CAIR changes its name to “WTF”… Yes, really, WTF!!!

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Experts say group runs ‘global criminal money laundering operation’ out of D.C.

Officially, the Council on American-Islamic Relations no longer exists.

The organization that’s so closely connected to the Hamas terror network that the FBI won’t let its agents use it as a liaison to the Muslim community, and yet so politically valuable to the Democrat Party that the Obama administration won’t prosecute it for terrorist activities, is now known as the Washington Trust Foundation – or “WTF” for short.


We can’t make this stuff up! These idiots have actually named themselves the WTF!!!

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0 responses to “CAIR changes its name to “WTF”… Yes, really, WTF!!!

  1. If The American People don’t wake up to what the Muslims are trying to do to OUR Country we are in DEEP trouble. We are being threatened everyday that they want Americans dead. We have to remove them from America and bring our Military home to secure our Country. What is going on behind the closed gates of the 35 Terrorists camps in America. They know we have terrorist coming in thru our Southern Borders and not one dam things is being done. They want to take away our Guns so we won’t be able to defend ourselves or our Country. Americans you better be PREPARED at all times because of what is being done in Our House with all the Muslim Brotherhood working with Obama. That has to change now or else all Hell is coming to our shores. Lock and Load my Fellow American’s .

  2. The devil, too, has many names. But for once, CAIR actually chose a most befitting and easily-remembered acronym!

  3. I wonder if our own WTF (Whip The Fish) might be able to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit…

    fish slapping dance

  4. Seems appropriate…


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