Cain Drops Out

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Cain's supporters in Atlanta this morning. Where will they go now?

Looks like that meeting between Herman Cain and wife, Gloria, didn’t go well.
As I had anticipated, Cain just announced he’s dropping out of the presidential race.
James Oliphant reports for the Los Angeles Times, 10:36 a.m., Dec. 3, 2011, that Cain said at an event in Atlanta today that he is leaving the race for the Republican presidential nomination, saying that the allegations of extramarital affair and sexual harassment have cast a “cloud of doubt over me and this campaign.”

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign. I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt . . . on me, on my family, not because we are not fighters, not because I am not a fighter.”

Oliphant writes that:

“Even as Cain continued to decry the claims as ‘false’ and ‘baseless,’ the sheer weight of the scandal has taken a brutal toll on the campaign, diverting Cain from advocating the ‘9-9-9’ tax plan that helped turn him into a household name almost overnight, costing him financial support, and damaging him in the polls.

He was also hurt by a series of costly gaffes and confused moments, particularly with regard to foreign affairs, that exposed the Atlanta businessman’s lack of experience on the national political stage. Added together, the tumult persuaded conservatives looking for a champion to turn elsewhere, with most now casting their eyes at Newt Gingrich.

God help us.
Before readers of FOTM hurl bricks at me – the messenger – you should know that when Cain first announced his candidacy, I had donated $50 to his campaign. I should instead have spent the money buying birdseed for the bluejays, robins, finches, and mourning doves who come to my garden….

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13 responses to “Cain Drops Out

  1. I, too , take Herman at his word… as who among us has not sinned,repented,and been forgiven only to have the stones of accusation hurled …. but you won’t catch me giving seed money to politicians 🙂

    • Well, good for you, dan. So proud that you don’t donate to campaigns. All the better to leave those running for public office be completely dependent on campaign financing from the unions and Wall Street fat cats. Way to go!

  2. I only wish the media…whomever would spend 1/1000th of the time, money and energy on scrutinizing the Golfer, the Vacationer, the Slacker in Chief.
    Even today as I watch Herman Cain “suspend” his campaign Dick Harpootlian on Fox spouted the tired old untrue meme about Gingrich serving his dying wife with divorce papers…..this is totally untrue, Gingrich’s daughter has written about it with her mother…Gingrich’s wife had already begun divorce proceedings herself and was in a hospital having a benign tumor removed and is alive and well today……but that doesn’t stop the Democrats.
    Just yesterday they spun unemployment numbers so much to make a whirling dervish dizzy…..
    I’m sorry. I can’t get all excercized about Herman. I wish him well….I really don’t think that President is really the best choice for ones first government position, but all this was a lot of NOISE.
    Distraction, pure and simple.
    The REAL story is the golem in the White House and HIS lies and crimes and misdemeanors.
    as I wrote yesterday…..
    yeah yeah yeah whatever
    who will get the Main Stream Media hatchet next ( other than the One Who SHOULD Go ) ?

  3. Well, this is not a surprise. Congrats SRM you got your wish. And as for Cain, he shoulda known better than to try and fool us. Although I don’t believe the harassment charges, he stated he gave White money. Why oh why did he even run with this skeleton in his closet?

  4. The tanks are coming down the road. At what point do you we take a stand and fight this corruption? And who will fight? As a Brit who fled British socialism way back, I am looking at an old movie re-run. The way to impose a totalitarian regime is first, nurture Collectivism (PC brainwashing) nationalize industry, impose Obamacare, make sure your army (Unions) is in position, control the media and start the riots. Cain knows this and was our best shot for turning this country around because, as Rush said recently: “We don’t need someone (Newt) who is going to manage it all better. We need someone (Cain) who will take an axe to the root of it.” Yes, Cain HAD to go – immediately! Party On Mutant Leftists! Who’s to stop you?

  5. Bet that, somehow, Ginger White will get that bailout she needed now.

  6. He said
    She(s) said
    Cain denied
    Someone lied
    Who do you believe?

  7. Saw this comment over at rightscoop: “It’s official: We don’t pick our candidates anymore, the media does.”
    Kinda have to agree with that. SRM is our enemy…

  8. I am sorry,would like to hear all truth here. I had been watching he,Michele Bachman and Santorum. There is something else upsetting about Bachmann,she has fought thee establishment and the Communists,but claiming to stand for the Constitution,has not said anything about the illegal,(Constitutionally)illegal CIC. Except for the,”I will have to take him at his word comment)” After “Dingus” held up his B.C. which he know owns,by his own admission he is a fraud. For the world to see. Still,silence. His stolen social,his selective service card. He can’t pass e-verify. He is being put on the ballots illegally. Example (New Hamphire) their state govt.just committed election fraud,blatantly (see Orly Taitz court challenge in New Hampshire) she has exposed New Hampshire election board,they have some answering to do. I hope the people in this state throw them all out,literally.Anyway,I am expecting total honesty from candidates. With the exception of Gingrich,Romney,Perry,Huntsman.

  9. I guess David Axelstick finally got the scalp he was after.
    Too bad.
    The Marxist State Media is going to pick our presidential candidate.
    Screwed, we are. 🙁
    We’d better hope we get enough conservatives in congress who have the stones to stop Obama, as given the Dear Ruler is sitting on a $1 billion reelection slush-fund, as well as having 98% of the MSM’s support, I don’t even see a resurrected Ronald Reagan prevailing against that.
    -And most certainly not the Newtered RINO or Mittens RINOmney.

  10. Dennis H. Bennett

    I think Cain resigned FOR THE GOOD OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Call me pessimistic, but I think there’s a back door deal somewhere in exchange for “his” potential for dragging down the party. No matter what his sins are, they are no greater than mine, and that does not “neuter” him as a servant in God’s Kingdom. The idol of political correctness has caused the progessive’s “righteousness” to roll over Cain. Or has it? God remembers our sin, in our penitence, “no more…as far as the east is from the west”… I’d still support him when the sun rises in the east on Jan.1, 2013, no matter what the office. I just don’t see any caveats on forgiveness.


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