CAIR going after our children

Taxpayer funded children’s museum to hold Muslim program

Examiner: The New York City, taxpayer-funded Children’s Museum of New York is planning a major exhibition titled, “Muslim Worlds” which is scheduled to begin a long-term engagement in 2014.   

According to information provided by the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Worlds” will have hands-on exhibits, performances and other events geared toward getting children involved with the thousands of years of cultural heritage that has come from the Muslim world.  Besides hosting individual visitors, the Children’s Museum will extend invitations for school groups including those from public schools.
Although the museum promises to “bring to life the similarities and differences of Muslim cultures,” John Jay College Sociology Professor Mucahit Bilici said that exhibits like this operate on the assumption that Muslim people are separate from American society.

Visitors to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan dance as part of a festival celebrating Muslim culture.”I would say that the major problem with this project is that it treats Muslims as exclusively external people — as foreigners,” he said. “I’m sure that a significant percentage of their audience, like the kids who will visit that exhibition, will be Muslim. I wish that they would be aware of this and that they would frame it in a much more inclusive way.”
Cyrus McGoldrick, the civil rights manager of the New York Council on American Islamic Relations, argues that the exhibit will do good things for the Muslim community. He said a lot of the civil rights violations that he investigates happen to Muslim kids who are mocked by their peers at school.
But many detractors believe this is an example of liberal-left hypocrisy.  Imagine a group of Methodists or Anabaptists holding an exhibition in a government-funded facility? Does anyone believe the politicians and the ACLU would allow such a show to be held in a city-financed facility with audiences being brought in by public school teachers? How long would that last?” asks political strategist and consultant Mike Baker.
“Tolerance is one thing,” says former NYPD Officer Edie Aquina, “but why are we bending over backwards for the sake of political correctness. This group CAIR, for example, has repeatedly attacked the NYPD for trying to protect New Yorkers and Americans from radical Islamic terrorists. Will this Muslim World exhibition feature the role of Islam in the slaughter of 3,000 people on 9-11? Or the hate speech directed at Jews?”
Question: Will this museum show beheadings and stonings of women?
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Patriot Angel

I praise the Lord for a daughter who is on top of things in her kid’s schools. She would never let my grandchildren go to anything involving a) the advocacy of Muslims, b) of homosexuals) c) of planned parenthood/abortion and sex. She lives in the mid-west and things haven’t progressed to the point that it has on both coasts and in other major cities. A major prank would be to let chickens or goats loose in the school!
Thanks again everyone…update here…

For my Liberty
For my Liberty

NEWSFLASH John Jay….they MOSTLY ARE FOREIGNERS! and IF the museum would tell the BRUTAL TRUTH about ISLAM (Which would scare the crap out of the kids) then I would say go for it, but you KNOW they are going to try to feed the kids a load of crock about how peaceful Islam is, when in reality they are the MOST evil “religion” in the modern world. They want “religious tolerance” but go to the Middle east and try to build a Christian Church…..ASK the Christians that have had their churches burned just how tolerant they are!