California restaurant wants to ban customers who wear MAGA hat

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J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the chef-partner of a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant: Wursthall Restaurant & Bierhaus, 310 Baldwin Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401.

On Twitter, Lopez-Alt describes himself as:

Full-time Dad. Author: The Food Lab. Chef. Feminist. Atheist.

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Lopez-Alt posted a since-deleted tweet saying his restaurant will refuse service to anyone wearing a MAGA cap because it’s a “symbol of intolerance and hate” like the Nazi swastika or the KKK’s white hood.

By Wednesday afternoon, January 30, 2019, the tweet had more than 2,100 likes and more than 200 retweets. (San Francisco Chronicle)

In a follow-up tweet, also since deleted, Lopez-Alt said the red MAGA caps “are like white hoods except stupider because you can see exactly who is wearing them.”

RT reports, February 1, 2019, that Lopez-Alt’s tweets drew both praise and condemnation, with some urging a boycott of Wursthall and others suggesting a visit to the restaurant by a MAGA hat-wearing flash mob. The restaurant’s page on both Facebook and the review site Yelp have been inundated with negative reviews accusing the owner of bigotry and politically-motivated hatred. (Yelp has since deleted all the negative reviews.)

On February 1, 2019, five days after his “no MAGA hat” tweet, Lopez-Alt posted a self-serving, fake apology on Medium and on Twitter, in which he double-downed on calling the MAGA hat a symbol of “anger, hate, and violence”:

I want to start by apologizing to my staff and partners at Wursthall. Making a public statement without taking my team’s thoughts into consideration was disrespectful and reckless. My goal at Wursthall was for it to be a restaurant where all employees and staff are treated with respect and trust, and by making that public statement without your consent, I failed at that goal. I will work hard to earn back that trust.

I am very proud to come from a diverse family. My mother is an immigrant from Japan and my father is from a steel town in Western Pennsylvania. My family spans across the political spectrum. Yet we still manage to have a wonderful time at our biannual family reunion because we have three things in common: family, a love for our country, and most importantly, respect for each other and our communities….

After having seen the red hat displayed so prominently in so many moments of anger, hate, and violence, to me — and many others — the hat began to symbolize exactly that: anger, hate, and violence. This was the context my tweet was meant to communicate….

My message was intended to reject anger, hate and violence, and indicate that these shouldn’t be welcomed in our society and aren’t welcome in our community. It was meant to be directed at those who would try to bring messages of hate, violence, and anger into my place of business, no matter what form it comes in. It was aimed at these three elements rather than at a physical object, but I understand that many interpreted my words in a different context, and construed a message of hate directed at them. This was not my intent in any way, and I am sorry for my recklessness.

What’s more, my personal perspective in no way meant that Wursthall was changing its policy, as is being erroneously reported in media.

Wursthall will continue, as it always has, to serve all customer regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, gender orientation, disability, or political opinion — so long as they leave hate, anger, and violence outside of the doors of our restaurant.

As many readers of his pseudo-apology point out, it is J. Kenji Lopez-Alt who is the spewer of the very “anger, hate, and violence” he decries.

According to Wikipedia, Lopez-Alt has a degree in architecture from M.I.T., which makes him yet another example of the garbage and bigotry that U.S. colleges and universities produce.

A second Wursthall Restaurant is expected to open in 2019 in San Jose, California. Lopez-Alt is also an investor in Backhaus Bakery, which is due to open in San Mateo also this year.

If you live in the Bay Area, be sure to shun Wursthall Restaurant and Backhaus Bakery. All should shun Lopez-Alt’s book, The Food Lab, a follow-up to which will be published in 2020, as well as a children’s book on which he’s “working with Gianna Ruggiero”.

See also “Liberal Intolerance: Homosexual parents throw son out for his MAGA hat“.


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16 responses to “California restaurant wants to ban customers who wear MAGA hat

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    Another example of evil from the left. Censorship basically.

    • Outright bigotry basically. So much for the Left’s preening self-description as tolerant, open-minded, and pro-diversity.

  2. It’s a knitted pink hat Alyssa. Poor child turned hard left because she hoped it would revive her career.

    • txfella . . . I do believe that you are correct. She is getting a little long in the tooth, and many younger, and beautiful actresses are coming along to fill in the shoes of the “has-beens.”

      The fact is that aging comes to all of us. She just thinks that if she can maintain a front and center presence that somehow this will equate to more gigs in the entertainment industry. The real problem that she is not willing to go through the natural occurrence of fading away. I think that the way she is wont to show off her cleavage no matter where she is appearing–that she feels she is still desirable as a “love interest” in movies, and television rather than a “character actor.”

      Today’s young people do not particularly want to see some aging woman as one of the main character in things that they watch.

  3. It’s so important to know who these lefty haters are. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Pearl . . . You are right on track with that comment. I rather doubt that if Antifa showed up in masks and black clothing that they would be viewed as hateful. This is truly hypocritical of the left.

  4. The chef’s picture needs no caption, his mannerism indicate he is queer to the core, he should post a rainbow sign “LGBT WELCOME”

    • Alma . . . I must agree. When I first looked at HIS picture, I thought it was a woman, pretending to be a man. Then I read on and found that this was actually a man.

  5. I have a degree in architecture from MIT, so I will turn that into a job running a restaurant? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • GTC . . I picked up on that fact also. Somehow it seems like a rather spendy education for one who would invest in either restaurants or bakeries.

      Perhaps with his more androgynous to LBTQXYZ look, he was not suited to perform the duties of an architect. I don’t think I would want to have him coming up with plans for any structure I was planning on building. Sadly, as a person he looks rather woe begone, and confused.

  6. I’m still waiting for a libtard to explain to me how simply wanting to help make our country great again, and wearing an article of clothing to represent that, is being angry, hateful or violent. But, we all know that’s really not what’s going on here. We all know it’s a hat that Donald Trump created and the real deal is that they are angry with him, hate him and wish violence on him.

    • MyBrainHurts . . . You are absolutely correct. When viewing the left, we can see that their hatred for Trump, and all things Trump over rides any common sense they might have otherwise had. For this reason, I believe that this innate hatred makes them extremely dangerous, as well as traitors to our country.

  7. I have to wonder about someone who can allow themselves to be told to “hate” on command. Besides that, isn’t that what they accuse their “opposition” of?

    These are insane, unthinking clowns. They compete with each other to be the most mindless followers of the party line. Why……., they’re just like Communists!

  8. So will he ban the LibertyGunsBeerTrump crowd, too?

  9. HOPE they knock themselves OUT….go for it! Ban the MAGA hats…then Republicans in general…then “wall” supporters…..then anti-at-birth abortionists…..then….blondes….then blue-eyed persons…..then interracial couples…then…..anyone who isn’t a vegan….then….OH CRAP…who cares about this assinine San Fran Bay restaurante anyway……It’s on the way out in the end: when you proscribe /restrict your clientelle as a public business in this capitalist-based economy, you’ve already signed your bankruptcy papers. Rock On….enjoy the unemployment checks for as long as possible—slacker.


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