Calif. highway police hog-tie unarmed pregnant woman

You will not believe what you’ll see in this video.
In August 2011, on a congested freeway in Los Angeles, California Highway Patrolmen (CHP) ordered a pregnant woman to pull over, for violating a traffic law by chatting on her cell phone.
The woman first pulled over to a narrow shoulder on the far right, but was told to exit. She either didn’t hear what the CHP said or simply became very confused. Instead of exiting, she began moving to the far left lane.
CHP must have shouted at her again, because she then obligingly moved back toward the right and eventually pulled over to the freeway’s right shoulder.
She sat in the car, which is what drivers normally should do when police pull us over.
But she was told to exit her car. So she got out of the car and stood there, with her arms by her side, clearly unarmed.
Two policemen went up to her, slammed her face-down onto the pavement and tied her wrists behind her back. She did not resist or flail about.
Two more policemen arrived. Then another two. Each policeman outweighed the young woman by at least 50 lbs.
Then the police HOG-TIED the woman.
Here’s a screenshot I took from the video at the 7:27 mark, of the woman being hog-tied (circled in red):
CHP hogtie woman
Watching the YouTube video, I didn’t see any information about when this atrocious police brutality occurred, or what happened to the woman.
So I did a search on the net and I found the information on LeakSource.
This horrific story has a happy ending.
The woman is Tamara Gaglione, age 30. She was hauled away and charged with misdemeanor evading and resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license. But the charges were dropped when Gaglione’s terrible treatment was revealed in footage from the cruiser’s video camera. After the charges were dismissed, Gaglione pleaded no contest to a simple infraction of using her cellphone while driving.
Gaglione later sued the CHP and the five officers and one sergeant involved in the incident, alleging that her civil rights had been violated and that she had been subjected to excessive force and malicious prosecution.
Before any of the CHP officers could be deposed and the video admitted as evidence, CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow agreed in August to settle the suit. The state paid $250,000 to Gaglione last November.
CHP officials declined to discuss the incident, saying only that both sides concluded that settling the lawsuit for $250,000 was in the best interest of everyone. “The CHP conducted a review of the tactics and, as necessary, took appropriate action,” said Fran Clader, department spokeswoman.
The involved officers remain on the force.
Gaglione, now the mother of a 9-month old son, said the incident on the freeway changed her life. Although she had left Los Angeles, where she had worked as nanny and ran a pet care business, she said “I will always be scared of police officers because of these knuckleheads.”
Imagine what rotten policemen like those CHP officers would do if the Obama regime and the Left have their way, banning and confiscating all privately-owned arms, leaving us to the mercy of the state’s armed stormtroopers.
H/t FOTM reader Joan W.

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I don’t understand what has changed with the cops. They used to be, at least, semi-friendly and helpful but lately they have become these power-crazy monsters. Why have we allowed this to happen? When I was a kid I was told to look for a cop when you were lost or needed help. Now, I tell my grandchildren to avoid cops and find a phone and call me or their parents and we are white folks! The police, not all of them, but many of them are nuts.


Public service union entitlement mentality plus being on-edge because it’s “war” out there and everyone’s trying to “punk” you out… then it’s “my training kicked in” when something like this happens. Soldiers would be in military prison for doing these things. Those folk backed by DHS with their 1.6 billion hollowpoints and drones would be the ones enforcing “emergency” powers should such a situation arise. Local or metro area “regional” government would be the ones requesting Title 10 federalized Guards troops via DHS. Liberals don’t trust the military because they’re non-union and sworn to the Constiution; not a lot of… Read more »


To say this gave me cold chills and frighten the hell out of me is an understatement! I can’t believe they could need how many cops was it at one time?….6? I feel for her and think the cops have gone mad with the power to scare the sh”” out of people.


Cops are becoming worse punks than they used to be. They are Coward Bullies that work people over when they have a lot of help! One on one they are sissies. I will NEVER help a cop again! Semper Fi.


We have to remember, most of the ones who abuse their power are younger than 35 or so and are products of a failed public educational system and absentee parenting. They are dangerous.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Joan W. for this post. The treatment of this woman was unconscienable; no respect for the woman or her baby. God knows how these officers treat their families or their pets. This really makes me sick. The way they treated Ms. Gaglione she could have easily miscarried from how t hey tied her and from the trauma of the event. God will provide justice in His way and in his timing!


Well I’m not defending the cops by any means just trying to figure what’s up. I’m thinking they think they have an EDP on their hands. (Emotionally Disturbed Person) If you watch her driving I know the lane is closed and she’s probably just in a panic , but she shoots over to left lane. They are like pull the hell over. Then back right lane. OK, she gets out and just freezes like a doe in the headlights. They tell her 3 times turn around. To them she just another whack job. She is just scared out of her… Read more »

alice wolf
alice wolf

The problem with having a cell phone on in the car is that the person who is not the driver if that was the case, doesn’t consider that the driver could easily get distracted, especially if the subject of the conversation is nothing to do with the traffic conditions or something to do with navigaton of the vehicle. So the best thing is to have a head set if the phone is absolutely crucial. We all managed to live before cell phones were invesnted so perhaps the privileges we enjoy nowadays we take for granted and forget that with more… Read more »

Mark Tipton

Just remember, the state did not pay anything, the cops did not pay anything. The taxpayer paid in full for the settlement and the cops still draw taxpayer funded paychecks.


The height of idiocy is that these cops know they have cameras in their own cars filming what they do. So why do they do these things knowing they will get in trouble? Makes no sense.
And true re the younger under-35 crowd & the hiring of cops with low IQ… No doubt done on purpose… Easier to brainwash them with the “us vs them” antagonistic mindset… even a pg woman is considered a “citizen terrorist.” It’s a wonder they didn’t pull out the tasers.
Thanks for digging out how this story ended.

Mark Tipton

A lot of the dashboard cameras are conveniently “not working” when an incident like this goes down. There were two extreme cases that I know about off hand where citizen video was the only thing that kept an innocent victim of police brutality from going to jail though in both cases, even with the large settlements, the cops went right back to work as it was deemed to be “well within departmental procedures”. Apart from that but on a related note, have you seen the new targets with pregnant women, kids, old people and even wheelchair bound people that DHS… Read more »