California sheriffs oppose Gavin Newsom’s gun control initiative

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There’s still some common sense in California.

Gun grabber Newsom

Gun grabber Newsom

California sheriffs announced Monday that they are opposing Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s gun-control measure aimed for the fall ballot, arguing it would not prevent criminals from obtaining guns and ammunition via the black market or theft, according to the Sacramento Bee.
Instead, the proposal would place additional restrictions on law-abiding people who want to buy ammunition for recreational use, retain guns and magazines that are currently legal or pass down historical or family heirlooms, the California State Sheriffs’ Association wrote in a letter to Newsom’s campaign.
“Effectively, this measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common sense practices that now exist,” wrote President Martin Ryan, Amador County sheriff and PAC Chair Gregory J. Ahern, Alameda County sheriff . “The focus of efforts to reduce gun violence in this state should be on those responsible for that violence, not those that have no intent to do harm.”
The sheriffs note that they remain supportive of domestic violence restraining orders, existing background checks and waiting periods to purchase firearms.
But their position on the measure could add institutional heft to a coalition led by gun-rights groups. The chief critic to date had been the California Rifle & Pistol Association, whose Coalition for Civil Liberties considers the planned measure the biggest threat to gun rights in California in more than three decades.
Newsom’s proposal, which must collect 366,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot, would require most people to pass background checks to buy ammunition, sales of which must be made through licensed vendors and reported to the Department of Justice.
While California has some of the nation’s most restrictive firearms policies, including a 1999 ban on assault weapons, it would expand that prohibition to high-capacity magazines grandfathered in by the law. If it passes, the owners would need to sell them to a licensed dealer, transfer them out of the state or turn them in to law enforcement to be disposed of.
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Newsom is working with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and their bid is backed by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the mayors of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and others.

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0 responses to “California sheriffs oppose Gavin Newsom’s gun control initiative

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  2. I won’t say outright that all these “Gun Grabbers” are as dumb as a box of rocks,but I have to wonder what they’re passing off as brains;they really can’t be more clueless,unless they DO know what they’re doing and are just trying to disarm America for some Communist-Take-over plot.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    They may as well consider, they have long past the point where honest citizens are not going to accept further infringements on their absolute/shall not be infringed right.

  4. I laided out my WWII Mauser loaded it and put it at the front door and left it there all day. When I checked it the paper boy came by the post man came by and had a lot of folks walk by and drive by my house. I looked and its so funny not one bullet was fired from my gun now fancy that these mean weapons that kill people I guess my gun is a dud it didn’t kill any one today and don’t guess it will kill any one tomorrow unless someone commits a home invasion on my house. So the idea that guns kill people is stupid. My gun could have racked up hundreds of kills but it didn’t GO FIGURE PEOPLE BECAUSE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE WAKE UP AMERICA WE HAVE IDIOTS AT THE WHEEL AND WERE HEADED FOR THE CLIFF!!!!!!!!!

  5. Incremental civilian disarmament, it’s the modern sneaky Leftist way!

  6. And… American Psycho guy or Newsom– you be the judge? (Did he watch the movie too much or what?)


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