California Democrat can't wait for white Americans to die out

Due to aggressive immigration, legal and especially illegal, California is rapidly browning.
In March 2014, at 39% of the state’s population, Latinos officially became the largest demographic group in California, surpassing whites.
But that is not fast enough for David Atkins, the chair of the Democratic Party of Ventura County in southern California.
Atkins spent Independence Day, July 4, 2014, salivating with unsuppressed glee at the thought of the dying out of white Americans in the state of California, which he euphemistically calls the “aging out of the electorate.”
Here are Atkins’ tweets:
David AtkinsThe really weird thing is David Atkins himself is white, of the Jewish variety. That means he’s applauding the “aging out” dying out of himself, although it will take him a while since he is only 33 years old. That in turn means Atkins is a self-loathing white man — a case for the psychiatrist’s couch.
****NOTE USE PHOTO AS A THUMB NAIL mug*** David Atkins. Atkins was elected chair of Ventura County Democratic Central Committee in July 2012. His occupation then was listed as “self-employed research consultant from Ventura,” whatever that means. He’s described as an “online activist” and “a regular contributor to the liberal blog Hullabaloo.”
In June 2011, Atkins was the subject of controversy after he posted racially provocative remarks on his Twitter account during and immediately after a hearing in Oxnard held by the state Citizens Redistricting Committee.
In response to public comments made by residents from eastern Ventura County who said they did not want to be placed in political districts that also included either Oxnard or parts of Los Angeles County, Atkins tweeted his opinion that their concerns were racially based, and suggested they should “just put on your [Ku Klux Klan] white hoods already.”
That remark led county Republican Chairman Mike Osborn to call upon the Democratic committee to censure Atkins, but no action was taken.
H/t California Political Review

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0 responses to “California Democrat can't wait for white Americans to die out

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Sorry Asshold David Atkins, we aren’t going to die off. Time is NOT on your side. When the Left (apologists for racists) gets complete control, or La Raza (Mexican racists), or Obama (black racist) you will be one of the first lined up and shot by them. Idiot.

  2. The nuts and flakes use to be pretty evenly spread out across the country. But they do seem to be collecting much more rapidly in California. Wonder why that is.Could it be the weather? LOL

  3. Then who would they mooch off of?

  4. Newsflash. That is the first beast of Revelation in the White House. What does this mean for Christians on American soil? That the endtime move of the Spirit is about to begin in the best wine saved for last. Meaning, we will see the greatest power of divine healing in the history of the world made manifest… and it will include REJUVENATION. Meaning, the old white Christians (and the old any color Christians) on American soil… are going to become 30 again physically… (and younger in “real age”) before these people’s very eyes. I tell you this and stand on it 100% that it is God’s response and word to the saints.

  5. “The really weird thing is David Atkins himself is white, of the Jewish variety.” He and Hitler both have something in common I see…

  6. If all the white people die out then the welfare recipients in California may starve, unless the feds step in. I have come across fools such as this before in fact one of them was one of the Freedom Riders killed in Mississippi. When he used to work at the Hamilton Madison House in NY, he would be approached by blacks in their late teens who would approach him for money. He could not see that they were using him. He allowed himself to be deluded by his convictions.

  7. This joker looks like a common ordinary goof ball. Just another human being who has wasted his life, instead of making something of himself.

  8. How long before we see this guy dressed and made up like the Joker or Slender Man? How long before he goes on a shooting spree, and leaves a marxist manifesto for everyone to read?

  9. Reminds me of former UK PM Tony Blair’s dhimmified Foreign Minister, Jack Straw, who went on record as saying “The English as a race, aren’t worth saving.” This deplorable remark was spoken in the context of the growing muslim demographic of the UK. This loser, David Atkins sounds like a grade A, 100% ‘Judenratt.’ I bet he hates Israel and just loves him some Hamas too. I would even bet the lousy, back-stabbing jerk stood up and cheered at the recent abduction and murder of the those three dear Israeli youths too, and if he didn’t, well silence speaks loudly for those with ears to hear.
    Pan Aaronowski

  10. Have U brownout yet? Who is this ASS?
    Sent from Samsung tablet

  11. What makes this lily-white libturd think he is going to fare all that well when that day arrives?
    After all, black Americans are beginning to figure out they have been had by the left, and some even realize that if the dems get their precious amnesty, black Americans are going to be tossed right under the wheels of the democrat bus, because the signs leading to the dem plantation are all going to be written in Spanish.

    • Yep, and you can safely bet it is the same bus used to haul these ‘invaders’ to Murietta Ca.

  12. David Atkins looks like the average sissified liberal twit!

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  14. I just dropped something that looked like him in the toilet , from a sitting position ( i know , i know ,,,,t.m.i……what the hell ) have a laugh

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  16. Jews like Atkins don’t think they are white. Which explains why Jews like him gloat at the growing minority status of European Christians.Read the Protocols of the elders of Zion—WhAt we are seeing today is exactly what that book says they will Do in the future. Destroy the European Christian race by mass immigration From the third world leaving the zionists completely in control.Jewish run organizations like the ADL etc are the main proMoters of immigration in the US, Canada and Europe but not in Israel. No multiculturalism in Israel–the criminal hypocrites!

  17. They think they are a separate and unique race. Watch the Morgan freeman mike Wallace video interview over black history month. Wallace tells freemen that Jews are not white . Freeman doesn’t believe Wallace and neither do I but Jews like Wallace and Atkins try to dis associate themselves from Euro-Christians so they can blend in with other minority groups. They do this to attack us and co-opt the Leadership of the minority-driven multicultural movement. They did the same thing with the NAACP.

    • Les Ericson, I’m half Jewish and 100% white bread (as if it really mattered)You can promptly kiss my half-Hebrew ass, you shmuck!
      Ahem, that would be my right butt cheek you obfuscating, muslim-enabling, Stormfront troll!

      • traildustfotm

        randy63ism, You da man!!!
        Very incisive response. Many people fail to realize how much the “Arab Street” sucks up conspiracy theories that flatter their pet hatreds. You cut through this guy’s flawed reasoning.

  18. Dr. Eowyn, a little empathy, please! If you were David Atkins, you would be self-loathing, too.


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