Calling on FOTM's army of prayer warriors

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light in darkness
An important member of our Fellowship of the Minds needs our prayers.
He is Wild Bill Alaska, a military veteran and faithful Christian, familiar to all of you as the man whom I hat-tip (h/t) for so many of the joke posts on FOTM.
I just received an email from him, informing me that last month he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The oncologist gives him 2 to 10 months, depending on whether he gets chemo and radiation therapy.
Bill is leaving that decision to our lord, Jesus the Christ.
Here’s my prayer for our beloved Bill:

Psalm 71:1-3, 5-6, 8-9, 12, 14, 17-18, 20

In you, Lord, I take refuge;
let me never be put to shame.
In your justice rescue and deliver me;
listen to me and save me!
Be my rock of refuge,
my stronghold to give me safety;
for you are my rock and fortress….
You are my hope, Lord;
my trust, God, from my youth.
On you I have depended since birth;
from my mother’s womb you are my strength;
my hope in you never wavers….
My mouth shall be filled with your praise,
shall sing your glory every day.

Do not cast me aside in my old age;
as my strength fails, do not forsake me.
God, be not far from me;
my God, hasten to help me….
I will always hope in you
and add to all your praise….

God, you have taught me from my youth;
to this day I proclaim your wondrous deeds.
Now that I am old and gray,
do not forsake me, God….
Whatever bitter afflictions you sent me,
you would turn and revive me.
From the watery depths of the earth
once more raise me up.


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0 responses to “Calling on FOTM's army of prayer warriors

  1. Many prayers from Oklahoma! May God be with you and yours.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of this. He is an amazing man with a wonderful humor about him.
    I hope he considers checking out the advantages of getting your body into a PH Alkaline position instead of acidic and about taking Oxygen drops. Both make it hard for cancer to survive in. I have been taking the OXygen drops for several years and they heal amazingly and help with my asthma also.
    I will pray for Bill a great soldier to have on our side. Bless you Bill.

    • Glenn47’s correct: establishing a good pH is CRUCIAL to our overall well-being. Italian medical university studies have demonstrated this repeatedly.

      • Thank you Joseph, I am glad you understand. A few years ago, with severe health problems, ruling out cancer was one of the things I went through. I started doing tons of work and reading lots of medical books.
        The PH is just like our swimming pools, it goes acidic and you have a very unhealthy pool. Cancer simply cannot live in that environment. Same with a oxygen rich system, I have found so many uses for oxygen drops all documented.
        I know there are a few fruits some countries are having good luck with also. Sadly the big pharma pays the FDA here billions to keep good research out. It is all about the money.

  3. I’m praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. St. Peregrine, please help him. May His Will be done.

  4. heartfelt prayers offered up…for Gods best possible outcome for Bill.

  5. Oh… here I am focused on myself and my bad mood today, when my prayers are much needed… forgive me Lord…. I will pray for our Bill….

  6. Prayers your way Bill, take care of yourself.

  7. Me too… all my prayers.

  8. Praying in the name of Jesus! I have two cancer stories I will tell. One, cancer patient in the hospital and overnight family was told would die – prepare. We prayed… everything turned around. Healed and alive today cancerfree. Another case. Woman was sent home to die – nothing more the doctors could do. Rectal cancer. Under 90 pounds. Sent home rather than to Hospice. Requested prayer. We knew by the Spirit she was fully healed. We asked her to get doctor confirmation. Went to the doctor… doctor said the cancer had gone into full spontaneous remission. No cancer in her body. Healed in the name of Jesus. I will pray and we will pray for this request also tomorrow in our prayer meeting. God bless.

  9. LORD, I come to you as I always do with a plea for healing, and a plea for restoration of this man, Wild Bill, to health. We all pray that when you call us home, we’ll be able to understand this battle on the earth as a glorification of your creation. Unify us in your cause and awaken us to your ways. We are your warriors LORD. We will continue your work. You give our lives purpose. We praise your HOLY name. Amen.

