Camouflage Dogs!

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These dogs have mastered the ancient Art of the Ninja, able to fool man’s eyes by hiding in plain sight.
camouflage petscamouflage pets4camouflage pets6camouflage pets7camouflage pets8camouflage pets10 (2)camouflage pets14camouflage pets16camouflage pets19camouflage pets20camouflage pets23camouflage pets25camouflage pets26camouflage pets11camouflage pets29camouflage pets30camouflage pets33camouflage pets36camouflage pets13
And now, my favorite:
Can you spot the real Pom?
camouflage pets38
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H/t FOTM’s Glenn47

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0 responses to “Camouflage Dogs!

  1. Some good ones here!

  2. Being a ‘cat person,’ of course, I liked yesterday’s cats in camo post better…. But this is darned cute, also!! 🙂

  3. I demand equal time for Great Danes! Great post.


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