California DMV to be audited for voter fraud

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ABC30 reports that on Feb. 27, 2019, California’s state legislature agreed to yet another audit of the Department of Motor Vehicles, which “has been rife with scandal.”

This time, the audit will focus on the DMV program that registers drivers to vote. The department has admitted mishandling voter registration information for 23,000 drivers and double-registering as many as 77,000 others.

State Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) claims over 500 Californians may not have been able to vote last November because the DMV did not send their information to the Secretary of State’s office in time. He said: “The problems with motor voter have risen to such a degree that there is a bipartisan effort in this. The errors include registering 16-year-olds to vote….we have numbers of people who had their registration changed without their approval or knowledge. And actually sending them ballots they could vote through the mail.”

Brandi Orth of the Fresno County’s Clerk’s Office recommends for everyone to double-check their information on, especially if they were involved in the Motor Voter snafu: “That way you can make sure you’re at the right address, confirm what party you want to be registered to, and if there is an election coming up it’ll tell you if we’ve issued you a ballot.” Orth said.

The DMV audit will be heard at a special hearing in May.


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14 responses to “California DMV to be audited for voter fraud

  1. That is good news, even if it is long overdue.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    Yes it is!

  3. Off topic but, that picture of the DMV is representative of every DMV office, every day in metropolitan areas of CA and many semi rural areas as well. Sickening! My heart sings praise to God every day for leading me out of my wretched, native state!

  4. About time, hope it is done correctly and those that committed fraud are dealt with stiff penalties.

    • I’m not going to hold my breath that folk will be held accountable. They’ll probably just get “re-assigned.”

      • As someone who was born and lives in the once paradisaical state of CA , which is fast approaching status of cesspool, I agree with your assessment DCG. Roughly half the people living here now were born somewhere else in the world, mostly third world, and the vast majority all vote liberal. Hell they are probably working at the DMV themselves.

        • This is Paris. It will also be California in a few more years, especially after all the money runs out after Gavin Nuisance has chased away the majority of the middle class and institutes his healthcare for all- illegals included.

          • That “multiculturalism” sure makes Paris look enticing…not!

            • Yeah. You can go on safari right outside your door. I laugh, but just think about this. People should be so furious that they chase these Zionist lackies through the street.

              It is patently obvious that they don’t work for their constituents. There is NO WAY that this can be “good” for anybody.

              • “People should be so furious that they chase these Zionist lackies through the street.”

                Yeah they just better not mention the word Zionist while they are doing it. A lawyer gets thrown in jail over there for simply defending a Holohoax denier ” too vigorously”

                Here’s what they Zio lackey police do to those who dare to object to what is happening.

                I saw another video of police pepper spraying a man in a wheelchair too……then there was they guy that was shot by a police sniper just walking across the street. Things are starting to look like Iraq now in France.

        • Growing up we used to talk about how “everybody was from someplace else”. I was a “native” Californian, as was my father. My dad used to say that “if California was ‘that bad’, why is everyone moving here?”.

          In those days there were a LOT of good reasons to move there. Then along came Ray-Gun and life as we know it started to circle the bowl. I loved living in California up until I was in my mid-twenties. Now you couldn’t pay me enough to move back.

          I still have two daughters who live there, and countless other relatives. And, as you say, I understand that it isn’t “the place” that makes it bad. It’s the people. The reason you don’t see this in Wichita is because it gets cold in the winter and they don’t have beaches.

          • ” The reason you don’t see this in Wichita is because it gets cold in the winter and they don’t have beaches.”

            Yes and they probably don’t have welfare for one and all who place their big toe in the state both legal and illegal.

  5. Thank goodness this audit is being undertaken. Now, the Communist State of Oregon is “considering” issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens . . . make’s one wonder how many of these folks will end up voting in our “vote by mail” election scheme? The whole thing is pretty gross.

  6. First, at least at the federal level, the Feds have an interest in ensuring that anyone being registered is eligible. So, processes must be in place to assure that happens. My guess is there aren’t.

    Second, how did they get the authority to register voters in the first place? If it was granted surely there must be an inspection process to assure adequate safeguards are in place.

    Lastly, there should be serious and enforceable penalties for mishandling any of those processes.

    I often say that people get away with whatever they’re allowed to. They are not going to go to the proper authorities and ask permission. Unless the proper authorities go to them an tell them to cease and desist this will continue.


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