California SB 320 to require state colleges & universities provide free abortion to students

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The California state legislature is so hell-bent on killing unborn babies that it’s introduced a bill, SB 320, that will require state universities and colleges to provide free abortion to students.

SB 320 has a long Orwellian name that is not about “health”, but instead is all about death — “Public university student health centers: medication abortion readiness: abortion by medication techniques: College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund”.

Calling the killing of the unborn “abortion care” and “a constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care,” SB 320 bemoans the fact that although currently all California public university campuses have on-campus student health centers, “none of these health centers currently provide abortion by medication techniques.” Since abortion by medication techniques “is extremely safe, highly effective, and cost effective,” the bill opines that abortion by medication techniques “is an essential part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care, and should be accessible at on-campus student health centers . . . as a basic health service.”

SB 320, therefore, requires that, beginning on January 1, 2022, the on-campus student health centers of the colleges and universities in the University of California and California State University systems “offer abortion by medication techniques” free for the students.

The abortions will be financed by the College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund and administered by the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

The moneys for the Fund will come from both government (taxes) and private sources. SB 320 says moneys for the Fund will have to be “continuously” appropriated, i.e., from taxation, with the provision that SB 320 “would be implemented only if, and to the extent that, a total of at least $9.6 million in private moneys are made available to the fund in a timely manner on or after January 1, 2019.”

Read the full text of SB 320 here.

SB 320 was introduced by State Senator Connie Leyva, Democrat, and co-authored by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, Democrat. Leyva’s previous occupation was “labor organizer”; Carrillo’s, who was born in El Salvadore, was “labor activist”.

As of August 30, 2018, the bill has been amended and approved by the relevant committees of the Senate and the Assembly. It has been “ordered to engrossing and enrolling” — which means that a final version of the bill is to be proofread and printed. The next step is for the bill to be voted on by the full Senate and Assembly.

UPDATE (Oct. 1, 2018)

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill yesterday (Sept. 30) “because the services required by this bill are widely available off-campus, this bill is not necessary.” (


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16 responses to “California SB 320 to require state colleges & universities provide free abortion to students

  1. God said in Deuteronomy, CHOOSE LIFE! There has to be a horrible place for these people who want so many innocents to die.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Students with such concern with abortion ‘availability’ should be pursuing a different career path. One that does not require an education above that which they can get on most any city street corner.

  3. Seems everything bad that libs want gets turned into a “right”


  4. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Great. Free school = free “birth control”, paid for by the public and made “legal” by the state and local government, despite being an act of murder. Wonder how many women will now go to college just to get abortions?

    Want to see the true face of the lunatics on the progressive, feminazi left? tune in to CSpan this week (right now) to watch the audience members, in concerted effort, erupt every few minutes in a contemptible riot against allowing the proceedings. They must truly HATE this country, God, and life.

    It’s bad enough that the Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to “legally” prevent the hearings, but you can see they’re embarrassed by what their constituents in the audience are doing, on public TV, to represent how their party is devolving… you can’t even hear what these crazies (mostly women) are screeching (ala reporters attacking our PotUS and his Press Secretary on a daily basis); it just sounds like a bunch of monkeys in the Amazon Jungle or perhaps deep in the heart of Africa. Or the zoo here…

    What a grand way to portray our country in front of the World… as one of chaos during the confirmation hearing of one of the greatest SCotUS Associate Justices to ever appear before this committee.

    Chairman Grassley needs to demand control and stop being “kind enough” to allow such disrespect, from both the Democrat Committee members and their constituents in attendance. Even nutty (D-Vt) Sen. Leahy is sick of it!

  5. So again, “The State” becomes the arbiter of morals? Why is it illegal to murder adults but OK to murder infants? We all know the answer. They don’t value human life and they don’t want us to either.

    • And why did Scott Peterson get convicted of second degree murder of his unborn child?

      • He could have probably gotten off if he’d contributed enough to Planned Parenthood.

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        It’s hypocrisy, pure and simple.
        If they were honest, the left would admit it comes down NOT to a value of life, but of a woman’s “right to choose”.

        If she *chooses* to kill her own child as or before it is born, then it’s “OK”. However, if another person causes that death (even accidentally), *even if she were planning or thinking of its abortion* anyway, it’s a belief that the *right to make that choice herself* was co-opted that gets her and the left in a tizzy, and why they then consider it murder rather than a “right”.

        Sorry I sound so grumpy today… these Kavanaugh hearings have me in knots. I haven’t seen such outrage since the Bork hearings. I don’t recall such hatred or in-hearing riots during Kagan, Soto-Mayor, Breyer, or RBG hearing confirmations. With Clarence? Sure, but never for a Dem nominee.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “Why is it illegal to murder adults…”
      Well, except where they’re legalizing euthanasia, including surreptitiously where “health care plans” decide it’s cheaper/easier to just allow a person to die (or to even “help them along”) than to provide, well, health care and life.

  6. Amidst all the screeching and garment rending over Trump isn’t it interesting to see that the leftist agenda has actually accelerated? They keep pointing at Trump and screaming “fascist” while they advance their sickening agenda at a pace not possible under Obongo.

    This is one reason why I’m so cynical. I know that these guys don’t work for us. They have to be physically stopped or they continue to move their plan.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I think the wacky ultra-liberal progressives are going to separate themselves from the traditional Democratic Party, ala Bernie Sanders, which will deny them power until we boomers et al. finally die off and our generation, whites, moderates, Godly women, and men with testosterone, are left to live alone in caves.

      At which point our country will be “re-invented” as a non-nation playground for anarchists and those proposing “Democratic Socialism” as the cure to society’s ills. Complete with a re-written, malleable Constitution. And no absolute moral values nor truths. “Do as you will, if it harms no one.” Or as long as you don’t get caught, can’t be convicted, don’t serve time, etc.

      Until it turns out there’s nobody left to actually make things or earn money, and thus no income to re-distribute. And then there will be a civil war among them and the anarchists.

      And I’ll be rolling in my grave, enjoying their despair. Post-Apocalypse, just as in the movies. Only it won’t come from the Right launching nukes, as has always been posited. It’ll come from the far left and anarchy. The martial law and vigilantism they always claim will doom us may be our only hope of staunching the mobs and rejection of law and order…

  7. So who gets stuck with the bill for all the murders?

    The parents writing the checks.

  8. Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill yesterday (Sept. 30) “because the services required by this bill are widely available off-campus, this bill is not necessary.”

  9. Apparently religious beliefs have no validity any longer? I don’t want to fund or support something like this in any way. Why would government pay for abortions?


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