California Businesses Are Calling the Moving Vans

193 businesses in California decided o Disinvest and/or Relocate last year  and  79 more followed suit  in California so far this year.  This represents thousands of  lost jobs, high unemployment costs and huge revenue loss to the state.   
There’s a FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET DEFICIT  Yet, the teachers, through their unions, are demanding more money  and job security from Sacramento?  Where do they think money comes from?   Yeesh!
If you want to track the disaster that is the California business climate, Joe Vranich’s blog ,The Business Relocation Coach is a great place to start.  He lists the companies  that are moving, where they’re moving to, and how many jobs they will be creating in their new, business-friendly locations.    This guy really knows his onions!

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9 years ago

Like I said.
Mass exodus.

9 years ago

Like I’ve always said, governments don’t create jobs, businesses do. California is a good example of how not to do things.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

California is a state that is mired in deep denial, so massive it’s a form of psychosis. I honestly don’t know what it’ll take to rouse the state government and too many residents from their delusions.