CA School Orders Student to Remove US Flag

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Cody Alicea is a 13-year-old student at Denair Middle School in Turlock, California. Cody loves America and flew the American flag on the back of his bicycle for two months.
But unnamed students complained about his flag. So the school principal, Aaron Delworth, ordered Cody to take down the flag “to prevent a racial incident.”
Translation: Cody is white; the students who complained are Hispanic. 29.42% of the population of Turlock are Hispanic or Latino.
For the video, click HERE or HERE.
Here’s the contact info for Denair Middle School to send your protest:

  • Address: 3701 Lester Rd., Denair, CA 95316
  • Phone: (209) 632-2510
  • Fax: (209) 634-0269
  • E-mail address of Aaron Delworth, Principal:


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0 responses to “CA School Orders Student to Remove US Flag

  1. Fox news just announced the boy has been “allowed” to continue flying the American flag on his bike. Years ago we’d have encouraged this child’s love of country and his patriotism. Why have all the things we fought for, and believed to be right and proper, all of a sudden become “not allowed, not correct?” Where is this country heading when we no longer encourage love of country? Scares the beejeebers out of me!

  2. This PC crap must be stopped…I don’t want to resort to getting an American flag tatooed on my forehead!’

  3. California… where schools celebrated Cinco de Mayo and wouldn’t let students wear shirt with the American flag. How “sensitive.”

  4. Why in the hell do these mexicans have so much power? They are probably the offspring of illegals, probably on welfare, section 8, free healthcare, free education, free school breakfast, free school lunch while we Americans pay for all their crap.
    Hold those POSs accountable and let them know that they can go back to their cardboard house with the dirt floor any f-ing time. Matter of fact, publish their names so we can make sure the whole family gets a one way ticket back to hellville.
    Where is their gratitude???!!!!!

    • ITA, meetoo. We’re living in a topsy turvy world where good is evil, right is wrong, and law-breakers bully American citizens about the American flag, thereby abridging our Constitutional rights.
      But they can only do all that BECAUSE OF THE LEFT’S aiding, abetting, cheering, and ideological justification — the sophistry of “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” western “imperialism,” class warfare, white guilt, and victimology.

  5. What have we come to when we cannot honor our flag. Who cares if someone objects. If they don’t like our flag, then go somewhere else. this is a free country the last I heard. Where are we headed , when things like this are taking place. This is the few controling the many. Wake up and realize this is not what we want happening in our free society.


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