel I owe it to the children of the world to make others aware there are options.

      I suggest that the admins ban me if they feel a link to my statements here is unacceptable. No hard feelings. 🙂


      • “I suggest that the admins ban me if they feel a link to my statements here is unacceptable.”

        Good grief, Peter. You are a friend of FOTM. Why would I ban you from FOTM?

        I remain grateful for the excellent computer forensics work you did on Sandy Hook.

        • Hi Dr Eowyn… I appreciate that but feel I must warn everyone that although I will not do it here I am going to recommend elsewhere that people resist the law. The resistance I am going to recommend can be effective while staying within the letter of the law but that is no guarantee there won’t be ramifications anyway. Personally: My conscience takes me past accepting the law.

          Through worldwide regulations associated with Agenda 21 it is obvious the control system is fully aware of a weakness in their armor and are working as quickly as possible to close this flaw in the control system.

          I don’t care if people think I am being over dramatic. As far as I am concerned the world situation has devolved to the point where only our fullest resistance will make a difference and I am doing everything I can as an individual.

          Whether or not my efforts make a difference, they have given me great peace of mind.

          Succeeding is not as important as trying to do what we believe is right against any odds, and against any social ramifications.


      • Hi Peter…..I think I understand you a little better…I’m not all the way there…but I realize that on a post, we are limited in that we can not publish our whole backgrounds, experiences and so on…it comes out a little at a time to those who follow the postings. And so…I see how you said you introduced certain things in your article only related to a citizen’s resources (pressure points) available to rein in the gov’t. So, thanks for making that point clear…it made a difference to me! PS.. I was born/raised in an historicallly pacifist culture of Quakers and Mennonites….so I “get” that part….our family graveyard contains pacifist war-time ambulance drivers/medics from the Civil War and both world wars…..I totally understand your reference to the difference between “pacifist and passive.” Thanks for trying to put that info out there!

  3. Mr. Offerman may not know it, but he has a bit of the monk or monastic life in him. I am the only high school graduate in my family (except my Father). I am the only college graduate in my family. I taught high school English for twelve years. I’ve seen students drop out for other reasons. I, too, have dropped out. I tried the corporate and academic realms; They were not for me. Time alone is necessary to find oneself, and it is just as necessary to find God—certainly the world won’t help you find Him.
    We need radical and drastic prison reform in this country, and constructive and structured time in solitary confinement—no darkness, notebooks, school lessons and good reading—are essential if people are to find themselves.
    Dropping out is not necessarily a bad thing: I played the game by the rules and never broke the law; I got screwed. Separating myself from society as much as possible (no newspapers or television for years, etc., etc.) has given me the time. But if anyone does it, they also need a Rule to follow. So it’s not about getting rid of all conditioning—it’s a matter of finding the right conditioning.

    • @Steven… Well said. What I am doing today will soon be available on the web and I will link it here once it is available. I have made a concerted effort over 8 years to cut my contribution to the machine to zero. I am very close to that at only 1 step away.

      The surprising thing is that the further I removed myself, the more it improved the quality of my life. Even if I am wrong about the direction the world is going in, the effort has been worthwhile in itself.

      The thing I appreciate the most about my lifestyle is that it takes less than 10% of my time to maintain, including funding all aspects of its maintenance, such as owning a home, transportation and feeding myself.

      It’s not that I make a huge amount of money in that 10% of my time, or have huge reserves, I have organized my situation to the point where virtually no money is needed in order to live. I will soon attempt to go to where it takes no money to live and my time will be 100% my own.

      The pace of modern life is no accident. Besides solitude it takes time to think about things in order to come to understand them clearly. It is impossible to get that time when you need to keep up with the crowd in order to avoid getting trampled in the rush.

  4. Please keep us informed about your endeavors, website, etc.!

    • The site “Towards a Better World” is now up and pretty well functional. Some sections don’t have content yet and there are only a few posts of mine including the conditioning article and a summary of what I am currently doing.

      Haven’t fully tested the logon/registration functionality yet but I think it is working.
      Check it out, see what you think. 🙂


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