California paid $1M in harassment settlements under then-AG Kamala Harris

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One million dollars in payment for sexual misconduct and Kamala knew nothing about it? Um, okay. Doesn’t speak much of her great concern for victims of sexual harassment.

From NY Post: The California Department of Justice paid more than $1 million to employees who alleged they faced sexual harassment or workplace retaliation while presidential candidate Kamala Harris was state attorney general, it was reported Friday.

The settlements involved allegations of inappropriate touching or comments as well as other allegations made from 2011 to 2017. They were disclosed this week in response to a state Public Records Act request from the Los Angeles Times.

Harris didn’t know about the cases until the Times brought them to her attention. They were handled by administrators who were expected to follow strict policies against harassment, said Harris’ spokesman, Chris Harris.

However, the Democratic U.S. senator told the Times that she takes responsibility. “As the chief executive of a department of nearly 5,000 employees, the buck stopped with me,” Harris said in a statement. “No one should face harassment or intimidation in the workplace, and victims of sexual misconduct should be listened to, believed and protected.”

Harris has been a prominent supporter of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment in the workplace. She was elected to the Senate in 2016 and said any complaints of harassment in her Senate office are forwarded to her immediately.

“No office is immune to misconduct, and there is much more work to do to ensure all are protected,” she told the Times.

In large government agencies, it wouldn’t be unusual for managers to handle harassment claims instead of the agency head except when high-level administrators are involved, said Mike Genest, who was finance director under former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. “If a director wasn’t told about it, I would not be suspicious that that was an issue,” said Genest, who spent 24 years as a manager in state agencies.

The largest of the reported settlements was $649,500, paid in 2013 to James Rodriguez, who was a justice department special agent, over allegations that he was denied sought-after jobs and faced other retaliation for reporting alleged harassment against him. In the settlement, the justice department denied all the allegations.

The cases also include a $400,000 payout in 2017 to a woman that alleged Larry Wallace, who was an administrator under Harris, harassed and demeaned her based on her gender. Among other things, the woman alleged that Wallace frequently asked her to crawl under his desk to change the paper in his printer.

The justice department denied the claims in the settlement, which has been previously disclosed. In December, Wallace resigned his post as a senior adviser in Harris’s Sacramento office.


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13 responses to “California paid $1M in harassment settlements under then-AG Kamala Harris

  1. The most important being her handler/husband is “jooish” From the group that converted from the Caucaus Mtns.

    5 Jewish things to know about Kamala Harris

  2. Mmmmm, Jamaican-Indian-American (whew) Kamala has a lot of skeletons (?) in her closet………one door leads to another and plenty of eyes looking, surprise, surprise, surprise!

  3. Kamala (is my Willy Brown) Harris is another of the incredibly self-serving psychopaths running for office. Kamala would screw a trombone (if she’s horny enough) to advance her “career”.

    She is utterly shameless and therefore, nothing that comes out of her mouth can be trusted. In fact, she would have been a natural for the Obongo administration. All of those creatures were just like her, only queer.

    Apparently that’s the one positive thing she has going for her, heterosexuality. I’m not sure of that, of course. She may be “bi”.

    A Hindu, Jamaican married to a Jew. What could go wrong? Doesn’t this sound “representative” to you?

    • Steven Broiles

      “Screw a trombone!” Lophatt, you definitely know how to dish out the metaphors! That’s funny!!!

  4. Steven Broiles

    Kamel-toe Harris, the human vending machine. Yep. (Just so long as it’s Other People’s Money, “OPM.” Opium. Yep, works for me!)

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course….

  5. Candace starts taking down the Kosher-Indian/Jamaican golem around the 3:30 mark. Pretty funny

    FULL Candace Owens CPAC Speech- Rips Jussie Smollett, AOC & Democrat Party- BLEXI

  6. “Camal-Toe” Harris, who is Jamaican,+, sub-continent Indian, who grew up in Canada clear through/up to graduating from HS, and who came to the USA for the first time as a young adult “Black” to attend a “Black College” in D.C. , even tho’ she was/is NOT “Black” in the definition of the race…..was, like a Senatorial predicessor and POTUS–Barack INsane Obama……a TOTAL work of fiction. WE HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…and with impotent outcome. As to Kamalla, She could “get away with it here in Mexifornia,” but we can’t let her “get away with it,” as we did Barack, this time. She MUST be “vetted” as Barack Insane Obama was NOT……We’ve been stung ONCE…and that was “on us.” There should not be a “second sting” from someone who aspires to the highest leadership position in this land, who shares so little background, history, regard, with the “average” Americans today across the depth and breadth of this country. THIS is what the founders intended within their Constitutional writings back then…..they did NOT want their POTUS to have any OTHER influences from abroad…real or imagined, or even just MARGINAL….taken into their repertoire of experience in order to make decisions that would affect the lives of citizens of the USA. Our Barack Insane Obama years were complete FAIL of this intent….b/c we were afraid that we were not “politically correct” in this day and age…..and…BTW…we bowed to “identity politics” of the day…and, elected him (by barely 51%) a social situation which still continues (which of course, George Washington himself warned against in party system developments). So, we elected a “black” president (raised ONLY by whites in an exclusive economy in Hawaii b/c his white-apologist mother married first an African citizen (supposedly the father of Obama) and for a second time, an Indonesian Muslim…..whereupon, for some reason, this did NOT work out smoothly, and he was sent “home” to Hawaii for White grandparents to raise in a private school………) Blah Blah….Blah……THE WAY YOUR candidate grows up…the people whom surround him/her……are CONSEQUENTIAL to your OWN FUTURE. THEIR PAST WILL BE YOUR FUTURE. Think upon these things. Trump’s parents sent him to military school b/c, according to Trump’s admission, his father said “You have to SHAPE UP.” Obama’s mother and Muslim stepfather, after failing to deal with him in Indonesia in a Muslim school, sent him “home” to live with maternal grandparents in Hawaii at age 11….whereupon his politically radical grandfather introduced him to far-leftests of the day. He bided his time in a private for-pay school, rode around smoking dope and pleasuring elderly men in the back seat of a car to earn his dope money. NOne of his HS peers remember MUCH about him….NONE of his college friends or professors remember much about him…..(COME ON! My HS gym teacher fr over 40 years ago still comes to all my family funerals to pay her-respects to me/touch base b/c we live a continent away now). He NEVER set foot upon the mainland USA until coming for a short time to CA as a freshman in college. Kamalla is almost a shadow of this Obama upbringing.. having not really come “back” to the USA until freshman year in college…and, like Obama, as a “Black” with Affirmative Action at their backs, no matter what, guaranteeing their acceptance to here, there, and anywhere……..funded. Pretty much I’m SICK TO DEATH of being led by “affirmative action” good-enough” leaders…….been there, done that—POTUS who grew up outside the US and who never set foot on the lower 48 until young adult…..We deserve the BEST of any race or creed….we, Americans, deserve what has been promised to us through our Constitution and VOTES.

  7. Kamala is Constitutionally unqualified to run for US President. Her mother was born in India and her father was born in Jamaica.


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