  10. Praying right now. Get well, Bill! And will keep praying for you.

  11. Bill, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. WildBill…Shared prayer is the most mighty “tool” on the face of the Earth. I add my prayer to those of our cherished others….Faith will lift you up to where you must be, and when you must be there….I Pray for healing and God’s hand upon you when our mortal hands are distant from you…..

  13. Wild Bill, you are in my prayers. May God bless you.

  14. So very sorry to hear of Wild Bill’s cancer Dx. Prayers for you that you may grab hold of those beautiful promises in Psalm 71 above, & that they permeate your entire being, mind-body-soul!
    Just the “shock” of hearing such a Dx can overwhelm a person’s system (ref. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s research re Emotion > impacts Brain > impacts Organ, for which he was rejected, hounded, maligned, chased all over Europe, de-licensed, prosecuted, & now lives in hiding).
    So please don’t let the “terminal Dx” itself do you in, but understanding how God designed our bodies to buffet such “shocks” & then proceed to healing same, can provide peace of mind during the process. Just knowing “From Whence Things Come” is the beginning of the battle (cancer is not a “mystery” as the Medicos make it out to be). A Biblical way of putting it would be, “Love casteth out all fear” (1st John 4:18).

  15. Forget the chemo & radiation. Learn about and get on Laminine, ASAP, after you learn about its history. Dr John Ralston Davidson, the Canadian MD cancer specialist who developed it, w/90% cure rate in the thirty years he administered it to his patients.
    He died in 1973, but Big Pharma wasn’t interested in making it, as it’s made from fertilised hen chicken eggs, and foods cannot be patented. No profits, no interest.

    Go to to get an overview of it. I beat cancer at 36, now 71. I know others who have bested even rare types of cancer, so it IS possible. God bless, and stay strong.

  16. What a privilege it is to be in this precious soul’s lifetime Thank you, dear Wild Bill – you have made our lives so much richer! Such sad news….

