California demorat calls for expansion of red flag laws: Employers, co-workers & teachers can petition to take away your guns

California Assemblymember Phil Ting tweeted about his excitement to remove due process for law-abiding citizens, all in the name of “gun safety.”

From his tweet: “My bill, #AB61, which improves gun safety by expanding CA’s #RedFlagLaw, heads to the Gov! If signed, more people can access a court process that temporarily takes away someone’s firearms if they pose a danger. I called for better gun laws at an SF rally: …”

What #AB61 allows is for employers, co-workers and teachers to petition judges to take away guns from people who are deemed a danger to themselves or others. The bill Ting has proposed had cleared the California Senate.

More details from

“California enacted a so-called “red flag law” that took effect in 2016. But it only allows law enforcement and immediate family members to ask judges for gun restraining orders. Assembly Bill 61 by Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco would expand that law.

Ting introduced the bill in response to a November 2018 mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, where 12 people were killed. The gunman, Ian David Long, had shown signs of instability to family and friends.

Groups advocating gun rights and civil liberties oppose the bill, which still must be approved by the state Assembly.”

The Thousand Oaks shooter legally obtained his firearm yet had various “interactions” with police and possibly PTSD. In April, a mental health specialist with the crisis team met with the shooter during a previous incident and felt he might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But after speaking with him, they decided not to detain him under laws that allow for the temporary detention of people with psychiatric issues. So law enforcement had the means to remove his guns but they chose not to.

The summary of the bill states the following:

“Expands the category of persons that may file a petition requesting a court to issue an ex parte temporary gun violence restraining order (GVRO), a one year GVRO, or a renewal of a GVRO, to include an employer, a coworker who has substantial and regular interactions with the subject of the petition for at least one year and has obtained the approval of the employer, and an employee or teacher of a secondary school, or postsecondary school the subject has attended in the last six months and has the approval of the school administration staff.”

Read the whole bill here.

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Locke Enlode
Locke Enlode

Doc, they’re DEMON-RATS, not demorats. They are demonic and evil and need to be named as such. Just my two cents…

Dr. Eowyn

DCG is the author of this post! 🙂

Dr. Eowyn

It’s high time that the bear in the California state flag be replaced with the hammer & sickle.


Comrade Cuomo has implemented the same style of criminal tactics in NY… If Andrew Cuomo had a good case of the shits, all that would be left is teeth…

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

They seem to feel sure they are about to accomplish what all those fake shootings were staged for. Total hysteria through out the Nation, convincing the truly naive absolutely no one can be trusted with a firearm. That is except for the “jackbooted thugs” of the government it self. It will begin with a weekly “SWATING” of some innocent home owner portrayed as an unhinged lunatic in possession of an illegal arsenal, by media and law enforcement. Then grow in to military style sweeps of neighborhoods, at least hopefully they will meet real resistance. They believe they now have the… Read more »


If you listen to the end if the video, bipartisan legislation has already passed the House. PDJT is on RECORD supporting red flag laws all based on FAKE STAGED “shootings”


The rapidly approaching civil war is not going to end well for the communists.