Caller to Limbaugh says Obama got the lowest grades of any Harvard grad

A caller who sounds smart and credible manages to get through to Rush Limbaugh during a break in his radio show. The caller claims to be a Harvard University Law School alumnus, that Obama got the lowest grade of anyone who’s ever graduated from Harvard in the history of that university, and that Obama often skipped classes but his professors covered for him.
So Rush issues a challenge to Obama to show his Harvard Law School transcripts and grades.
Rush also issues an appeal to people who had gone to Columbia University and Occidental College with Obama to call in.
Then another caller says he’d gone to Occidental, which was at that time one of the most prestigious colleges and difficult to get into. So how did Obama, who himself admitted in his memoir that he was a mediocre student in high school, get admitted into Occidental?
Rush asks whether Occidental had an affirmative action policy then and reminds us that Michelle Obama had admitted she would not have been admitted to Princeton U. if not for affirmative action.

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7 years ago

Rush is made for a moment like this. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Eowyn.

Cathy Gardino
7 years ago

Why do you think Obama signed the latest E.O. regarding race and dicipline in schools?…Pull your kids out now!

7 years ago

I agree, Hardknox, that this is a deflection tactic. This tactic is also known as a “material fallacy.” When I attended the National Judicial College, a lot of time was spent teaching us to make sure that we can identify when a material fallacy is used. This tactic is the attempt to put emphasis on anything else but the real issues. Democrats get the gold medal for this tactic. But, people are not stupid and they can see this issue fallacy.

7 years ago

well some people are not stupid but quite a few seem to be terminally misinformed. in my local paper we have a talk of the county section in which readers can call or email to voice their opinion and just recently a reader wrote in and made the statement that obama had a. graduated magna cum laude from harvard. b. shown his birth certificate. c. is doing the best job possibe after following the mess that bush had left him.. so once again democrats will repeat lies often and loud enough that these lies become what is accepted as the… Read more »

7 years ago

One of my college buddies graduated on academic probation with a 1.8 GPA, just for perspective…