CA Schoolboard Finds Teacher’s Pro-America Posters Offensive

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We sure live in strange times when a school board finds The Declaration of Independence to be offensive….

H/t beloved Fellowship member Muffin!
Fellowship co-founder Steve did yeoman’s work and found the contact info on members of the school board of the Poway Unified School District!

Todd Gutschow
14435 Harvest Court
Poway, CA  92064
Phone (858) 748-6923
Fax (858) 748-6916
Todd Gutschow


Penny Ranftle Penny Ranftle
Vice President14154 Woodhollow Lane
Poway, CA  92064
Phone (858) 748-6397
Fax (858) 748-7649

Jeff Mangum
15684 Oakstand Road
Poway, CA  92064
Phone (858) 513-9492
Fax (858) 679-7102
Jeff Mangum

Linda Vanderveen Linda Vanderveen
13571 Summit Circle
Poway, CA  92064
Phone (858) 748-1046
Fax (858) 748-1723

Andy PatapowAndy Patapow
13331 Carriage Road
Poway, CA  92064
Phone  (858) 748-4738
Fax (858) 748-7682 

Please see a follow-up on this post HERE.


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0 responses to “CA Schoolboard Finds Teacher’s Pro-America Posters Offensive

  1. THANKS, Steve! You’re the best!
    I’ve updated the post with the school board members info. 😉

  2. Friggin liberal govt education is going to re-write history if they have their way! I’m sick of this “PC” crap and the attack on Christians…I’m sending my emails now!

  3. Yes, I can definitely vouch for Steve being really good at this!
    He once called the president of the College of Alameda (the College threatened to throw 2 students out for praying over a sick instructor, although the instructor had asked them to pray for her). Steve said he was an alumnus and has 7-8 friends who are also alumni, and they’d all stop donating to the College. The poor guy practically crapped in his pants. LOL

  4. I have e-mailed every member of that school board and this is what I wrote, verbatim:
    So, you have taken it upon yourself to judge our founding fathers and the historical documents that they penned, offensive, what I and millions of other Americans find offensive is liberals such as yourself attempting at every turn to indoctrinate our children and erase history for your own twisted socialistic agenda. But I do find satisfaction that I will be sending an e-mail to everyone in my address book detailing what you and the other school board members are doing in your school district, plus I know at least one Constitutional Attorney that would be happy to take this case pro bono. So I would get used to angry e-mails from other concerned citizens, because you have definitely overstepped your bounds.

  5. just now saw this,you guys are on it! this is great,everytime we find something like this they need to be exposed! Stomp’em,because they think they KNOW BETTER!


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