California politicians who are owned by SEIU

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is firmly in bed with Obama and the Democratic Party. In 2009, SEIU sent its “purple shirt” thugs to intimidate grandmas and grandpas at townhall meetings across America.
Before SEIU would endorse a politician, a questionnaire must be filled out and the politician must give SEIU’s goals his/her total support.
Thought you would like to see which political candidates in California are owned by SEIU California, not that I expect this information will make a particle bit of difference. Most California voters are dumb, in denial, or plain corrupt to the core.
CD 3: John Garamendi
CD 13: Barbara Lee
CD 17: Mike Honda
CD 18: Anna Eshoo
CD 20: Sam Farr
CD 24: Lois Capps
CD 29: Tony Cardenas
CD 31: Pete Aguilar
CD 33: Henry Waxman
CD 36: Dr. Raul Ruiz
CD 39: Jay Chen
CD 41: Mark Takano
CD 46: Loretta Sanchez
CD 47: Alan Lowenthal
CD 51: Juan Vargas
CD 52: Scott Peters & Lori Saldana
State Assembly
AD 4: Mariko Yamada
AD 7: Roger Dickinson
AD 10 Michael Allen
AD 11: Jim Frazier
AD 13: Xochitl Paderes
AD 17: Tom Ammiano
AD 19: Phil Ting
AD 21: Adam Gray
AD 24: Rich Gordon
AD 27: Nora Campos
AD 28: Paul Fong
AD 29: Mark Stone
AD 30: Luis Alejo
AD 40: Russ Warner
AD 41: Chris Holden
AD 45: Bob Blumenfield
AD 46: Adrin Nazarian
AD 47: Joe Baca Jr.
AD 49: Ed Chau
AD 51: Arturo Chavez, Jimmy Gomez
AD 54: Holly Mitchell
AD 55: Gregg Fritchle
AD 58: Luis Marquez
AD 59: Reggie Jones-Sawyer
AD 61: Jose Medina
AD 62: Steve Bradford
AD 63: Anthony Rendon
AD 64: Isadore Hall
AD 66: Al Maratsuchi
AD 69: Julio Perez
AD 70: Bonnie Lowenthal
State Senate
SD 9: Loni Hancock
SD 11: Mark Leno
SD 17: Bill Monning
SD 19: Hannah Beth Jackson
SD 25: Carol Liu
SD 27: Fran Pavley
SD 33: Ricardo Lara
SD 35: Rod Wright
H/t Stephen Frank’s California News & Views.

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