Can an 8th Grader be Smarter than an MSNBC Hack?

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They can if they are this 8th grader:

This delightful young girl has an extremely bright future ahead of her – if the American people throw the POS out on his bum next month.



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0 responses to “Can an 8th Grader be Smarter than an MSNBC Hack?

  1. Go girl, go! You have more sense than 50% or more of the sheeple.

    And NEVER let anybody convince you that you can’t do what you set out to do: you just proved you “can do” in this excellent video!!

  2. Smart young Lady,,,,I am leaving NC tomorrow to relocate to a better job in South Dakota. My wife and I voted today on early voting ballot..Post again in a week or so..I Just hope they have internet at our new home ..Its remote, Corn and soy bean fields as far as the eye can see..

  3. I have to subtract points for two reasons: 1) obviously very scripted, 2) using a TelePrompTer/ que cards (watch her eyes). I only subtract the latter due to the fact that I can’t stand to see one of ours stoop to the POS standard Modis Operandi.

    That being said: I give her 7/10.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  4. Something is seriously wrong with Chris Matthews! How could he treat a young person like that, even after the whole world knows the attack had nothing to do with the video? Sick man!

  5. We all know Chris suffer from a mental illiness condition called Left-Wing Radical Liberalism. He is a true Donkeycrat who expels donkey manure whenever he speakes. When Obama and Chris talk: Just words…. just speeches… all donkey manure. STINK!


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