California history teacher poses as Trayvon Martin in yearbook photo, with hoodie and Skittles

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NY Daily News: A California history teacher has stirred up controversy by posing for a yearbook photo as Trayvon Martin.

Spencer Smith, who’s taught at Brentwood’s Heritage High School for several years, dressed up as the slain Florida teen for the snap. He donned a pulled-down hoodie and held a bag of Skittles candy in his left hand to make the political statement.

It’s unclear exactly why Smith decided to pose as the tragic teenager gunned down by neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman in 2012.

But reactions to his picture have been mixed.

Alfreda Charway, the high school’s Black Student Union President, said it was “a good idea because he’s expressing himself.” “Because that’s the whole point of yearbook pictures, you’re supposed to express yourself,” Charway told KTVU.

Sophomore Amber McKim thought it was “ok that he did it, just not in the yearbook.”

Parents, however, thought it was “inappropriate.” One mom, who didn’t want to be named, said: “This is supposed to be capturing the best moments of the year. And all positive things.”

Zimmerman, tried for murdering Martin last summer, was acquitted in the racially charged case.

Smith has not commented on the picture. The school’s principal said he would investigate the issue before releasing a statement.


Gee, I wonder why he didn’t post like this?


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0 responses to “California history teacher poses as Trayvon Martin in yearbook photo, with hoodie and Skittles

  1. He forgot the Arizona Ice Tea for making “Purple Drink” with the Skittles…

  2. Where else but freakin’ California! And they wonder why they’re referred to as “The Land of the Fruits and Nuts”……

  3. Take it fr me..educated/credentialed to teach in VA/WVA/MD/PA—-teacher credentialing in CA is WAY diff. than in most states….esp the East (which, BTW…INVENTED the higher education in this country…say, even b/f the Revolution..) In most other states, you’re degreed w/education major for undergraduate BS/BA: you get an early ed (childhood) “double E” credential (K-2…for which you are essentially a reading specialist) or an elementary credential (3-5)…or a secondary (6-12) for which you also must earn single subject major for your credential. The state has a credentialling specialist w/whom you meet if a district wants to hire you…to see if you have the criteria required for that particular position. Once hired, you have a certain amt of time in which to earn your MS or M.Ed….or you lose your job.

    In CA, if you want to be a teacher…you get any freakin’ kind of degree you want for your 4 yrs….usually, “liberal arts,” which means “I know nothing in particular about a lot of things, ” then, you go back to school & do the”5th yr CA credential” usually run by a $1200/course private school …like National University, tho’ you can get it at a CA university, but the process is still same …in which they teach same damned course over/over again, re-packaged as needed to equal credentialing credits…taught by instructors w/no special credentialing themselves to teach you this…other than maybe they were teachers once & probably have an MS degree;& then THAT university..NOT THE STATE..determines if you are a teacher or not. The state basically “rubber-stamps” it. So, essentially, you purchase your credential in CA. Also, once hired w/BS or BA & your “5th yr credentialing,” you are under no obligation to earn an MS or higher ed. to keep your job. You can remain stagnate forever. Used to be you had to at show “continuing ed credits” so every 5 yrs you could show “progress” & renew your credential. But not any more. You renew all online now w/just check-off boxes & a debit card Meanwhile..back East, that same amt of money/time that CA credentialed teachers spend on 5th yr credentialing– gets you an MS degree (or most of it)–either in a specified subject or in education..w/specified course outline ….not a “touchy-feely made up” suck-in your money/time-curriculum …different in ea diff. private or public university.

    For example…in CA I have a mulitple subject (elementary) credential b/c I added it thru’ one of those “buy your credential schools” when I moved here to make me very versatile to hire (but I got hired in my secondary ed. subject area anyway & didn’t need it)….but, for SURE, b/c I am single subject in 2 areas…plus ESL certificated….it doesn’t mean that I know SQUAT about the teaching of reading in elementary school for that multiple subject credential…..I had only ONE course in it…a mish-mash of theory during the “whole language” frenzy that lasted a decade (until we had a generation of non-readers & HAD to trash it). So, you wouldn’t want ME teaching Kinder, or 1-3 grades to your kids…..I could probably handle after that ( 4th-5th grades)…but the state of CA could put me anywhere they wanted or needed, regardless of my ability to deliver. THings got a little better under “No Child Left Behind” fr Bush Admin…..when teachers had to show by credentialing or experience that they were “Highly Qualified” in the subject areas that they were teaching….For secondary ed in single subject areas ( in 6-12) that helped, but for those poor elementary kids… still can be out there floating in LA LA land with a big, wishy-washy credential & be hired to teach K-6 anything at all..For sure…California teacher credentialing is STOOOPID. 🙂 You reap what you sow.

  4. Lucifer invented the race card and all who buy into it are pawned out suckers…

  5. Does this teacher want to follow in the footsteps of the student?

  6. It will be an instructive day when –that is, IF– the truth of the original situation ever comes out. The only one who can tell us that truth is the survivor, and his present state of well-being is dependent on his silence. But some transformative event may yet cause him to divulge this truth, and those of us still living who can recall that time will then re-evaluate their position on it.

    Life is short, but truth is forever.


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