CA college students sign petition to imprison, execute all gunowners

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Author/media analyst Mark Dice has compiled so many petitions, signed by mindless people in California, that I thought I was beyond being stunned. (Go to the end of this post for examples of his other petitions.)

However, Dice’s latest petition still manages to shock me.

This video shows Dice on an unnamed college campus in San Diego, CA, asking students to sign a (fake) petition.

Student after student signed the petition, despite being told by Dice that the petition is to “support Obama’s gun control bill” and “the Bilderbergers and Illuminati” — the bill that “the Republicans blocked,” which will “repeal the Second Amendment” to the United States Constitution, so as to “disarm registered legal gunowners,” “confiscate their guns,” “put them all in prison” “into FEMA detention camps” and “terminate, execute them,” “shoot them all” because we can “put our trust” in government, in the military and the police who will be the only ones to have guns.

I am so outraged by these unthinking and malevolent college students that I took screenshots of them to compile this Gallery of Evil and Stupid Californian Students. I hope their families and friends see this:


Infowars notes that Dice has now successfully managed to persuade Americans in his area to agree to repeal the FirstSecondThirdFourth FifthSixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.

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0 responses to “CA college students sign petition to imprison, execute all gunowners

  1. The media and Rockefeller Education Foundation at work. Some of the privileged and well educated want everyone else impoverished, ignorant, brain damaged, and short lived. God sees what people are doing to His work, and they will pay for it.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. Dear God, are students that stupid? Why go to college if you don’t think, or perhaps, much to my amazement, they really think there is such a Bill. Clearly, they have no knowledge of what our country is based upon: The Constitution of the United States of America, and related Amendments. Incredible!

  3. Robert Mcelhaney

    Come and get me punks.

  4. If they are in college and that ignorant, what on earth is the point of higher education? (“higher” education has achieved a new low, it would seem…)

    • Remember-Obama has them convinced that they NEED a College education to help them earn for in their futures. (Would you like fries with that?)

  5. They don’t know what FEMA is either. Most of the students of the last 20 or so years just aren’t that smart. The SAT exam has had to be dumbed down to accommodate them. The students in the video acted distracted, almost trance like, and with the exception of the one student who actually engaged in dialogue and at least “listened” to Dice, there was not one who asked targeted questions or offered to debate his statements. I also blame the parents of these young people for not preparing them for this world, especially those who may be just a first or second generation here.

  6. Bartender, I’ll have another fluoride on the rocks.

  7. stupid-burn-the
    Thanks for the horrified laughs, Dr. Eowyn. Mark Dice never fails to shock us with proof of the sheer stupidity of many voters.

    • TD, Love the head burn dude..LOL
      I think all the parents of these kids who probably paid big money for these dopes should be shown this. I think this might be their reaction.
      stupid-bang-head-on-knee1 Then again the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree in sunny Cal.

  8. Typical Commiefornia Democrats…

  9. The only satisfaction I get when thinking about these absolutely clueless “students” is that if (when) the shit hits the fan, they will be the first marched into the fema camps for “re-education”, something they very obviously need seeing as they didn’t have much of an education to begin with. Then maybe they’ll wish they had paid more attention to whats happening to our once great country at the hands of this dictatorship of an administration.

    • I agree with your intention, but it is just such people who will be given uniforms, badges, and guns and told to march us into FEMA camps.

      • marble, That I would relish. I mean really? These wussafied little girlie men.
        They better have better to throw at us then that.

        • I will rethink my position, but we may be greatly outnumbered (that is, number of people, not IQ totals.) Actually, it is a disgrace our country was led to such ignorance and apathy. Reminds me of a joke that I should but can’t resist. “Joe, what is wrong with you, are you ignorant, or are you apathetic?” “Bill, don’t talk to me like that. I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

          • marble, That’s funny. 😆
            We are not out numbered by any means. Nor out gunned. Wow, that is the only thing keeping us safe.
            Without all of us nut’s clinging to “Our Bibles and Guns” we’d be in camps by now.

          • I love that joke! 😀

  10. Has Jay Leno left NBC yet? If he still has one last breath left on The Tonight Show, he needs to air your “Gallery of Evil and Stupid Californian Students” & Mark Dice’s video, which is reminiscent of Leno’s years of “JayWalking” which were always equally as shocking re the ignorance of people on the streets whom he would query.

    Dice should have handed each student a DVD to watch later on the subject of his petition, such as “Innocents Betrayed” re the History of Gun Control:

    Rather than leaving those students “stupid” as they walked away, Dice could have “planted seeds” to further their “education”!

  11. Scary thing for me is that there’s a lot of parents and GRANDPARENTS out there who have been “indoctrinated” in the same way. Ironic that those who speak so vehemently AGAINST the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM now do little but prove their OWN ignorance to people like myself,who went to Public Schools in the 60’s and 70’s and actually learned to think,read,write,spell and know a good bit of the US Constitution and what it means. Granted,the public school system needs a re-work,as it only serves to crank out Liberal raisin-brains who do,say and think what our alleged president tells them to say,do and think. When the SHTF,they won’t last through the first night.

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