California's "Gay History" Law Temporarily Suspended

For the specifics of this law, go here.

An e-mail from the Pacific Justice Institute, July 22, 2011:

SB 48, that mandates an emphasis on “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” role models in K-12 history and social science curriculum, has been temporarily put on hold.

After SB 48 was signed into law last week by Gov. Jerry Brown, Pacific Justice Institute worked quickly behind the scenes, with several other pro-family organizations to launch the referendum. Papers have been filed with the California Attorney General’s Office. That office is tasked with preparing an official title and summary for the measure, which would allow voters the chance to directly repeal SB 48.

A growing coalition of pro-family leaders across the state are supporting the official entity Once a title and summary are received from the Attorney General, supporters will have less than 90 days to gather approximately 500,000 valid signatures to place the referendum on the ballot. In the meantime, SB 48 is automatically suspended.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “We have been seeing a groundswell of opposition to the enactment of SB 48, and now it is time to act. We encourage everyone to visit to learn more and join the coalition. This effort will require us all to sacrifice and work together. We cannot afford to stay silent or stand on the sidelines. Californians are extremely tolerant, but we draw the line when history is revised to please a special interest group.”

Please forward this message to your family and friends. If you are willing to distribute petitions, please e-mail us via We will need to move very quickly when the petitions become available.

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


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Damn, there goes our chance to ensure our children learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Audie Murphy by claiming they were secretly gay! (I jest, but not by much… we’ve already heard how George Washington Carver singlehandly brought America into the 20th Century with the invention of peanutbutter and how the Tuskeegee Airman, the Buffalo Soldiers and Rosie the Riveter whupped everybody’s ass from Lexington and Concord to Pork Chop Hill for years now, you know.)