California economic portrait not pretty

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Apparently Californians don’t know the definition of insanity.
lauren bacall
Sacramento Bee: Federal officials released three major economic reports this month and together, they paint a dark picture of California.
Superficially, the monthly employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was good news. California added 36,300 jobs in August, 470,000 in one year and more than 2 million since the recovery began. The unemployment rate, which had topped 12 percent during the recession, dropped to 6.1 percent in August.
Meanwhile, the Census Bureau reported that California’s official poverty rate for 2014 was 16.3 percent, somewhat higher than the national rate of 14.7 percent.
Finally, a Bureau of Economic Analysis report on regional economies revealed that outside the red-hot San Francisco Bay Area, California’s economy trailed national expansion last year, and several rural areas actually saw declines.
Taken together, the voluminous data dumps reveal that those on the upper rungs of the economic ladder, and the communities in which they cluster, particularly in the Bay Area, are doing well. However, very large portions of the state, both geographically and sociologically, are struggling.
Take that 6.1 percent jobless rate. As low as that may seem, it’s still the ninth-highest among the states, a full percentage point higher than the national average and 50 percent higher than Texas’ 4.1 percent. Among the nation’s 387 Bureau of Labor Statistics “metropolitan statistical areas,” nine of the 10 with the highest unemployment rates are in California, topped by 24.2 percent in Imperial County.
Among the nation’s 51 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), the Riverside-San Bernardino region is dead last at 7.1 percent, yet environmental groups want to block a proposed new warehouse complex (and its jobs) in Riverside County.
California fares even worse by a truer measure of underemployment, called U-6, which counts not only workers who are officially unemployed, but those “marginally attached” to the labor force and those involuntarily working part-time. Our U-6 rate is 14 percent, down a bit from the recession but still the nation’s second-highest, topped only by Nevada’s 15.2 percent.
Finally, the true employment picture is affected by the “labor force participation rate,” the percentage of those in the prime working age group (16-64) working or seeking work. Ours is 62.3 percent, the lowest level in 40 years. When more than a third of potential workers sit on the sidelines, the official unemployment rate, or even U-6, look much better than they truly are. The true underemployment rate may be closer to 20 percent.
Back to the poverty rate. It’s not only higher than the national rate, but as the California Budget and Policy Center points out, the data indicate that 22.7 percent of the state’s children are living in poverty, and they are nearly a third of all officially impoverished Californians. As dark as that situation may sound, it’s actually worse. By the Census Bureau’s supplemental poverty measure, which uses broader factors including the cost of living – especially housing – 23.4 percent of Californians are impoverished.
Those data are bolstered by two other factoids. Nearly a third of California’s 39 million residents are enrolled in Medi-Cal, the federal-state health care program for the poor, and nearly 60 percent of K-12 students qualify for reduced-price or free lunches due to low family incomes.
This is not a pretty picture.

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0 responses to “California economic portrait not pretty

  1. California is the Untied [sic] States under Obama, writ smaller.

  2. They put themselves into this position . They can work themselves out of it . That’s what happens when liberalism overwhelms a state . California is proving the old axiom , You can’t be everything for everybody . Somebody has to pay the bill .
    Hopefully for the rest of the country , when the ” providers ” leave California in droves , they leave their slimy politics sea-side . I have a sick feeling with a lot of Ex-Californians moving to Co. They are just bringing their nonsense Eastward .

  3. liberalism is not only a mental disorder but very expensive as well….especially when liberals use other people’s money

  4. wish we could afford to move out of this goofy state. been hating it for a long time now.

  5. California, a once beautiful state, is an INSANE ASYLUM of fruits and nuts! To my knowledge, there is not one SINGLE non-Democrat elected official in the entire state.
    California is a microcosm of the looniness of the Left, of what the progressives wish be unleashed upon all the world. They are the symptoms of Nietzsche’s tertiary syphilis! And Jerry Brown belongs in an insane asylum!
    But why be surprised? I am not surprised in the least. If this offends, SO BE IT: The Catholic Church, at least here in America, became the same, once all Paul VI’s Vatican II “reforms” were cemented into place. The Church in America rolled out the red carpet for every lunatic fringe group that could walk through the door. Did John Paul II or Benedict do ANYTHING to stop this? Has Francis? NO! We have lunatics to the left and Stockholm Syndrome zombies to the right!
    “Nothing to see here, Folks. Move along….”

  6. Ca. Is proof,of the old saying. Keep doing what you are doing and expecting different results, doesn’t work.
    They have dug the hole by reelecting the same over and over by believing all the bs handed them without doing their homework. The people keep looking for an easy out and believe in white unicorns and fairies and God knows what else. They are not operating sanely on all floors.

  7. I’m in that stupid Riverside-SanBernardino area…job-blockers, “sanctuary” counties, where juries refuse to convict child molestors….(which usually ends up in a dead child down the line from the “perp” they let loose….ask me about specific cases and I’ll give you a LOAD of case numbers to download…) b/c , probably HALF or more of this populace has some prior run-in with “the law” so, they are (like our recently cop-hating populace in the USA) sympathetic with the perverted ass instead of with the side of the law or the victims…….Where half the drivers are unisured & crash into me or someone I know with fair regularity—get out…and run away….do YA THINK they are also illegals????? Oh my…you’ve gotten me “started.”


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