  17. (Since this was a call for prayer & not cancer-healing alternatives, feel free to save the below info for another day/article if not for now. Also, Disclaimer: This is not “medical advice” but a review of only a few of the things I read while researching cancer alternatives over a year ago for a SIL. — Update: While typing this up I now see joseph69bc was hard at work, too. 😉 Somehow I missed hearing of Laminine when doing my prior research, so thanks for the tip!)
    As Glenn47 said above, cancer hates an alkalinized & oxygenated body; he mentioned the OxygenDrops; Germanium is another natural form of oxygen; as is **Food Grade** (not pharmaceutical) Hydrogen Peroxide, though a person has to be careful with the latter since it can create “oxygen bubbles” which you don’t want in blood vessels. People have been gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide for ages but they spit it out.
    Baking Soda dissolved in water, &/or raw green drinks offer an alkalinizing boost. Cancer doc Tullio Simoncini of Italy & author of “Cancer is a Fungus,” uses baking soda injected into veins near the tumor site which causes the tumor to shrivel up & dissolve. (Per a reader-review of Simoncini’s book at Amazon, Simoncini was so disgusted & feeling so helpless at not being able to help his cancer patients via the traditional medical treatments, that he got on his knees one night & begged the Lord to tell him, WHAT *IS* Cancer? Then he went to bed & had a dream that said, Cancer *IS* a Fungus!):
    Cancer also hates HEAT, which is why the Medicos desire to zap people with radiation. An alternative to that, believe it or not, is eating a sandwich of, or drinking a tincture of, the hottest-of-hot habaneros peppers. Per William Kelley Eidem (Panama City, FL), cancer research author (who wrote the book re Romanian/NY cancer doctor Emanuel Revici, now deceased, “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer”), UCLA did a study a few years back & they were able to shrink tumors 80% in mice using habaneros peppers. Eidem, seven years earlier & already knowing re habaneros peppers from his Revici book research, used the peppers to 100% heal his own tumors which were all over his body, but mostly on his legs. He tells the story & offers the recipe at his hubpages, where over 7,600+ people have also chimed in, ask questions which Eidem answers, & give their results & tips from using the habaneros recipe for their own cancers (internal & external):
    Not sure if Wild Bill’s cancer is a consolidated tumor or more diffuse; nor whether he is well enough to feel up to implementing alternatives, whether along with traditional methods, or on their own. One person I read at Eidem’s hub said they took the UCLA info to their doc & they then looked up the info online together, & the doctor said, “Well, it can’t hurt to try it!” 🙂
    For a consolidation of many cancer alternatives is the book, “Cancer: Step Outside the Box,” written by a Christian man, Ty Bollinger, who, after losing several relatives to cancer in the 1990’s, went on a fierce research journey over the next decade to learn all he could re cancer. His site here (his lectures are also on YT):
    A similar man, Bill Henderson, who watched his first wife slowly die over four years from ovarian cancer in the early 1990’s, has been researching cancer for 15 years, has two books, a newsletter, a weekly web radio show re Cancer, & does cancer-free coaching, even for “terminal” patients. He says it only takes 6-8 weeks & $155/month to get over cancer if you attack it from the 5 avenues he outlines on his site (immune, oxygen/PH, original cause/emotion, etc.):
    Another all-in-one site that describes most all current cancer alternative therapies out there is The Cancer Tutor site. It has sections via Protocol &/or whether you have been told you are Stage I-II-III-IV, etc.:
    Another encouraging YT channel is “Chris Beat Cancer,” by Chris Wark, a younger guy who had cancer.
    A now much older guy, & former pastor, is George Malkmus, who after watching his mother die of colon cancer, then got colon cancer himself but refused chemo/radiation & opted to drink nothing but carrot juice for about a year which got rid of his cancer. He went on from there to found Hallelujah Acres health ministry:
    And thanks to Laura for the two cancer-healing stories from prayer alone! Let it be, Lord, again for Wild Bill! I say that because having to filter through cancer alternative info AFTER you are already Dx’d may be too big of a mountain to climb for some people, depending on age, severity of condition, whether you have a “support team” who can help dig through the info, go buy/order supplies for you, run a juicer all day for you, etc. etc.!
    The largest barrier, however, is a CLOSED-MIND — not referring to Wild Bill since I don’t know him — but thinking of my bro who was married to my SIL w/ovarian cancer. I knew that I knew he would be like a brick wall, mentally, to alternatives, & he proved it when I was telling him re PH Balance/Over-Acidity & cancer, & he began shaking his head “No” > “No Way It Could Be THAT SIMPLE & ‘The Doctors’ NOT Know About It!” (ie, Denial). Don’t let that be you!
    The best advice I read a few years ago in a series of cancer alternative articles at Makow’s site, a reader had written: With cancer be PROactive vs REactive & to create a Cancer “Plan Of Action” IN ADVANCE before you or anyone you know is Dx’d with it. Do the homework & research now, so you can decide beforehand what you will do should such a day arrive.
    In closing, “Cancer – The Forbidden Cures” – (Historical Documentary) – YouTube (this copy, posted in 2011, has over 900,000 views):

    If it won’t play (my phone shows a black strip across the above video saying “This video not playable”!), there’s another copy here, posted in 2012, with only 1,500 views:

    • Lots of great info here, thanks. Something I learned along the way also, is ridding our bodies of toxins, as well as building up our immunity. While going through my trials, the drugs were making me sick and I couldn’t even get on a plane without becoming ill. After research, I started using broken cell Japanese Chlorella. I now can fly and remain healthy. I swear by it. It builds my immunity while cleansing me of toxins and heavy metals. The very drugs we take are actually toxins and they can harm as much as help. Also many of us do have fungus, which can cause so many problems. There is a simple test and there is some good stuff out there.
      You mentioned heat, I read where in Germany, they have had some success in inducing a fever in people with some success.

