Calling on FOTM’s Prayer Warriors!

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A good friend of FOTM needs your prayers.

She is Miss May, whom you have seen countless times being h/t (hat-tipped) at the end of many of our posts, for being the source of that news tip. She occasionally comments on FOTM as maziel.

Miss May is also a very talented writer of children’s books, photographer, and blogger. (Check out her blog Life On Sleepy Creek Today.)

Two days ago, May was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer in one of her breasts. While that is bad news, it is manageable. Stage 1 means the tumor is smaller than ¾” in diameter and, since her lymph nodes are clear, doesn’t appear to have metastasized — that is, spread beyond the breast.

The good news is that she is in the hands of a very capable doctor, whom she respects and trusts. She must now decide whether she’ll have a lumpectomy or a mastectomy.

With recent advances in medical science and treatment, breast cancer is no longer a death knell, but very survivable, especially at Stage One.

Please say a prayer for our beloved Miss May — that our merciful and all-loving Lord, Jesus the Christ, sends His angelic hosts to assist her surgeon to remove the cancer — expeditiously and thoroughly — and help her on the road to full recovery.

Thank you.


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0 responses to “Calling on FOTM’s Prayer Warriors!

  1. Prayers for you Miss May and your doctors to overcome this. Sounds like you are in capable hands.

  2. My daughter and I are saying a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her…

  3. Divine Mercy Chaplet for Miss May ….

    Is there any update on CSM and her mother? I don’t like to take anyone off my prayer list unless they are doing better 😉

    • The last email I received from CSM says that her mother will be admitted into hospice.

      CSM is grateful for all your prayers and sends y’all her love. ♥

  4. Miss May will be in my prayers. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for inviting our support.

  5. Praying for Miss May. I had the same thing 9 years ago and the LORD used that time to allow me to speak to my radiologist 33 days and she ended up coming to know the LORD JESUS. Please tell Miss May that CHRIST is soooooooooo much bigger than cancer.

  6. What ever you do don’t have radiation, just to make sure it is all gone!
    My sister did and that caused radiation cancer which NO ONE has ever survived, except my Sister Liz!

    • I think there will be little or no radiation needed even if I need chemo. I am aware of that poisoning. Thank you. It’s good for others to know.

  7. Oh, you’ve given me the weepies again. I indulge myself no more than 30 minutes of this a day but like I told Eowyn this morning, I can feel the prayers and positive thoughts. MRI w/dye scheduled for Monday – to see if there is lymph node involvement. That’s the game changer. Blessings on you all from a very grateful me.

    • Miss May I will SOOO pray for you. God bless you and God bless all the nurses, the OR staff and your fine doctor as well. It’s always a great gift when one can trust their doctor to not only do what’s best for you, but tell you the truth and answers questions, welcomes them even. Those are gems to be treasured. May you take your testimony to those you meet along the way and know that more souls will be counted towards your crown in heaven! We’re all here for you, please know that. We got some mighty prayer warriors here! When any one of them put their hands together to pray, the devil simply tucks his tail between his legs and RUNS!!! LOL Can you imagine “when two or more of these warriors gather, there is Jesus”?? The devil longs for hell to hide in!!! Hugs dear, come to us always w/ your needs and prayers, any friend of Dr E is a friend of ours and we’d be HONORED to pray for whatever needs praying that day. It’s NOT a burden, in fact, praying now is lessening my fierce headache so you’re helping me too! :)) Thank you Dr E for asking us.

  8. Coming in late but you are not forgotten!!

  9. Miss May, you are in my prayers.

    I know a few things about healing cancer. If you want more info, ask Dr. Eowyn for my email and contact me.

    Best wishes!

  10. Prayers on their way.
    I’ve been there, she’ll get through it.
    Stay positive !

  11. Prayers for Miss May.

    Glad to know they caught it early, as that is key when it comes to cancer.


  12. Prayers for you, Miss May.

  13. Miss May is in my Daily prayers

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for telling us about Miss May. I have been and will continue to offer the Divine Mercy Chaplet before Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament every weekday at 3:00 p.m., the hour of Mercy. I am thankful she is in good hands with competent physicians and prayers will continue on for her. Remember, Miss May, whenever you feel down or afraid, say, “Jesus, I Trust In You.” Say it as many times as you need to and you will receive help from Him and other members of the Church Triumphant as he deems fit, the Blessed Mother Mary, the angels and the saints.

  15. Miss May – prayers this instant for you! I had breast cancer years ago, am lopsided today, but God blessed us and it didn’t return. I claimed the promises in Psalm 103: “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who…heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”
    God bless you, dear Miss May. God does give courage in scary times! Surround yourself with family and friends – and your FOTM family!
    Thanks so much, Eo, for sharing this with us.

  16. Dear Lord Jesus, we praise and thank you for your peace that passes understanding and for your love that enables our faith and hope in you that sustains us daily.
    We know that you are able to perform whatever we ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, so we place this petition for mercy upon Sister May upon the altar today.
    We declare victory in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  17. Praying for lumpectomy.

  18. Miss May- you are in my heart and in my prayers-stay strong, much love.

  19. MAZIEL! How wonderful to have a name for us – now my prayer is, “Father, please hold our dear FOTM sister Maziel very close to Your own broken heart and give her that extra measure of courage.” We don’t realize how important courage is until we are faced with crises that scare us to almost-death! An after-thought here, humor has great healing powers. I have personal reasons for highly recommending having a good, non-obnoxious joke book next to the Bible.
    I would love to share with you, but I don’t know the policy of giving email addresses to posters. Dr. Eo, if it’s ok with Maziel, I would love to personally email Maziel. In the meantime, Maziel, here’s the url to my blog which deals with grief and other topics:
    God bless you, dear Maziel! You, too, Eo!

  20. May, You know you are in my prayers. My Mom Beat it and so shall you.


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