California State knows best for your child

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State bans gayhomosexual-repair therapy for minors

San Francisco Chronicle: California has become the first state in the country to ban controversial  therapy practices that attempt to change the sexual orientation of minors after  Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill  to outlaw them Saturday.

The bill, SB1172 by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance (Los Angeles County), bars mental health practitioners from  performing so-called reparative therapy, which professional psychological  organizations have said may cause harm. Gay Homosexual rights groups have labeled them  dangerous and abusive.

“This bill bans non-scientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to  depression and suicide. These practices have no basis in science or medicine and  they will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery,” Brown said in a  statement to The Chronicle.

National gay homosexual rights organizations had been lobbying the governor intensely to  sign the therapy ban. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay homosexual, bisexual and transgender  rights organization, sent Brown a petition with nearly 50,000 signatures urging  him to approve the measure.

“LGHBT youth will now be protected from a practice that has not only been  debunked as junk science, but has been proven to have drastically negative  effects on their well-being. We commend Gov. Brown for putting children first,  and call on all states to take California’s lead on this issue,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign.

Penalty for therapists

Under the new law, which will take effect Jan. 1, no mental health provider  will be able to provide therapy that seeks “to change behaviors or gender  expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or  feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

Mental health professionals who violate the law, which applies to therapy for  patients younger than 18, will be subject to discipline by whatever group  licenses them.

The therapy often starts from the premise that a person’s childhood and  parental upbringing has somehow left that person deficient and thus has led him  or her to same-sex attractions. Practitioners often are religious, and gay  homosexual rights groups have derisively characterized the therapy as an attempt to “pray  away the gay.”

As Eowyn noted last October, California law lets 12-Yr-olds get STD vaccines without parental knowledge. Eowyn also pointed out:

Nos. 40 and 41 of the “45 Communist Goals for America” that was entered into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963, are:

Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce” and “Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.”

California, working very hard on owning your children.


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0 responses to “California State knows best for your child

  1. Yea… nobody can dictate who will or will not get the help thy seek…absurd!…

  2. California State govt can’t even govern, but claims to know what’s best for your kids. It’s bankrupt, dysfunctional, but still in deep denial. Parents who send their kids to CA public schools are part of the problem. THEY should be protesting this new edict, not us.

    • What you said struck a chord with me. I cannot comprehend what Christian parents in California are thinking. For God’s sake…put your children first, pull them out, and homeschool! It is not easy, and we struggle and live paycheck to paycheck, but there is no greater gift than our children! Sacrifice your lifestyle for them, damn it! Get rid of everything that is not a need in order to do so & don’t give the excuse that “I just couldn’t homeschool.” BS. Up until 100-150 years ago, parents were with their children all the time. That is a lie from satan himself that you can’t stand to be around your children and need a 7 hour + (other activities, sports, friends) break from them. That is a sad excuse for being selfish with your time when your children are in danger of falling for the fruit if hell.
      I understand that there are single parent households where the full time parent must work, but in most cases, leaving your kids in the government schools, err, government indoctrination centers, is done purely out of selfish social reasons. Even then, I know quite a few single parents who have found a way to homeschool. Parents just have to be willing to sacrifice everything for their kids – lifestyle, prestige, clothes, career, etc. But that is exactly the example that God set for us. I understand that we all are not called to do the same things for God, but you can bet your patootie that we are called to train up our children, and you can not – possibly- do -that- in the few hours you have with your kids a week when they are in public school. You do the math on how much time you have to teach you kids vs how much time teachers, students, coaches, friends, TV, etc teaches them. And the time they are at home sleeping, showering, doing homework and otherwise occupied away from you does not count.
      Wake up parents! There is a war going on for our children! Wake up!!!

  3. Won’t be long before this spreads to the rest of the country!

  4. Jerry Brown needs to be thrown in the “quack bin” he might as well go back in the closet and somebody lock the door. This guy, I’m sure is a soros project, he is in the POS’s back pocket. California needs to throw out the entire State govt. They have trampled the Constitution long enough. Every single one has violated their oaths,same goes for the feds,on a daily basis. Hold them all accountable.


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