  18. traildustfotm


  19. WildBill, sending lot’s of prayers your way.

  20. Lord Jesus, I pray you heal your child, our Brother Thrice, Wild Bill. Thy Will Be Done.

  21. WildBill, you are in my prayers!!

  22. Good advice and wonderful prayers from all, and I come into agreement with all the prayers for Wildbill and will add mine to them. I have been reading the scriptures where Jesus healed all who came to Him asking. He never turned anyone away. Let your healing virtue flow Lord Jesus into every area of Wildbill’s body and life where he has been wounded. Let Hope arise in his heart and the manifestation of Your love come forth for healing.

  23. Sending prayers to you, Wild Bill, my friend in Christ, for the Holy Spirit to enter your body and heal you inside/out. Have your vitamin D levels checked and take vitamin D3 (20,000IU/day) and vitamin K2 (10mg/day), vitamin C and magnesium foot soak daily. Watercress, graviola , aloe vera, organic coconut oil, black cumin seed and tumeric(curcumin) are also awesome foods/supplements to boost immunity to fight cancer. Actually, Mercola has a sale on a 6-pack of curcumin (6 month supply-awesome value!) 52% off…,1174,0.htm?i_cid=mk_productPromo_shop_top1_prm I believe the sale ends today. I would also suggest removing any electrical devices around or on your person. EMFs can be harmful especially if you are extra-sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Buy a Himalayan salt lamp, they help neutralize EMFs.,110,0.htm Also, ozonated water has been found to kill of some cancer cells and provide oxygen to the body at the same time. Here is an article discussing it and the next link is where you can purchase one cheaper than what the first is selling: and you can buy one here: …awesome product.
    Best wishes to you and your healing.

  24. Shocking news… but God is faithful. All my best to Bill.

  25. I am very sorry to learn of this.
    Prayers for Wild Bill.
    Seems that so many of us on the right side of the fight to save our America have been dealing with life-threatening illnesses of late.

  26. Prayers for a very special man at FOTM.

  27. Praying for you, Bill.
    Excellent health advice on the above posts.

  28. Let me begin with an expression of heartfelt gratitude to every last one of you posting here for your prayers and advice on cancer cures. Unfortunately, at this point the only thing on my body that is not involved is my mustache, and I am not too sure about it ( lol ). That being said, I have the best cure in the world and that is my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who has allowed me to accept my condition with a calm attitude and without despair. Again, I want to thank all of you and let you know that you are in my prayers wishing you peace and happiness for you and your families.
    Love to you all
    Wild Bill Alaska

  29. Dear Wild Bill,
    Please try to take joy in the fact that you are in the best of hands, and I am not talking doctors here. If you are prepared spiritually then you are where the Lord wants you to be and of course His ways are not our ways and the way He deals with our lives are hidden to us. Have faith and hope of course but also keep in mind that our time here on earth is but a “blip” compared with spending eternity with our Father in paradise. However dear brother in Christ, upon reading your wonderful comment above, I can tell that you truly “get it” and that your heart and mind is exactly where it is supposed to be. This also speaks volumes to me about your closeness to Our Father. To be able to look death straight in the eye as you are doing, and to do it in peace is a priceless blessing and a blessing only bestowed on those closest to the Creator. I don’t know you Wild Bill but feel a love and close bond with you in my heart of hearts. I know when you leave this world, you will be greeted with the wonderful words from Our Lord that we, at that time will all long to hear which is, “well done, good and faithful servant’. God bless you dear man and enjoy your peace in the arms of Our Sweet Savior Jesus.
    Love/Blessings and Many Prayers,

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  31. What is the latest info on WildBill? Sure hope it’s good news….
    My precious daughter-in-law was given two weeks to live 25 years ago – she is alive and well and she and my youngest son have given us four delightful grandchildren. My message is – MIRACLES HAPPEN! I pray WildBill has his miracle….

    • Patricia,
      Sadly, I have not heard from Wild Bill Alaska for several months now, nor did he respond to my email. FOTM commenter Dee has been helping me to track him down, using various people search engines, to no avail. Please remember him in your prayers.

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