Caitlyn Jenner bombarded by transgender protesters

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Guess winning the Arthur Ashe “Courage” Award wasn’t enough for the SJWs.
Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn
NY Post: Caitlyn Jenner was the target of a heated protest on Thursday.
Following a speaking engagement at the Chicago Hilton hotel to benefit Chicago House (a nonprofit that works with those diagnosed with HIV or AIDS and the transgender community), the 66-year-old was bombarded by protesters who called the Olympian “an insult to trans people.”
In a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight, protesters can be seen shouting through a megaphone about how Jenner is an unfit representative of the transgender community. “You have no right to represent us! You are an insult,” an unidentified participant screams.
Protester Monica James — who held a sign that read, “Liberation not miss-representation” — told the Chicago Tribune: “Make the services and make this movement and this plea for trans tolerance intentional and direct for the people who are facing the violence every day on the streets, the people who are being discriminated against on the basis of their gender and their race at the same time.” “[Caitlyn] can’t speak to those struggles,” James continued. “It defaces the real truth behind transitioning.”
Upon exiting the hotel, the “I Am Cait” star — who, Entertainment Tonight reported, was accompanied by a camera crew — stopped to speak with James, who said she was a community activist unable to find employment because of her gender and race. “I would love to see you have a job,” Jenner told James. “I love you.”
Jenner was then escorted out of the hotel by her security, throwing up a peace sign before entering a black van, the Tribune reported.
“I understand her saying that and having her perspective, but that’s just one perspective,” James said. “Now we’re asking them to come and get the rest of our perspectives and then make a comprehensive package of how we’re going to try to merge these people into mainstream society with equal rights and equal benefits.”


Caitlyn: “An insult to trans people”

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0 responses to “Caitlyn Jenner bombarded by transgender protesters

  1. “IT” is an abomination to mankind, itself. “IT” should be euthanized like a lab experiment gone awry. Same goes for the rest!
    Wanna be queer, so be it. Keep it to yourself like the rest of humanity keeps theirs to themselves. Why the need to flaunt and make acceptable that which nature finds abhorrent?

  2. ,reportedly family have drawn back and were troubled.. Oh how the trans-genders rage…among themselves! And undoubtedly, that Caitlyn” was set up above them! (jealousy about the attention?)

  3. Sent from my ASUS

  4. Which goes to show, once again, that political party always trumps whatever the Left say they champion, be it transgenders, women/feminism, or blacks. Just look at how vicious the Left are toward Sarah Palin & any conservative woman, and conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas.

    • And yet even conservatives themselves are not immune from hypocrisy: Clarence Thomas presents himself well in the public eye. He carries himself with dignity. He expresses himself with clarity and precision. Yet this is the man who, before he was placed on the Supreme Court, represented the Monsanto Corporation in a number of cases, and, as a Supreme Court justice, sided with the Monsanto Corporation on at least eight occasions.
      Yes, the Left is truly morally vicious. But at the end of the day, the Left is only the rope of the Oligarchy that is slowly and deliciously strangling us all to death. Can Justice Thomas come out publicly and answer ONE question, even if it violates “protocol” or “ethics”: Was Justice Roberts blackmailed into his Obamacare decision, Yes or No? Asking that question—and doggedly demanding an honest answer—will put Mr. Thomas in the history books.

      • I don’t get you, Steven. My comment was not on whether Clarence Thomas is a hypocrite. My comment is on how the Left claim to be pro-black, pro-women, pro-LGBT, but in fact the Left’s only concern is for their neo-Marxist ideology. They don’t actually care about blacks or women or transgenders, as shown in this latest example of their protest against Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner because he’s a Republican, not Democrat.

        • You’re right. I went off on a tangent. But at least Clarence Thomas rates as a hypocrite—Jenner is a traitor to his race—the human race. Yes, the Left doesn’t care about its members. They are WORSE than hypocrites! They are demonic, and at least some of them are into the Occult.
          I think they would hate Jenner even if he were a Democrat. (Kim Williams is a Democrat—they hate her!)
          At any rate, I do think most of the Left is the rope the Oligarchy is using to strangle us with. They’re always threatening to huff and puff and blow our house down, like the Big Bad Wolf. Only this time, I think the Oligarchy is going to let them.

  5. Jenner= covergirl for Pathological Disorder Magazine.

  6. I’m glad this is starting to happen. He needs to come down off his pink cloud!

  7. Kevin J Lankford

    And yet; they just can’t understand, they are all an insult to “Humanity”.

  8. Let me see if I understand this “problem”. Those that believe they are discriminated against. ….Discriminate. 
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  9. Years ago, there was a VILE CREATURE by the name of Khalid Mohammed, and he said of some Catholic Cardinal, “Someone ought to lift up that dress and find out what’s under there.” (I think he may have been referring to New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan). The comment was GROTESQUE.
    I have read that Jenner has not, in his “transition,” had the, uh-hum, “surgery” yet. If this is true, then the trannies have a point: He doesn’t understand what they’re going through.
    In fact, I don’t think Jenner understands what Jenner is going through: Did he sign up for this because of his own mental problem? If so, he is doing what that rapper said a month ago: He is “rebuking God” by saying God “make a mistake.” Yes, Jenner has a problem, all right, and he has another problem: Jenner is a MERCENARY. He is acting out someone else’s demented evil agenda. And he has the problem not only of being mind-controlled, but that of HYPOCRISY: Did he have the “surgery” yet? If not, then he IS a hypocrite. And if he did have the “surgery,” then he’s STILL a hypocrite, because he has rebuked God!
    Whatever. We can “lift up the dress,” but one thing’s for sure: He still has an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. (Even eunuchs have that much!)


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