Californians at Gay Pride Parade exemplify Low Information Voters

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Mike Slater went to the 2015 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and discovered that not a single person knew that:

  1. Obama and Hillary Clinton had opposed same-sex marriage and said “marriage is between a man and woman”.
  2. Only 1.8% of the U.S. population are “gay” — according to the Obama administration’s CDC. Instead, the people Slater interviewed estimated that the percentage of homosexuals among U.S. males ranged from 25% to 70%.

This country is finished.
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Californians at Gay Pride Parade exemplify Low Information Voters

  1. Don’t be confused, those at the parade knew that BHO and HRC approved of same-sex marriage is because they heard them say that they did not.
    1.8 per cent versus 25 to 70 per cent? Parade enthusiasm? People were not from San Diego?

  2. Wonderful post! At least we know that there are many around us that need an education. It seems beyond comprehension that such a small portion of the society demands so much attention. Kind of like . . . “the tail wags the dog!”

  3. The State Run Media must be so proud.

  4. Think about their social circles. 40 to 60% of the males they know ARE homosexual! They have no connection to the world beyond their little clique. Out here in the midwest, we think gays are everywhere because maybe one or two of the hundreds of folks we have met are homosexual. And that we are bombarded with homosexual presence on media.

  5. I know Mike Slater!! He used to live here in Jackson TN. He is a strong Christian and a great news man. Sad about what he found out. So many lies we are told.

  6. I think we have the Stockholm Syndrome in full effect throughout the country now. (Why Not? It’s already been going on in the Catholic Church for 50 years now). People think that they can get the wolf away from the door by calling it a dog.
    I drive for Uber here in New York, as I’ve said. I allow my riders to raise conversation, and I take it from there. Whenever I hear a rider bring up 9/11, I always mention, politely, that it was an inside job, that members of the Carlyle Group made money off the short-selling that preceded in the days before it, that Cheney’s Master of Ceremonies on military drills in the West was a sign of a false flag event, that firemen and police on the scene were told to shut up, etc., etc., etc.
    Each and every time, I am basically told, in so many words, to shut up, drop it, or they change the subject.
    Every time some rider brings up the subject of pedophile priests, and I get into the history of Vatican II, I get the same response.
    Nietzsche the Cretin was right on this one: “People don’t want to hear the truth because they do not want to have their illusions destroyed.”
    So I have adjusted accordingly. We’re entering times that the Bible says must happen. So I have strapped myself in. People are stupid. People are nuts. It’s getting worse. There’s no need for a “Network” rant: God is still in control. And people don’t like being told they’re in the cave, watching shadows on the wall. That’s the Stockholm Syndrome for you!

  7. I find it funny how the stats for homosexuality come from the Center for Disease Control.
    you can’t make this stuff up.

  8. We as a society must begin to punish those responsible for the type of misinformation that has led so many of our fellow Americans towards ignorance. And those responsible are the members of the liberal media and their equally complicit colleagues In the education industry. Without an honest media we will NEVER Be able to defeat The corrupt politicians Who have enslaved us.

  9. The fags seem to be in control right now, starting with the 2 in the White House. However, if shariah is imposed in the US the population of
    homos will severely decline.

  10. Ugh! This is what my hometown has become.

  11. stupid-burn-the

  12. And sooo…what else is new? Obama’s tail has been wagging our dog since January, 2009.

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. Absolutely amazing! And given such a low percentage of American men are gay in the U.S., this substantiates the fact that demonic activity is involved in its role of making pro-homosexuality a moral maxim, setting forth the gay mafia position.


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