California priest embezzled $ tens of thousands of parishioners’ donation

In addition to pedophile and homosexual priests, the U.S. Catholic Church also is plagued with embezzling priests.

Oscar Diaz, pastor of Resurrection Church in Santa Rosa, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Napa valley, is discovered to have stolen at least $95,000 from Resurrection and other parishes, only after an automobile accident when he was found with bags of money in his car. Only then did his bishop, Robert Vasa, in a press release inform the diocese of Diaz’s embezzlement.

Resurrection Church describes itself as committed to “social justice” (translation: Marxism). The parish actually has the gall to call on its “useful idiots” parishioners to “Please pray for Fr. Oscar’s speedy and complete recovery.”

Below is Bishop Robert F. Vasa‘s bilingual press release of July 22, 2019:

Father Oscar Diaz, who served most recently as pastor at Resurrection Parish in Santa Rosa was involved in an automobile accident on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. He suffered a fractured hip, underwent surgery and is recovering from this surgery. Thank you for all your prayers for his wellbeing and recovery.

Unfortunately, it is my sad duty to announce that the accident uncovered a prolonged history of theft. At the time of the accident the EMT responders found bags of money in his car. These were the Security Bags used for Parish Collections. The police were alerted on Wednesday evening and they immediately contacted me, the bishop. I asked them to take custody of the cash and to account for it for possible criminal prosecution. Some days later, when the money was turned over to the Diocese, it was counted and found to total $18,305.86. This money was associated with Resurrection Parish in Santa Rosa where Father Oscar was pastor. After an initial investigation and several interviews, the police determined that the protocols surrounding collection accounting would make it difficult to arrive at sufficient proof of theft to pursue criminal prosecution.

After the initial discovery of the money in Father Oscar’s car further investigation and search revealed that he had an additional $77,000 in cash which had apparently been stolen from the parishes where he served. There is also evidence that money was stolen in a variety of ways from each of the Parishes where he had served as pastor. I am deeply grieved that this has happened and am deeply saddened that the parishes he was sent to serve have been harmed.

The full extent of the theft is not known and may never be fully known but the Diocese is committed to determining as fully as possible the extent of the theft from each of these parishes. Once such determinations are made it is the goal of the Diocese to make restitution to the parishes.

Father Oscar is presently suspended from priestly ministry. There are no plans at this time for ministry in the Church and his future is uncertain.

According to KPIX CBS5, Diaz has been a priest for 25 years and “had connections to at least seven churches.”

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Heartbreaking news for Catholics.


Yes, but I never expect Catholics to be more holy than anyone else, and vice versa. We’re all sinners. It’s always a shame when someone who is supposed to be an example to a faith community turns out like this.


They jingle when they walk! We had one of those many years ago. That was when I was still in California. The Vatican (via the Nuncio) sent this little Irish deacon to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He quietly “disappeared”, never to be seen again. They have “special” places for priests with “issues”. I knew there was something wrong with this one because he drove a Cadillac and always wore expensive, custom priest wear. Prior to him I’d only seen that with Episcopal priests. Oh, and he was fat. I’m always suspicious of a fat priest.

Jackie Puppet

LOL – I grew up living 2 houses away from a fat priest – Father Ed was a nice guy and all that. He lived in that house because the new parish that just started up, and services were being conducted out of my grade school – it took awhile for the church to be built.

Father Ed always looked like he was 12 months pregnant. That, and he was also infamous for 1/2 hour services, especially during football season!

Steven Broiles

We had a problem with a priest here in New York. Msgr. Thomas Gradilone of Queen of Martyrs was credibly accused, about 20 years ago, of stealing over $2 million, and he escaped arrest and indictment. The Diocese shipped him up to Canada for “treatment.”

Fr. Gradilone died about 11 years ago. He was not the first whacked-out priest in New York; He was not the last.

“Thanks,” John Paul II, for all you did to stem the tide of corruption! (sarc).


You’re right, that’s when it started! Before the fat one we had a weirdo who liked to “powder his nose”. He’d arrive to Mass early and play “Phantom of the Opera” stuff on the organ. He got so bad he started screaming and cursing at people in Mass. The SAME little Irish deacon mysteriously showed up at the rectory and he was gone. This was a large parish and we were having a priest shortage. The bishop kept stealing our priests and all we got were ones with problems or those who were missionaries and home on vacation. At the… Read more »


I bet this guy got a lot more that they have not been able to prove. I had a cousin run off with over $100K of church money in the 1960’s that was supposed to go to building a new church…

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

I guess I am among the clueless . . . this article states that “his future is uncertain?” It makes no difference that he has served as a priest for 25 years. If he has dabbled in embezzling church funds for who knows how many years — he should be kicked out on his bony butt. To be lenient on this kind of activity causes parishioners to question the the common sense of donating their hard earned monies to the church.

What in Heaven’s name was he doing with all this money?


Ha, I stopped believing in the sanctity of priests. There are humble priests that have dedicated their life to God and the Church, I have known a few but, let’s face it, the clergy is comprised of MEN, highly educated men, they travel, they are known in many circles, and they have learnt to disguise their wickedness under the cassock. Phew, his face tells it all, that Oscar Diaz must pay for his corruptness, JAIL.