Cadbury chocolates go halal

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Last Sunday was the third Sunday of Lent, which means Easter isn’t far away, heralded by the return of those cute TV commercials for Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.
But did you know that those Cadbury Easter chocolates are halal certified?
Halal refers to foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic Sharia law. The foods addressed are mostly types of meat and animal tissue. The most common example of non-halal (or haraam) food is pork, but foods other than pork can also be haraam. Halal criteria include the food’s source, the cause of the animal’s death, and how it was processed:

  • The food must come from a supplier that uses halal practices.
  • The slaughter must be performed by a Muslim, who must precede the slaughter by invoking the name of Allah, most commonly by saying “Bismillah” (“In the name of God”) and then three times “Allahu akbar” (God is the greatest).
  • The animal must be slaughtered with a sharp knife by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck, causing the animal’s death without cutting the spinal cord. Then the blood from the veins must be drained.

But wait! Why would Cadbury have halal-certified Easter chocolates since Muslims don’t celebrate Easter, a Christian holiday?
Cadbury Easter bunnies
The discovery that Cadbury has gone halal set off a firestorm of protests on Facebook (FB).
The Daily Mail reports that one FB user vowed she would be boycotting Cadbury Dairy Milk products simply because it is halal certified:

“Dear Cadbury Dairy Milk, this is my chocolate purchase for the fortnight, traditionally it would ALL be Cadbury, as it has been for many MANY years. But due to Cadbury being Halal Certified, Lindt will have my business from here on in.”

When questioned over her decision by other FB users who accused the woman of racism and intolerance, she defended herself saying it was not racist; it was her choice not to support a religion:

“It’s not racist, no Religion / Ideology is a race. It’s about having things forced upon us, against our will. I want to be informed about what I buy. I don’t want to support ANY Religion / Ideology, as I don’t believe in it. I shouldn’t be forced to support it every time I purchase food.”

Below are all the Cadbury products that have been certified as halal compliant:
Cadbury halal1
Brandon Walker of MadWorldNews asks:

Muslims don’t celebrate Easter. In fact, the entire celebration of Easter or Passover  is against their religion and considered haram (an insult to their god). So why on earth would you insult 70% of the United States [who are Christians] with stating that you make your products according to religious standards of a religion that can not celebrate Easter?

Pointing out that other food companies have also embraced halal, including Krispy KremeMcDonalds, and Butter Ball, Walker gets to the real reason behind Muslims’ demand that companies like Cadbury be halal-compliant:

Of course, most chocolate and baked goods are Halal, they are also Kosher. In all my life I have yet to see them stamp Kosher on the Easter Bunnies to get them to sell to good Hebrews during Passover, have you? Nowadays you are bombarded with Halal demands for this and Halal demands for that…. So why the outrage? Because they can.
The more press they receive on this issue the more they control the media. The more they win in courts, the more control they have over the laws. The more they control the holidays, the more they control labor force. It isn’t about what is in the Cadbury egg, it is about money and control. Problem is it is an insult to all other people in this country. It’s not about freedom but domination.

H/t FOTM’s maziel

Contact info. for Cadbury

To send an email to Cadbury headquarters in UK:
The Hershey Company holds a license to manufacture Cadbury products in the United States. Here’s how to contact Hershey:

  • Phone: 1 (800) 468-1714
  • Email:


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0 responses to “Cadbury chocolates go halal

  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Cadbury just shot themselves in the foot. I’ll make it a point to buy another brand.

  2. Food sacrificed to idols, sharia creep? Racism? In response to accusations of racism, one (and all) should know that the Qur’ an is filled with hatred to others and tells its believers are righteous when enslaving and killing Christians and Jews.

  3. No more Cadbury for me.

  4. a cult that is taking over food….glad I don’t eat sharia cadbury. It is based in UK, where muslims predominate in the western world.

  5. Re food sacrificed to idols, I Corinthians 8 says that a believer can eat it without harm, but halal symbols show the increase of Islam. America must restore our strength in Christianity. Failure to do so will remove our protection, and Lucifer knows that.

  6. “accused the woman of racism”. Of course she was. The word is so over and improperly used that it’s real definition is meaningless. Yet it’s SOP for proggies (or when feeeeeelings are hurt) and their attempt to change/control language.
    I don’t ever buy Cadbury and won’t start.

  7. Well that settles it. No more Cadbury chocolates in my home.

  8. I have purchased Cadbury in the past, but no more. In conjunction to not purchasing their products, I am going to contact them and tell them why. It probably won’t do anything–but they need to know!

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  10. I was wondering why the Cadbury chocolate bunnies had no heads…..
    They’ll be putting them in orange wrappers next.
    Guess I’ll have to pass on McMuslim burgers from now on, too….
    We’re being ‘fundamentally transformed’……

  11. From everything I’ve read or learned over 72 years, starting when my father was in a partnership business with two Jews, one native to the US and the other an immigrant after WW2 w/his family, there is a good deal alike between the two dietary traditions.
    It can be very confusing, but here’s a basic guide:

    • Why muslim folk in jail or other institutional settings usually pick what they can eat and don’t raise cain about it about– if they do, they know they’ll get stuck with the Kosher meal. (Kosher is within Halal standards.)

  12. OK, a couple things here.
    First I use a saying that “There are no more pants” Maybe that’s to subtle.
    What it means is are there no men any where with “Balls” to stand up to any adversity anymore? Feckless bunch in charge these days. It makes no sense to me to appease muzzies who won’t even buy this crap and piss off 80% Christian nation. I know this was discussed sometime back. Anyway…
    Second I am so glad to be a Christian and not put up with these bullcrap and (Controlling) dietary laws. That’s what they are you know. I’m sorry but I believe these laws were imposed by the imans, and chief priests as a way of controlling the masses and enriching them selves.
    If memory serves wasn’t St. Peter on a rooftop when he had a vision where he saw all the animals and whatnot and God, or whoever said I gave these all to man. You are permitted to eat all.
    Yea I know that’s my faith and I don’t mean to discount anyone else’s.
    Just saying glad I chose this team. 🙂

  13. As a member –by convincement through Christ– of the Religious Society of Friends [Quakers] for more than 45 years, I am saddened to learn that all three of the great English chocolate makers who were founded by Quakers and run on Christian principles have fallen badly in our latter days.
    Once they led the industrial world in creating not just decent jobs at fair wages, but also company-subsidized housing, meals, even education for the workers’ children, all radical policies more than 200 years ago. But I doubt we will find these happening in one of them today, though I may be mistaken, as I don’t live in the UK and am not intimate w/the status of the Society there. I joined the Friends in 1965 when I was resident in St Petersburg, Florida.
    This has REALLY gotten out of hand. Were we not told that what matters most is what comes forth from a man’s mouth, NOT what goes into it? That was my father’s point, and CLEARLY we’ve lost it as a Christian society, or at least one modelled chiefly after Christian principles, as was the intent of the Founders in both the US & in Canada.

  14. Judeo-Christian values, even when not perfectly practiced, made us what we were, God bless us all, we need you. Save Our Souls.

  15. I shared this article with a friend, and I love his response: He suggested that pork rinds should be halal certified! :0) What do YOU think?

  16. Patricia Reilly-Hurst

    No choice for none muslims.i will shop with my feet and say good bye to cadbury.


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