California lawmaker proposes automatic, opt-in electronic receipts for retail transactions

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The lawmaker who proposed this new bill, Assemblyman Phil Ting (pictured above) from San Francisco, is a big-time gun control advocate. What a great way to monitor/track those who purchase ammunition – even if you do so with cash – than a database of email addresses or phone numbers required for electronic receipts? Those gun-grabbers are sneaky folks…

This bill may be under the guise of protecting the environment yet I wouldn’t trust any demorat to not use this as a backdoor entry into some form of gun control.

As reported by SF Chronicle: A bill before the California Legislature aims to make paper receipts a thing of the past.

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, on Monday filed AB161, which proposes to automatically opt-in customers for electronic receipts in any retail transaction, including at stores, restaurants and anywhere a company issues paper receipts, unless a customer asks otherwise. He said it would be a first for the country.

“This is an easy solution — instead of making paper receipts the default, let’s make electronic receipts the default,” Ting said at a news conference Tuesday. “These receipts also have (bisphenol A), a chemical that is harmful to our environment and to our health.”

Businesses found not to be in compliance with the law, if it passes, will be given two warnings before getting fined $25 a day for each day it’s in violation, but fines will be capped at $300 annually. It would take effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

The move toward more digital receipts could benefit Bay Area companies like Square, Poynt, and Clover, whose terminals make it easy to text or email proof of purchases. A law change like this could motivate more companies to use such checkout technology. Data from Square shows that its sellers already send more than 10 million digital receipts each month, a figure cited by the bill. Square, Poynt and Clover did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

On the environmental front, a report in May by Green America, a consumer advocacy group in Washington D.C., found that 10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water in America are used to create paper receipts. Green America is a backer of the bill. Plus, paper receipts aren’t effectively recyclable, proponents of the bill say.

“For many years a lot of forms of paper that weren’t truly recyclable, all of that ended up in a bale of mixed paper that got shipped to China,” said Nick Lapis, director of advocacy at Californians Against Waste, which is backing the bill.

Read the whole story here.


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8 responses to “California lawmaker proposes automatic, opt-in electronic receipts for retail transactions

  1. Obviously the purpose of this bill is an incremental repeal of the Fourth Amendment, and therefore it follows it must be for the purposes of future entrapment. The bit about saving paper is almost funny. Richelieu is supposed to have quipped, If you give me six lines written by the most honest of men, I’ll find something in them which will hang him. You can bet this ungrateful bum Ting and his sort will make Richelieu seem charmingly quaint by comparison.

    Instead of his undying gratitude for the rights he’s been granted solely because of Western Civilization and the US Constitution, his sort would have us hauled before Red Guards to answer for ex post facto criminalization of not just the Second Amendment, as DCG points out, but for our way of life itself.

    One big reason we’re going out with a whimper and not a bang is that we fail to take these homicidal radicals at their word, largely because we simply cannot get in our heads that this nasty circus clown and his puppetmasters like Steyer, Soros, and Bloomberg are really looking to do to white European Americans what their Jacobin, Bolshevik, and Maoist predecessors did in the past.

  2. This of course is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Should we expect any thing differently from the fruit cakes in CA?

  3. What if you don’t have an electronic device to receive the receipt? Will it b e a requirement to have one to complete the transaction? Do they have any Amish is California?

  4. Always oppose anything proposed by a member of the DCPUSSA.

    These stinking commie pukes ALWAYS have an ulterior motive.

  5. If he’s so intent on tracking everyone,he should just hire people to go shopping with ’em.

  6. Let’s hope he gets AIDS before he gets his bill passed.

  7. He must be an Asian superhero, Ho Ri Pink. California is a giant insane asylum.


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